Saturday, 31 January 2015

Tailfins of Airlines I've Flown!

About a year ago, I put together a compendium of tailfins of all the airlines I've flown in in the last 15 years..

I still remember my first flight - on AirAsia to Bangkok.. Back then the fare was about RM200 return, which was quite a lot for a student.. I remember saving up so hard and then staying in a cheap 400bht/night 2 star lodge.. That was then..

It's different now as I can afford better and certainly have travelled well beyond just Bangkok..

So let's recap on the post again :)

They are in no particular order of when I flew with them.. can you name them?

1. Tigerair - to Singapore, Melbourne (from Sydney)
2. Jetstar - to Singapore, Sydney (from Brisbane)
3. AirAsia - to Bali, Bangkok, Taipei, Hong Kong, Penang, JB, Singapore, Krabi
4. Cathay Pacific - to Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei (from Seoul)
5. Emirates - to Dubai, Milan and from Amsterdam
6. Lufthansa - to Bangkok
7. Singapore Airlines - to Singapore, Hong Kong
8. Thai Airways - to Bangkok
9. Qatar Airways - to Phuket
10. Malaysia Airlines - to JB, Kuching, Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali, Taipei, Brisbane, Osaka
11. Fireflyz - to Penang
12. Vietnam Airlines - to Ho Chi Minh City
13. KLM - to Jakarta
14. Silkair - to Singapore

Of all airlines, I've only flown business in Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines (both short and long hauls) and Qatar Airways before so I can't say for the rest..

In terms of aircraft types, I've flown in A380, A330, A320/A319, B777, B737, ATR-72 among those I can remember.. the best is still A330 - sorry but I don't find A380 any comfortable other than that it's steady (maybe because I was flying Emirates A380 to/from Europe, long flights, lousy service and a myriad of nationalities that I dislike)..

Last but not least, a world map of all the airports I've been to...

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Mini Syok Sendiri Getaway

Spending two nights in a mountainous resort by myself because I got the room for free for my birthday.. I brought a long my new soft toy, his name is Turtur.. He was born in Cairns, Australia so he is an Australian.. 

Immediately after this, I'll be flying off to my next Getaway to spend time with my BFF and explore Jakarta for the only one time.. 

So this one week holiday will be my birthday break.. Cos the next holiday, can be possibly during Christmas!! 

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Today is my birthday :)

Awww.. stop it you :P

I am 32 today!

I don't keep my age (or birthdate) a secret because what is there to hide? They say a woman will never reveal their age, but I am proud that I've grown so much, wiser so to speak.. one year by one year I see myself grow, and people around me grow older as well.. some already with kids and all..

Thank you for all the love from all of you.. I may not know everyone, but it won't stop me from just being nice today and say thank you! :)

My week-long holiday-cum-celebrations starts now.. but first, a full day of tradeshow event and ends with cocktail party (I almost so want to say - in my honour! HAHAHAHA)..

I wish everyone a great health and prosperity through and through.. love you all!!!

Much love from me to all of you!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Why I will never get a tattoo

When I was still in school, my friends and I vowed to one another never to smoke..

Look at us, all of us were/is/am smoking by the time we left school, some still are, some quitting (like me)..

We also vowed never to get inked - well, at least none of us are inked, yet!
I have always thought tattoos were cool.. like I wanted a tribal design on my shoulder or down at my back just right at the butt.. but after returning from a trip to Japan, I decided NOT to do any tattoo forever..

LOL.. I think I'm good enough with one-sided earring.. and my favourite ear stud always have some kind of stone in it (either clear or black stone, but I prefer black one more), small enough to be presentable yet not big enough like ah beng.. I have a few other ear studs that I don't really wear though haha...

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Company Trip - Part 1

Over the last 3 days, 5 busses and several flights departed KL, one flight from Penang, one flight from Kuantan descended in Johor Bahru for the company annual dinner cum teambuilding event in Legoland..

