Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Now I can watch porn in HD

Serious! I'm not joking!

I "accidentally" brought home a new toy which I have been eyeing for quite a while.. The last time I bought a TV was in 2006 when I moved into my own home.. 10 years later, I decided to change the TV.. The current one I will bring it back to Ipoh.. 

Unboxing it for the first time at the store

Acting only.. Fixing the stand cos apparently the wall mount hooks can't fit

Finally done fixing the stand

DONE! I really hope the mount cabinet can support the TV.. if not.....

So now everyone can watch porn in high definition.. by everyone, I mean me myself :)

A belated Christmas present for myself, because nobody buys me any presents anyway, so I buy my own.. and when I do, it's always big ticket items.. 

Monday, 28 December 2015

Malaysian Politicians says the dumbest things

Our brainless minister tells us to work 2 jobs to keep up with the rising living costs.. Essentially he is telling us the Barisan Nasional has fail..

Move aside.. Bitch please.. I work 5 jobs and I still find it hard to survive..

Apart from my day full time job by profession, I am a group exercise instructor.. I am also a business owner.. I am also a graphic designer by training.. I also teaches swimming.. 

If that is not enough, I'm a full time boyfriend.. It's takes a lot of effort to make relationships work, you know? 

So you see, ENCIK AHMAD MASLAN, what do you know about working 3 jobs? Which by virtue, you are tasked these positions not because you can't survive, that's YOUR primary responsibility as a federal minister.. You can always reject and say no and balik kampung cook your nasi goreng GST-free.. 

Shut up okay, you do not know what we rakyat feel.. 

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

All the good wishes from me to you, thanks for keeping on reading my boring blog (who still blogs anyway..)

What will my birthday trip costs me?

I usually go away for my birthday either before or after..

In 2015, I went to Jakarta and bunked with my friend who's expat there, had a driver and spent the weekend there without a single fuck given... and being driven around like a boss... Shopped a bit, went for a clean massage and spent the rest of the time eating.. Was good to finally been to a new city..

Next year, I am repeating my stint.. I've decided to go to Phnom Penh.. Why? Because it's cheaper than Siem Reap by half.. and I am not interested in ancient ruins, so I don't see any reason to go to Siem Reap, yet..

I just wanna step foot onto Cambodian soil and smell the dirty air, the laid back 4th world country and just chill in the pool.. After all, I can haz some me-time, right?

So how much exactly am I incurring for my trip?

Let's see.. for 2 nights in Arthur and Paul, the only clothing-optional (gay) men-only hotel in Phnom Penh - that's about US$100 a night which I shamelessly asked and received a room upgrade thanks to the boss as a birthday present, and then another night in Rambutan Resort deluxe pool room, that sets me back US$80, which comes to total of about US$280 for 3 nights.. My Malaysia Airlines ticket costs me about RM457, adding it all up, I should be looking to spend around RM1,700 for my holiday, not including expenses.. And I am going to use my Enrich miles to upgrade to business class, cos I have tens of thousands of miles unused and kept expiring..

Arthur And Paul

Arthur and Paul is actually my first choice for it's appeal, with complimentary access to the simple sauna for hotel guests.. I've always wanted to stay in a clothing-optional men-only hotel where I don't need to worry about bringing many clothes.. Tanning in the nude is also lovely but I want my tan lines! I don't know what to expect but I think I will greatly enjoy my stay, even though it's just for 2 nights..

Arthur And Paul
That will also save me some money into actually being in a sauna yet not going/paying for one.. Since it is also a public access sauna for the public in Arthur and Paul..

I foresee that I'll be spending a lot of time out of the room and lounge at the pool with drinks and all, naked if I will, hehe.. So it's time that I need to look good in the buff haha...

As for Rambutan Resort, I am having the Deluxe Pool room with private balcony overlooking the pool.. and oh did I mention about the outdoor bathtub? I am happy with that.. The staff have scored brownie points accommodating my requests.. Probably just lazing in the bathtub on the balcony is good enough for me.. I guess..

Sadly it's not clothing-optional, nor is it men-only.. but I sure hope to see hotties..

