Friday, 29 August 2014

MATTA Fair Pre-Sales Now Open

For those waiting for Matta Fair, do note that Holiday Tours have already begun pre-sales for Matta Fair for all packages that are ready, advertised, or publicised.

I will be on duty in Club Med booth in Hall 1 all 3-days next weekend.. who's up for Club Med? :)

So happy I just closed my first ever Club Med booking to the sexay Dr Douglas heheee...

Prices shown are all lead-in prices "starting FROM".
*subject to availability
*subject to blackout, seasonality

Also available on offer - Club Med Dong'Ao (Zhuhai, China), Club Med Albion Mauritius, Club Med Finolhu Maldives (coming soon 1 Feb 2015 : all sea villas - a more premium Club Med than Kani Maldives; guest at Finolhu can use Kani facilities but not vice-versa, and private speedboat transfer & butler for each villa).

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Insane weekend

This weekend is where epic-ness revealed itself at the LESMILLS Kuala Lumpur Super Workshop for the quarter 3..

I wrote a lengthy thought on BODYCOMBAT 61 here, do read if you are into BODYCOMBAT.. it's really hardcore, epic and evil.. Yes, epic is the word used quite a lot throughout the whole 1 hour of class..

As for BODYBALANCE 66 which will be my initial module training release coming in Oct, I only can say it's a beautiful release with super evil abs tracks, which I am praying very, very hard not to be assigned that!! LOL..

This weekend alone, it has been an amazing weekend for me to get to know the LesMills Asia Pacific BODYBALANCE presenters team from Malaysia (of course as they are FF superstars), Singapore and Indonesia. Many heard that I am taking up the training and offered me advice and tips which I really, really appreciate! Instructors from both Fitness First and True Fitness also gave their support and encouragement.. I've never felt so loved before :)

One of you, a reader whom is also an instructor, sneaked up behind me just before the BODYCOMBAT session and say hi.. Hey friend, I didn't get your name cos of the music, buzz me! :)

As news traveled, I have also found out the dates of the NEXT workshop! LOL talking about Q3 not even here yet, and Q4 is already cast in stone..

Nov 21-22: Singapore & KL Metro Workshops
Nov 28-29: Jakarta & Bangkok Super Workshops

Last but not least, this is also to shoutout to Reebok for extending generous discounts to all LESMILLS instructors! Sooner or later, instructors will be donning Reebok clothing.. slowing phasing out Nikes, Adidas and the rest of the brands.. This is part of our commitment as LESMILLS have tied up with Reebok..

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

I can't believe someone said this to me.

I was rudely shocked to hear of a friend's passing, from Facebook. 

As I struggled to find out more details and more specifically details about the funeral so that I can do my part, one last time, to pay my respects and bid goodbye. This is what was shoved into my face in my FB comment publicly. 

It's not about "caring" after one has passed on, but more it's about paying one's last respect. There is no excuse not to pay your last respect, and denying one that right is just plain selfish or should I say, fucktard, just because this person claims to be "much closer" to the deceased than I was. 


I've known Clement for many, many years, way longer than I know this person who wrote this comment (and yea I don't hang out with this person - maybe he's bitter, that's why). We used to go clubbing together every weekend in MarketPlace, and used to hang out before, during and after gym. He was a really funny person, in the sense that I will remember him by for his witty but lame (cold) jokes, that he always flashed a smile and waiting for the moment I facepalmed.

Until recent years I stopped clubbing (since giving up alcohol) and changed gym from CF to FF, we saw of each other less often, sometimes only bump into one another in the streets at most. Despite meeting lesser, no doubt the times spent face-to-face was far more than time spent online, and I certainly do not need to prove it to this person how much time I spent with Clement. 

Because fuck you. 

For friends who knew me, I don't always take pictures with friends, as evidently tagged in FB, there's only a handful pictures of me with friends, with a hell majority are selfies. I have nothing against taking pictures with friends, but it's more of a privacy thing to not post pictures up - there are people don't like to be tagged here and there, and I obviously respect that. Hence, I just post my own selfies to remind myself I have been there (with who and did what). 

And obviously I don't have many pictures of me and friends together - to "prove" we hangout. 

I have nothing to prove. 

Let us all remember something : that being friends doesn't mean you have to constantly see each other and to be with each other all the time. A simple hello once in a while suffice. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

Random Day

Yesterday was a day for random things.. but before I write, let me just say, my readers aka some of you, actually came forth and say hi to me in the gym when I was dripping in sweat all over and in hawker centres munching my food.. Well, I appreciate that, at least I can put a face to some of you who read my ramblings, haven't got the time to pen this down but hey thanks for saying hi (Y*** or I assumed that's how it's spelt?) and (S*****)..

Anyway, back to the Randomness of yesterday, actually I planned something for myself to do, so I woke up extra early and got to the supermarket to get my weekly groceries, and as I was browsing the aisle, I remembered I wanted to try cooking curry, so I looked for the stuffs I will need to cook it - not knowing how.. but I did ask my mom couple weeks ago..

Once I got home, I started cooking and planning to eat it for lunch..

Then BFF called and asked to hang out - I said sure.. Actually I wanted to go to the beach and just lie down on the sand, but since he called, I forego my own plan and went out with him..

We went for lunch and then took a detour to Lake Gardens..

Lake Gardens
Now, I have moved to KL since 2000 (saved for the 3 years I spent living in Singapore), but I have never step foot into Lake Gardens, or more so because I don't exactly know where it is.. HAHA (same like I don't know where TTDI park is as well despite living just next to TTDI for the last 7 years).