Before departing KL

The entrance to the hotel
We all stayed in DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru, a short stroll away from KOMTAR/City Square.. The area has changed so much from the last 10 years I last roam these streets on the weekends..

The cool thing about the hotel is the 24-hours gym that nobody ever uses, and the pool, freaking cold water thanks to the winds blowing from the Johor Straits.. it also has a jacuzzi which I uses on Saturday evening with sore cramped legs..

From the hotel, you can see the Woodlands customs and immigration.. Our initial thought was to cross into Singapore, none brought along passport and too tired to travel much after reaching JB..

My room with the clear glass shower


Closer view of the toilet

Sharing the room with my colleague

And my colleague snaps a pic of me peeing...... 



Welcome Gift and the iconic Doubletree by Hilton cookie

So on the next morning, I woke up at 6am and use the gym.

Working out at 6am

Getting ready for Legorace teambuilding event

Must pose at the entrance of Legoland!

At the entrance with the backdrop

And sometime for selfies

More selfies

Posing with a colleague

Yes - must bite the Legoland ticket.. Because if you ask me to pay for the entrance, I will not.

One for the album

Team 2 Captain

More selfies at the entrance

High up in the observation deck


"Congratulations Team 2! You're the first team to check-in!"
Unfortunately my team only won 3rd place.
Between us and 2nd place and first place, we're just 2 points behind.
A very close race indeed!

I did have some time to selfie in the jacuzzi while resting my tired legs and body.
Just soaking up in the tub and enjoying the view (outside lah!)

Opening act for the annual dinner.
No selfies because I was just dressed in normal casual clothes and nothing fancy.

I won a RM50 Isetan voucher from the lucky dip, and another RM40 Jusco voucher from participating in a game on stage.. I volunteered to go on stage to play a game and pit against 4 of my male colleagues in a beer-drinking game, drinking from baby bottles!

It was tough because I haven't sucked on one since 1984!! LOL.. I think the photos are somewhere.. Will dig for it once get back to the office..

The next day, we headed for Johor Premium Outlets on our way back to KL, stopping for a quick shopping time, and lunch..

Selfie with some of my dept colleagues..

More selfies..

And boys will be boys.. looks like he just likes to take picture of me peeing..
Btw, I shared the hotel room with him.. my gila punya colleague

Friday, 23 January 2015

Off to Johor Bahru

I have been quite busy of late, with many things on my minds.. sometimes to the tipping point..

I need a break.. a holiday that is.. Ok make that 4..

First up.. Johor Bahru & Legoland for company annual dinner, 5 buses departs today from our KL headoffice and we'll be staying in Doubletree Hilton's for the weekend.. Theme is Black & White and I've picked out quite a conservative pair of clothes - nothing fancy..

I was made the team leader for the team building event in Legoland and volunteered myself for all the rides (not like they're scary..) cos I love thrills and what not..

I have also seen the lucky dip and lucky draw prize lists.. yum yum.. lots of hotel stays and even more flight tickets to destinations around the world (unfortunately, all economy class but to destinations further and farther, this time including USA and Canada!.. booyahhh last 2 years I won a Cathay Pacific Hong Kong business class ticket!) THAT IS MY AIM!! Of course, there's like a lot of iPhone6 on the list, countless more iPads in the list as well as travel packages and what nots related items.

I am so sleepy now..

Next week I'll be only working 2 days, while attending a tradeshow on my birthday in a hotel in KL Sentral area.. and then I'm done - going on a one-week holiday for my next 2 holiday getaways thanks to the long weekend KL people get.. Flying with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for the first time, let's hope it will be a good flight although I've heard bad reviews about the seating especially :)

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Truth hurts.

The other day I was having an early birthday dinner with my didi in Sunway, catching up and all.. We've known each other for more than 9 years now.. we're talking about the years gone by and somehow, we arrived at the topic that we're not young anymore.. I'm turning 32 next week!

At the same time, our parents are also growing old..

Like it or not, its true..

I have been doing my level best to spend as much time with my parents as possible because I realised this..