I think I am rather okay with this.. Since if I were to go Bangkok, I'll spend half this amount but expenses will surely be higher.. and I won't have a room with an outdoor bath or walk around the hotel sans clothes if I want to.. right?

A little of this cost is offset by the US Dollars balance that I have in my Paypal, which is income from Rainbow Designs.. I've been really too busy to do much work for Rainbow Designs, only to keep it afloat so that I still have some small passive income..

What else should I do/see in Phnom Penh? Don't ask me to eat tarantulas and spiders, I'll smack you!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Review: Jamie's Italian at Forum Shopping Centre, Orchard Road

Renowned celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has another restaurant on Orchard Road in Forum Shopping Centre - Jamie's Italian, an addition to the other one in Vivocity.. 

Reservations required as the chances of getting a table walking in is very low.. My family made a booking last Saturday morning and only managed to get a table for the next day at 2030hrs.. 

So, what's so great about Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant? 

Let me share some insight with you..

Reservation was spot-on as the table was released to us at exactly the slot time.. A little tip here, refuse a table near the cooking stations or you'll feel the heat (not to mention, smell).. They seriously have a problem with either their table arrangements or the ventilation/air-conditioning needs to be reworked.. 

Food - please only order Italian food from an Italian restaurant.. Word has it that "normal" Western dishes doesn't make the cut, only the Italian selection.. hence, you can't go wrong with the usual suspects - the pastas and pizza.. But by all means, go for the pork chop, it's tender and juicy and great for sharing.. 

Service - Did they just hire school kids? Where's the manners? Where's the service!? Well, don't, please don't have any expectation on the service.. They sucks here.. They don't even say thank you when you pay the bill.. they let the receipt say thank you cos it's written on it.. 

Like dafuck.

Our family of 4 dined for SGD167 for a super-yucky garlic "flatbread", pizza, a pork chop and a pasta, kid's meal (spaghetti) for my nephew, "funky" chips (none other than just oil-soaked fries), rose wine for myself, an apple mojito and a tiny glass of "fresh" juice that obviously isn't fresh.. And yeah, sky juice is also chargeable.. 

How tiny the juice glass is.. for SGD7.50.. My rose wine was okay but pricey..

Garlic flatbread - that's recommended by the waitress - which doesn't taste anything like a garlic bread should..
More like a plain garlic pizza.. SGD13!

Pork chop.. It's huge.. SGD40

Rigatoni pasta.. I think it was SGD20 or so.. 

9-in pizza.. Also about SGD30

Will I go again? No. 

Am I disappointed? Yes, clearly. So I've left my comments in Tripadvisor (as I always do with establishments)..

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Holiday Tours is hiring.

Are you keen in the travel industry? If you are, or know anyone who do, please feel free to apply because Holiday Tours is actively hiring now. We need plenty of people around in the Outbound dept, Corporate dept among others.

Email your resume to

Friday, 4 December 2015

A man's poison may be another's meat

Folks - let's just think rationally, what might be halal for you may not necessary be halal to others, and vice versa! So can we just cut the crap and stop all these? Exercise caution, if you're doubtful then don't use/consume etc. By keeping on spewing comments and all just shows how insensitive you are towards others and their needs.

Stop it already okay, just stop, everyone! The general population has no problems with one another, it's just some people who loves to spew hatred.. While I respect my Muslim friends by not putting my pork purchases into the common trolley, even when they are tied and all wrapped up in bags upon bags, and not eating pork in the office anyhow and regardless, I expect others to also respect the sensitiveness of the rests as well.. Just because you consume beef doesn't mean others are okay with it.. We just live and let live.. That's how the society lives in harmony.. We don't create an issue out of nothing.. Look, we don't even ask for non-beef trolleys..

I'm just stating a fact because otherwise soon, everyone wants their own version of things..

Let me remind you - beef is non-halal to me NOT because of religion (I am not even one heck of a Buddhist) but because anything stained or touched by cow produce (eg beef) or even its fat can land me in the emergency room from anaphylactic shock. Trust me, I've been there before. 