That parents won't be around forever - they're not exactly young anymore..

Assuming I see them a day or two each month (sometimes 2 months only gone by before I see them once), it means I only see them accumulatively a some few days a year - including Chinese New Year.. How much more time do I have with them?

The hardest part of growing up is realising your parents are growing old.. Spend more time with them, while you can..

PS: Those whose parent(s) are no longer around - I'm sorry. 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Big biceps - you think?

Hmm.. maybe it's the camera angle.. I don't think it's that big hahaha.. but I kinda like this photo myself :p

It's always on casual Friday that I am inspired to take a selfie..

Oh and on another note - I've added another trip, so that makes it all together 5 trips in a month! The fifth one was discussed and confirmed over dinner on Friday night, and it was an impromptu decision to just go..

Saturday, 17 January 2015

8 Things You Don't Know That I Don't Know

Laugh at me if you must, but here's a list of 8 things I don't know, but I wish I had known :)

8. I don't know how to use Uber. 
Okay maybe because I drive to everywhere I need to go (heh that's why I bought a car in the first place), to the point that it's either I ask people to pick me or I don't go at all.. I am not a fan of public transport in KL if I can help it, mainly because of the inconvenience, and the safety.. Or that I don't feel it's worth to pay for things I can otherwise do myself..

7. I don't know how to bake.
I've never baked anything before in my life. Maybe I've never had an oven before. But recently I just gotten a small toaster oven, and I wonder what I can do with it.. Please don't suggest anything that's not food! =D

6. I don't know how to fix a leaking tap. 
I'll leave it to my dad to take care of the leaks.. I never know how to fix them.. Maybe that I don't care enough since the water bill is paid for by the government WITH my taxes..

5. I don't know how to use Android phones.
I've always been a Nokia person up till I bought my iPhone 3GS, and now iPhone4S.. Hand me a Samsung phone and I'll go like, "what the hell is this?" - although on 29 Dec 2014, I have considered buying a Samsung phone when my iPhone refused to start the whole day..

4. I don't know how to read and write Mandarin. 
Maybe simple words I still can, but if you start texting me in Mandarin, I'll go bonkers..

3. I don't know how to fake it.
I really don't know how to fake especially compliments.. I don't go like "wah you look so handsome (if you're not - bitch you need a mirror?)" or "wah you are so smart (if you're not)"... but I can fake a smile.. and that will usually follow with a sarcastic remark..

2. I don't know if I really want to be in a relationship or I just yearn for company and someone who can "manja" me. 
No doubt I am much happier now compared to when I was attached, but at times, I wish to have someone to hold me in his arms and tell me it's going to be all right.. because no one will push a hug away.. no one..

1. I don't know when I'll be able to afford a second house. 
I wanted to buy another house - a studio apartment to be exact and call it the bachelor/retirement pad.. But looking at the property prices and my pocket, it's almost impossible :(
Mom said she will loan me the 10% but even with that, I don't think I can afford! I need to sell my current house for the money, but then, that will make me still not have a second property.. I need a million dollars now.. NOW!!

Friday, 16 January 2015

My Baby

4 years ago, I had a dream, that is to own a business - a graphic designs company.. I even converted one spare room into a complete home office.. Well, I got it up and running, registered the company and incorporated it in Malaysia on 21 April 2011..

Over the course of the years, I've had some really good clients, and well, my fair-share of not so good clients too.. My biggest client was with me for more than a year before they decide to hire a in-house designer and that was one of the largest banks in Malaysia.. I've also had clients from Singapore and Vietnam - which was an amazing year nevertheless..

I've worked tirelessly over the years but it did pay my bills and my holidays in the beginning.. It's just getting too competitive now as everyone claim themselves to be designers anyhow, that, I find it's very ridiculous without understanding the fundamentals of designs, the principles of colours and what nots..

I am still running the business, although now I am more or less doing it on my own mostly - terminated agreements with some team members..