Too deep to understand? It's very simple.. Severe to life-threatening allergic shock. My food cannot be contaminated with beef at all costs..

Anaphylaxis is a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. It can occur within seconds or minutes of exposure to something you're allergic to, such as a peanut or the venom from a bee sting.
The flood of chemicals released by your immune system during anaphylaxis can cause you to go into shock; your blood pressure drops suddenly and your airways narrow, blocking normal breathing. Signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis include a rapid, weak pulse, a skin rash, and nausea and vomiting. Common triggers of anaphylaxis include certain foods, some medications, insect venom and latex.
Anaphylaxis requires an immediate trip to the emergency department and an injection of epinephrine. If anaphylaxis isn't treated right away, it can lead to unconsciousness or even death.

It's the same case you don't give peanuts to people who's allergic to peanuts, serve seafood to people who's allergic to seafood, for me, I am allergic to cow produce.. It's that simple.. You can simply murder people by giving them things they are allergic to!

You want to have steamboat with me? Fine, we'll have our own pots. Just don't poke your spoon/fork into my pot because your spoon is non-halal to me..

So tell me, who has a more serious case?  Seesh.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

KLIA Express costs RM55 per way

From Jan 1, KLIA Express (ERL) ticket price will be increased by 57% to RM55 per way, up from currently RM35.

At the current price, it is already quite pricey, what more after the increase. And mind you, it is always full because of the low frequency and high passenger loads going to/from klia2. Chances are you have to stand all the way. 

Stupid isn't it?

For comparison purposes, a metered-taxi and KLIA Limo costs roughly RM65-75 into KL and nearby, door-to-door, albeit a journey that takes 45mins - 1 hour compared to 30 minutes (plus max 20 mins waiting time for the train).

Bus costs about RM10, and journey time roughly 1 hour to various stops around KL.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

4Fingers now in Malaysia

4 Fingers Crispy Chicken has officially opened its 1st outlet in Malaysia today, Thursday 26 Nov on the lower ground floor of Midvalley, just a few steps away from KFC..

Their signature dishes is of course the wings and drummets, available in hot or soy, or mix of both.. Other than that, there's also seafood selection, kimslaw (kimchi coleslaw), and salad.

Found a menu taken from one of the guys who attended the launch party last night (copyright to the photographer, I am just sharing!) - hence the quality of the image is blur.. Can't seem to find a high res menu for Malaysia though..

Now everyone don't need to go Singapore anymore for crispy chicken! With that, on LG floor alone, there's now 4Fingers, Texas Chicken and of course, KFC... There once was Popeye's... but that was history (heard it was merged with Texas Chicken..)

Do drop by to their Midvalley outlet (I'll visit sometime soon!)
LG-074A, Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall

Saturday, 21 November 2015

I don't know what to feel

Friday Nov 20.

It's not one of those Fridays.. The traffic was literally all standstill throughout KL partly because it's Friday, partly because it's raining and partly because major roads were closed for President Barack Obama.. 

I left the city earlier in the evening and went to Midvalley.. Yes, it's all backed up as well because of mom-and-baby expo going on.. 

Nevertheless, I was able to get a parking spot rather easily on the upper levels (since I hated basement), had dinner with le bf at a Vietnamese restaurant..

Despite the food being okay, the service was way below what I would expect.. The waiter repeated my order, yet delivered and punched in a totally different thing altogether into the bill..

Yet the manager insisted I ordered "that"..

In my head I'm like "fuck you I ordered that!".

Anyway, long story short, my order came - right.

After dinner, we walked around a bit and decided to try Nana's Green Tea.. My gawd, Carmen (the cashier's name)'s face was even blacker than black.. With a long sour face, she didn't get out orders right and le bf just let it go.. I would have like, "bitch, don't be in the service industry if that's the face you're showing"..

Never mind.. Then we went for our movie.. 

After movie, we decided to grab some drink at Coffee Bean as I still have some time to kill before leaving off to pick up my parents at KL Sentral.. 

So at Coffee Bean, as we were just seated and looking through the menu, this bitch (I assumed she's Indian cos of her black nigga skin) turned around and started hurling degrading racial remarks.. 

I was like "what the fuck is she talking about and who the fuck is she talking to".

Then it hit me..

She was directing her offensive remarks at me! 

What in the world did I offended her?!

It started with something like "hey you cina babi something..... "

And she went on and on.. The couple that sat next table got burnt too.. 

When I realised she was talking to me, I slammed the menu on the table (it was a thick book), shouted right in her pussy face "fuck you bitch" probably the loudest those words ever left my vocals, and stormed off..

I didn't want to sit there any longer and le bf caught up with me to calm me down.. 

I just asked him to go home as I wasn't in the mood for anything already.. 

So it was like.. For the first time in my entire life, I actually had someone spewing racial slurs at me, directed at me, in public. In Coffee Bean Midvalley not to say the least of all places! 

Like wow. Shit just got real. Man.

Yes, I may be racist but I kept my racist front quite to myself for some quiet giggling and gossiping but to hurl it out in the open in public at strangers, wow, this is just something out of the blue and totally unexpected.. Something new to me..

Obviously of course I was angry! 

And just like that - her entire nigga black race just got degraded.. I am not going to show anymore respect to her kind, that kind of colour.. Not anymore..

Because, fuck you bitch. Nobody fucks with me. 

Thursday, 19 November 2015

More old blog headers

I recently went through my external hard disk to do some clean up, and gosh, memories!

It was a very old hard disk given by my ex.. And I have stored in it, most of the things from my old laptop that died, work documents and files from previous companies (don't ask me why and what I did with them!), and also personal things..

So I'd like to just share it.. since I am in the process of cleaning up the hard disk..

Thursday, 12 November 2015

So you think it's fun?

Most people I talked to about my job thinks it's fun and glam..  but thats what everyone sees.. nobody ever sees the dark side of it.. come to think of it, I've never actually enjoyed spending my bonuses, because every year, the money goes towards paying for costly mistakes.. and I'm talking thousands of ringgit.. I've lost count how much I've spent paying for unnecessary things.. this year is no different.. next month I'll have to pay up to reimburse a fresh new flight ticket out of my own pocket.. I'm really sick of keeping up with my bonuses only to have to spend it all on paying.. like fuck lah..

So if you ask me, is it really that fun in this line? Well, my reply is this, yes, there are the perks but there's also a lot of shit going about.. and some won't hesistate to throw you in front of the train.. I'm just thankful I have like the best boss ever, otherwise I would have long died with eyes wide open..

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Last week as I pulled out from the parking lot, I scrapped the side of my car against the pillar, and upon inspection, I saw thick yellow paint scuff marks..

Expecting the worst, I scraped away the paint flakes and accepted that I will need to send in for repairs.. But I've heard of people who DIY and take care of the damage using household chemicals.. so I went online and start reading and comparing results..

Feeling a little skeptical at first, but I decided there is no harm trying, after all, I have nothing to lose if it doesn't do the job, I will have to send in for repair anyway.. So I went and bought a can of WD40..

WD40 has a thousand and one uses, trust me, it works..

So after an hour of scrubbing and slowly wiping away the paint marks, I am a happy boy now.. not only has the yellow paint totally came off, it left behind no surface damage and no scars.. and it's much cleaner now, only thing is, WD40 is a little greasy hence I will still need to send it for a thorough car wash today to get rid of the grease..

Other than that, it just works.. but only before the paint is "baked" into the car surface, then no amount of scrubbing will help.. I knew cos I tried it on a small spot at the bottom of my car beforehand..

Like they say, if all else fail, try WD40! :)

Friday, 30 October 2015

Marina Bay Sands - Singapore (21-23 Oct)

Posing in my new Marcuse army green trunks.. 

OK - I admit I just loved to pose in my trunks hahaha..

Last week was my second time staying in Marina Bay Sands..

The first time last year, I was given a very lousy room, first floor on Tower 3 to be exact, which is the street level of ECP (East Coast Expressway) and somewhere near the entrance of busses/lorries and what not, which was fucking noisy early in the morning.. And even though my room comes with breakfast, I was charged for it, and upon checkout, I kicked up a big fuss for their ignorance and nonchalant service..