Do give me a buzz if you do know of anyone who's looking..
You can email me at and the URL is

Thursday, 15 January 2015

I'm back! And it's the weekend again!

I was in Singapore last weekend.. the exchange rate was 2.66 when I bought some dollars to pay back friends.. I don't like to owe people money so as soon as I have the money, first thing first I pay back people.. Now I am back to square one..

Also spent time meeting up and catching up with new and old friends.. and shopped a bit in Aeropostles, funny how I can only fit into their XS and S sizes depending on the cut.. I bought 3 tops for $50! That will go towards my CNY new clothes bounty.. No more shopping.. or I think..

But I was back in KL the whole week - was down with a bad stomach upset starting on Monday night and gradually worsen up till yesterday.. Possibly from food poisoning..

Now that I'm up and running, it's the final 2 weeks of January! How time flies, and that means my remaining 3 getaway destinations are here!! YAY!!

I may continue to shop when I fly, and I'll be flying KLM Royal Dutch! My first time taking KLM! All things being equal despite the fact that KLM flies a lousy 777-300ER with a touchscreen IFE, it is still better than MAS 737-800 (without IFE) despite being new aircrafts..

Gonna add one more tailfin
to a list of airlines I've flown :)

Monday, 12 January 2015

Hands-Me Up

As we grow older, our stuffs gets handed down to little ones, most often younger siblings or relatives, or if there is none - to charity..

But here's the funny thing, I got hand-me-ups instead.. from my younger brother.. cos he outgrown his clothes and since they are still good and I can fit into them, I swiped them off his wardrobe and it is mine now.. and yes, branded ones that is..

Haha.. yup, that's the new trend.. hand-me-ups..

Have you gotten anything that younger siblings give?

Saturday, 10 January 2015

First Trip of 2015

All you suckers who have travelled extensively in December.. now it's my turn to travel this month!

4 trips over the next 3 weeks :p

Now let's get down and get dirty! LOL.. First trip of the year and I decided to go on a roadtrip with my mom - just the two of us.. Mother and son bonding time..

I've never really travelled much with my parents (other than the annual CNY balik kampung when we were kids but that doesn't count) except to Europe.. so I guess this is actually the first time I'm going somewhere with just my mom :)

See? I'm a good boy right?

[UPDATE 17 JAN: I've added another trip, that makes it 5 trips altogether!! Woohooo!!]

Friday, 9 January 2015

FITNESS FRIDAY: Why did I choose Fitness First?


I started going to a gym some 10 years ago starting with California Fitness Singapore when I was working and studying in Singapore between 2003-2006..

My then home club was Cali Orchard building which was next to my workplace so that was where I hang around and showered and keep my things in the shoe locker.. Damn convenient lo.. and it's super duper ultra cruisy in the showers (as if nobody knows hahaha!) especially the steam room at the end of the alley..

Singaporeans: do you still remember?

When Cali moved to Ngee Ann City, it continued to retain its title.. and I believe it's still very cruisy even now.. my last entry into Cali was before they cancel my Celebrity Fitness reciprocal access.. Heck, at least I been there a few times :)

When I came back to KL, I transferred back my membership to California Fitness Midvalley, and continued to stay on when Celebrity Fitness took over.. It was only in 2012 that I switched to Fitness First, with my ex..

But why Fitness First?

Before & After
Probably it's because of the offerings and the flexibility that FF is able to offer me.. I travel around quite a bit so I thought FF was the best choice for me, apart from the A+ class of instructors.. And since I am on the Platinum Passport membership, it allows access into any FF worldwide unlimited of times..

(On the contrary, Celebrity Fitness Malaysia membership limits access to 3x  a month for overseas use, last I was told).

At the time when I left Celebrity, the monthly rate I was paying was more expensive than what Fitness First offered me, and that is a great incentive for me to jump, so when I terminated my CF membership, the consultant didn't even try to make me stay, cos it's well known fact that they are charging more..

I am not sure how much is CF monthly rates now, but the rate I pay in FF is justified by the offerings.. despite the fact that FF have raised the rate once in the last 2 years..