This year was different.. I was upgraded to Premier Room - on the 13th floor of Tower 2, and it's a corner room.. The room comes with a bathtub! I was delighted because this time it's a lot more comfortable.. It also has a sofa..

One thing I dislike about the rooms is that the minibar has an automatic billing system.. the moment you take something out of its socket, it gets charged to your room, and they packed the minibar to the brim and you have no space to put your own things inside.. Sure, you can request for another minibar, empty one, but you gotta rent it for SGD10..

Stupid right?

From the 13th floor, it's a long way down.. should you decide to.. climb over the low edge..

Entrance to my room

Room view

View from room.. That's The Shoppes, and Sands Convention Centre at far left..

Bathroom view.. The toilet and shower is on the far left (as reflected in the mirror)

Something I really hate about MBS..

When they packed the whole minibar to the brim, there's no space left to put your own things.
The moment you lift something off, it will be immediately charged to the room..
To ask for an empty minibar, a rental of SGD10 will be charged..

Master switch in the pull out drawer beside the bed..

Soaking time

I'll let the photos do the talking..

Also, of course I didn't miss out on the opportunity to selfie camwhore in the rooftop infinity pool, despite the water being "not that clean" and the sky was hazy.. But who cares.. Just to check off the "been there again done that again" list..

Crowded, dirty water, hazy sky... Need I say more?


Night view

Relaxing by the pool after a long day..

The haze was really bad..

Monday, 26 October 2015

2 tooths in 10 days

In the space of 10 days, I have had 2 tooth extractions.. Both upper wisdom tooth..

You can imagine the pain/stress/anxiety/nervousness or whatever you call it.. And I also have 3 fillings and tooth reconstruction from a partially broken tooth..

Dr Cheah..
Cute dentist to your rescue..
And I get it all done at my friend's clinic in Tmn Megah (nearby MingTian food court).. Feel free to Hauz of Smile Dental Care, just look for Dr Cheah, and you can mention my name.. All I can tell you it's not expensive, and so much more cheaper than a lot other dentists..
drop by his clinic -

The last time I had a dental job done was when in school, back then there was no (or that they didn't bother to use any) anaesthesia.. I remembered the pain when they fill the holes and the hell cement smell and the sandy grain feel and some even came off after a while, but I'm really lucky my baby teeth all fell out by themselves without ever needing any extraction..

But in the hands of Dr Cheah, it was all good, anaesthesia was absolutely necessary for the comfort and he reconstructed my chipped tooth back into a real tooth shape.. Of course, no amount of anaesthesia can take away the pain of the extraction of the wisdom tooth, more so because there was no wall left, half of it was broken.. I still can feel the stinging pain but it had to be done..

After 2 and a half hours of continuous stress, the ordeal was over.. and after resting for a while, I was free to leave..

So if anyone of you is having problems with your teeth whatsoever, feel free to drop by Hauz of Smile Dental Care and look for Dr Cheah.

  • Address
    11, Ground Floor, Jalan SS23/15, Taman SEA, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
  • Short Description
    Hauz of Smile Dental Care 
  • Phone
    +03-7887 2900
  • Email

Saturday, 17 October 2015

The cheater and cheated

Let's face it.. Monogamous gay relationships don't exist.. Stomach it whether you like it or not.. 

When I was younger (not that I'm that old), I used to think that you can only be with someone one person at a time.. Oh boy was I proven so wrong about it many years later.. 

I was this young newbie in all these gay relationships thingy right from a sweet tender age of 17.. 

I admit, several boyfriends later in the last 15 years or so, it's only human and gay nature to cheat - once in a while or consistently or whatever.. There is no true monogamy.. Don't tell me in all those years you guys are together, there's not once, not even once that something got out of hand.. Don't have to admit it, we all have our skeletons, some, out in the open..

I've been cheated with, I've been cheated on and more importantly, I've cheated as well..

Did I lose my belief? No. 

So what really happened there? 

Those of you who have been through a cheating process knows what's going on.. Whether or not you agree with me, that's another story altogether.. Some of you think there's room for another person, while some of you walk away.. There is no right or wrong way to deal with it, there is only your stand that you have to deal with.. 

Grew bored? In need of excitement? He's more attractive? Something new? Or you just have fallen out of love.. There's plenty of reasons why we gays sway.. 

And we all know it.. 

However you deal with it, if you feel it's right, then it's the right thing to do.. And if you choose to walk away, hold you head up high and walk away with dignity - and at the same time, give your blessings and don't ever even try to get even.. 

I've said it before and I will say it again, "if you have to fight for love, you have already lost it"..

To those who are in a relationship, treasure your present moments because nothing is forever.. And if and when things don't work out anymore, just end it and walk away.. 

To those who have been cheating, spare one of them the agony of having to find out about the other sooner or later.. If all 3 (or more) of you are okay with expansion plans, then it's not cheating.. 

To those who have been heartbroken and cheated on, it's not the end of the world.. Heal it, move on and love again.. You may not love the same way again or as much as before but your new boyfriend deserves your future not your past..

To those who are single, this don't apply to you.. It's called one-night-stands, or trials, or whatever, not cheating, especially when you start dating again.. That is, until you decide to go steady.. 


Friday, 16 October 2015

You know what? I don't care.

Yes - I may come across to some as self-centered, snob, self-righteous but you know what? I don't care..

There are plenty of things in the world I don't care about.. It's really nothing personal, I find that I am so much better off not caring than to waste my time, efforts, shit to care.. In that way, I can live longer as well..

I don't care about what people think of me, that's none of my business.. You're entitled to your opinions, and I am fine with it.. Think all you want, it won't affect me any bit..

I don't care about wars.. Fight all you want, kill all you want, just don't drag my country into it.. Not that I get riled up about it or what, I really don't care about some shit war happening half way across the world that's none of my country's business..

But what I do care is.. people related to me, things that directly affect me, living costs, health costs, concerns which are of general interests like safety and security, taxpayer's money, elections (truth be told, I actually cared about politics because all the fucking government's policies affect me in one way or another), things like that, you know? Because at the end of the day, these things affect me on a daily basis! That's what I should care about!

Not some kitten running around the ball..

What the fuck has that got to do with me and why should I share such videoclip? Just saying, no cats are implicated here..

--- Ok I am done ranting now.. off to Singapore next week, and end the week with my buddies in Universal Studios for Halloween.. Don't miss me k? Love you all, muak muak peace out......

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A scary ordeal

I was never as terrified as today..

I was already literally in pain for a few days with the pain coming and going, disturbing my sleep often..

I finally decided to get my tooth extracted.. So despite being a public holiday today, I asked my friend who's a dentist for an appointment to get my tooth out and away.. 

Truth be told, it's the first time ever I ever had my tooth extracted.. All those times as a kid, the kiddy teeth either fell out by themselves or I had accidents with my mouth that caused them to come off..

Now my wisdom tooth has broken and caused me great pain and throbbing headache for days, I decided enough was enough and mustered up enough courage to go extract.. 

One down, I will still need to extract another one before pain comes.. 

So now I'm at home resting for time being to see if the bleeding will stop or not..

Monday, 12 October 2015

Oh! It's 3rd anniversary..

Time flies, just a blink of an eye, 3 years have passed..

And in a few month's tine, it will surpass all my previous work records of me remaining in the job the longest.. Come to think of it, I always moved on after 3 years..

But I guess I'm staying for good here, at least for time being hahaha.. It's been great, not without the shit of course..

What makes this anniversary even sweeter is that, I am easing into a new role to lead part of a new team, a huge team that is.. A newly created team to manage a newly-established business unit..

Well, I have just about 2 months to warm up to the new role until the project goes live next year.. Until then, there's a lot of groundwork and documentations need to do..


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Having a room mate be like...

I used to have room mates up to the time I was working in Singapore and sharing a room with a colleague.. We each have our own corners of the room and because we were working in the retail industry, we don't get to meet or talk much other than sleeping time as we had to work retail hours, sometimes extended hours during the festives..