They said FF was cruisy, but of the 2 years plus I'm with FF, I still feel that CF wins hands down.. Celebrity Fitness no doubt the cruisiest still is Midvalley followed by Lot 10 & 1 Utama (confirm there's something going on in the showers each time I was there), not too sure about other branches but I have a feeling they are not cruisy at all, at least the ones I been to, and taught in..

And I have no comment of FF at this juncture while I am still in FF as a member and instructor-trainee.. LOL...

Now there's a new chain in town, Anytime Fitness which is individually franchised owned, whose main selling point is 24/7 gym and is aggressively opening in KL.. And each shower cubicle is a private bathroom with toilet! WTF!! Only downside is there is no LESMILLS license, so it doesn't appeal to me that much, but I would like to go look see look see for myself..

Anyone goes to Anytime Fitness care to share how much is the monthly fees?

Thursday, 8 January 2015

THROWBACK THURSDAY: A Destination Less Travelled

Dubai - not your everyday destination that one would go..

About a year and a half ago, I was in Dubai on a 3D2N stopover en route returning from 3 weeks in Europe as the stopover was free of charge by Emirates (free city tour, free accommodation in Traders Hotel, free transfers).. I only had to pay for my meals and personal expenses like shopping.. 

From Amsterdam to Dubai
I would say actually the A380 isn't that comfortable despite having slightly wider seats.. Generally I still prefer a A330 or a B777.. There was just too many people and not enough toilets to cater for everyone.. 
A380 Concourse Arrival Hall at Dubai International Airport, having flown 6 and half hours from AMS..

My room in Traders Hotel which I shared with my brother

View of Dubai International Airport from Traders Hotel with a host of Emirates A380 aircrafts

This was where Dubai began - the old town of Dubai along the Dubai creek
The old town of Dubai

Lazy bums! They have elevators to go up to the pedestrian bridge!

The oldest building in Dubai, built in 1787, is now the Dubai Museum

Bus-stops are aplenty, and they are all air-conditioned

OK my bus is here, but first let me take a selfie

The seaside spanning Burj al-Arab

Palm Jumeirah being built..

SkiDubai - an 85m high indoor mountain with 5 slopes - in Mall of Emirates

On the way to the desert
The edge of the desert

But first - a stop to release air from the tyres before entering the desert so that there's better grip

Sand dune bashing

Managed to record a video - I was sitting in the middle!

Look at all these vast emptiness - no fucks were given on that day!

Selfie with camel. I think I have a penchant for taking selfies with animals.

The desert sun at sunset

Again, no fucks were given on that day.

The busy intersection in Old Dubai in front of Traders Hotel (right)

Fitness First Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) layout
Normal-sized but with semi frosted shower doors and a prayer room inside the changing room

I was trying to buy a MRT ticket to go to Fitness First DIFC

Dubai Mall MRT station

The model of Dubai Mall with Burj Khalifa at the corner

The iconic falling men - Dubai Mall
Do you know who designed it?
Yep.. DPA Architects of Singapore

Burj Khalifa - so tall I cannot even fit it into my camera lens
Taken from Dubai Mall Boulevard

Ah.. the Dubai Fountain, supposedly the world's largest choreographed musical fountain.
Shame I find it really disappointing, having to jostled with the crowd. 

A selfie with Burj Khalifa in the background?
Sure :) 

If not for the free stopover, I don't think I would ever consider visiting Dubai.. 

But after seeing the Dubai 2014/15 countdown fireworks that lit up the skyline, I thought maybe Dubai isn't such a bad place to go for countdown, after all, the weather during "winter" is bearable and cooler than in Malaysia (while summer can go up to 50 deg Celcius!) - while I was there, it was around 30-something degrees but it felt like burning because there aren't many trees around and there's no cloud to filter the sun, it was really hot despite not high a temperature! 

Have you been to Dubai or flown in Emirates A380?

Hot right now!