Before that, I used to also share rooms when in Melaka and Cyberjaya MMU respectively.. In Melaka, I stayed in the private student residence across the road from MMU Melaka.. In the residence there were 12 of us, 3 to a room.. From the experience and time of sharing the sleeping abode with people, I have come to appreciate what little privacy there is.. Having said that, I have no qualms whatsoever going about my business, like stripping to changing, or sleeping naked if I want to.. I also could watch porn in the room if I want to, because well, nobody gives a shit about one another especially during student days, either them be busy with their books or busy playing Counter Strike, Starcraft etc.. Also, the fact that we all guys walk around the apartment in our underwear mostly.. That in itself is a clear good sign that nobody give a fucking damn thing about covering up.. Boys will be boys..

(no, there was never an occasion of public wanking or masturbating in the room... we all knew to use the toilets...)

While in Cyberjaya, we rented condominiums beside the university.. for much of my time in Cyberjaya, I didn't have room mates and paid the rental for the whole room myself..

It was also during student days that I was robbed of my wallet by the room mate.. As there was no concrete proof (nobody saw, nobody was caught and there was no break-in), the police came and conducted investigation but couldn't arrest anyone.. and advised me to just report as "lost".. Because ironically, I have just collected the month's rental from everyone that very night to be banked-in to the landlord the next day, but I was wise enough not to put the cash in my wallet.. Went to bed, and the next morning, my wallet was gone, along with everything in it.. I suspected the "thief" knew I had with me lots of cash that night, only that he didn't know where it was..

Once I have my own place - people often ask me why don't I rent out the extra rooms I have.. The reason is simple - I AM DONE WITH SHARING MY LIVING SPACE WITH OTHERS! All the more my place is fully furnished and fully equipped with the things I want at home..  It's cosy enough that I usually just doze off on the couch, easier to fall asleep too!

(if you have stayed overnight with me, you will know how cosy it is my couch! Confirm can fall asleep one!)

I appreciate and look forward to each long day in peace and quiet times and slowly easing into lazy mode to bedtime.. Watching tv, snacking healthy snacks and drinking good stuffs.. that's all I need..

Friday, 18 September 2015

Finolhu - A Club Med like no other

Club Med introduces Finolhu Villas, the new high-end flagship offer in Asia Pacific with its concept of “Luxury Villas & Chalets”, located in the Maldives, the world’s hottest destination for honeymooners and it is just 5-minute speed boat ride from the existing Club Med Kani Premium Resort.

Featuring 52 villas in total with views of sunrise and sunset, each comes with a private pool and terrace. Each villa is remarkably integrated into the natural surroundings, using a palette of colours including ocean blue, green, and orange.

A personal butler will take care of all the day-to-day details as well as preparing breakfast, afternoon tea and exclusive dinner or booking luxury spa treatment by British Organic brand ILA. 

Apart from the newly built fine dining restaurant, bar and swimming pool, the Finolhu Villas guests can also enjoy a wide variety of watersports and activities such as scuba diving and kayaking at the adjacent Kani Premium Resort. Club Med All-Inclusive holiday and intimate services create guests a sweet and truly unforgettable experience.

• Staying on a beautifully preserved, private island
• Relaxing on a beach stretching over a thousands yards along the coast, or admiring underwater life
• Enjoying the luxury comforts of your Villa with your own private pool
• Enjoying the tailor made services of your own dedicated Villa Host (butler)
• Devoting time to health and beauty at Club Med Spa by ILA

All-Inclusive Package Price includes the following
* Accommodation on Twin-sharing * 3 International buffet meals daily with unlimited flow of wines, beers, aerated drinks & other beverages. * Bar & Snacking Inclusive that offers free flow of drinks all day served by glasses at all the Resort’s Bars with international brand of spirits, wines, cocktails, fresh fruit juices (excludes premium spirits, bottled wines & champagnes) with finger food and light meals. * Sport facilities with tuition & equipment.

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AirAsia flies direct from Kuala Lumpur to Male, Maldives four times a week, while Singapore Airlines flies via Singapore daily. Prices start from RM7610/person for 3N stay.

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