Samsung was having a carnival at Lake Gardens and we popped by to a friend's stall to say hello and to look see look see.. Since it's my first time there, we walked around the lake a bit and then found this new dock that I loved so much, and it's well, kinda deserted..

So naturally me, took off my Havainnas flip-flop and sat down on the dock.. Immediately I felt so relax and calm.. it's the water effect, despite the lake water being dark green, it didn't bother me.. There's a couple of ducks and swans in the horizon in the centre island and it's just beautiful..

Reminds me of the time I sit beside Lake Lucerne in Central Switzerland watching ducks swim..

So I spent like a good half an hour lying on the dock, it's well shaded by huge trees so it's windy and cooling despite the scorching heat and blazing sun..

Full of sweat, we left Lake Gardens and as if the unspoken rule, my friend drove towards Duke Highway, onto Genting Highlands.. Well, we actually planned to go up during the Raya weekend but the entire stretch of highway was jammed to the brink, so we postpone, little did we know, we went up yesterday, for lots of Starbucks!

Mandatory Starbucks shot

Walking around in shorts and the weather up there was really chilly that evening, it was quite windy and misty.. I missed the temperature reading in First World Hotel but I bet it's below 20 degrees Celcius, a rare weather for Genting, now that it has grown warmer than before..

A little more selfie before coming down

So we explored around on foot, looking at the 20th Century Fox theme park progress.. it's huge to say the least, 2 more years, after all, they have been digging for the past year.. what's coming up next will be exciting :)
20th Century Fox theme park at its infancy

And then we came back down at night and I cooked dinner - noodles with curry gravy! What do you think? Hahaaa...

Home-cooked curry chicken noodles :)

Saturday, 16 August 2014 Question

Don't know why this didn't show up in my account, so I'll answer you here..

What I think? No.
Totally doesn't matter..

What matters is whether it can function as it is intended to (whether to get hard, penetrate or something for the mouth)..

And I think that everyone should be comfortable of their own size :) 

Friday, 15 August 2014

On duty this MATTA FAIR

I've been assigned to the Club Med booth for this coming MATTA Fair (5-7 Sept) in Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), booth 3081-3086 Hall 3, but the confirmation list have not been released yet.

So for those who are looking for Club Med packages, please support me ya :)
If you have my number, text me, otherwise leave me comment BEFOREHAND or something ...

One thing to note - only for Malaysians and the participating Club Meds are:
  • Club Med Cherating Kuantan
  • Club Med Phuket
  • Club Med Bali
  • Club Med Bintan
  • Club Med Guilin
  • Club Med Yabuli
  • Club Med Sapporo
  • Club Med Kani Maldives
  • Club Med Mauritius
(list not final and subject to change)

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Some useless life facts about me

In case you care to know more than the face behind this blog..

1. I did not complete university.
MMU Cyberjaya
Yes, I dropped out of Multimedia University (MMU). Partly it's because it's Money Making University or Mickey Mouse University - I can't decide which. And then I went out working several jobs, and finally enrolled for a one-year part-time evening course in MDIS in Singapore, paid for in cash, which I saved up from working 12 hours a day and a few weeks without any off days at one-go.

MDIS Queenstown
I remembered during the Christmas seasons, I worked extra hard from 9am to 1am every day in December just to earn the extra bucks. It sure paid off well.

I was a fighter and I am a fighter. If I really put my heart and soul into it, I can make things happen. It did. I came back with the certificate anyway.

2. I used to hate sushi.
In fact, sushi was (one and) the last of the major arguments I had with my first ex. He dragged me to Sushi King, but I walked myself out of the restaurant and relationship. I was only 18-19 years old.

But now I swear I love sashimi (and sushi) - thanks to something I called proving myself wrong. Well, at least after that I did try to have some sushi and got hooked on ever since. He knew it and we bumped into each other in Japanese restaurants through the years but I never spoken a word with him ever since.

3. I actually like the smell of fresh paint.
It gives me a sense of "newness". But in all my life, I've only painted my own walls like once in my lifetime.. Maybe I should embark on a painting project hehehe.. anyway, am planning to renovate my bathroom probably next year cos the tile walls are falling apart already.. Gonna hack the whole bathroom and rebuild it from scratch..

4. I sucks in racquet games, but I can play squash well.
Oxymoron much, right? I know hahahhaa.. I cannot play badminton, tennis, or even baseball for that matter, but I grew up playing squash in school and college.

5. Number of EX-es.
Five. Between 2000 and 2014.
First, about a year plus.
Second, about 4 years. Half of which was long-distance when I was overseas.
Third, about 3 years.. whom I still misses sometimes.. I still think of him and "us" and what could've been if we are still together.. sometimes.. oh well.. its over..
Fourth, less than a year. Long-distance across the causeway.
Fifth and most recent, less than 2 years.

6. I've never participated in a run before.
I am not a fan of running, it hurts my knee much (I injured my knee before).. but then again, I've only participated once in KL Towerthon in 2012, scaling the tower in under 30 minutes, not an achievement but it's an accomplishment.. The stairs were dark and poorly lit and not ventilated.. Hence running up the stairs and many soon find themselves out of breath.. I double-stepped all the way up.. Setting my target next on Taipei 101 when the time is right :)

7. I love beaches, seaside and watching the waves pound against the sand.
There's one time I was so down, I drove to Klebang Beach in Melaka just to sit on the beach and relax and then come back at night.. Watching the waves and the sea calms me a lot.. Maybe I should retire and buy a beach front property one day..

8. I've never really been fat before.
The fattest I've ever been was a couple years back... I think waist 34 or something weighing about 68kg, right before I started Bodycombat.. Since then my weigh has always hover around 62kg +/-.. So I'm sorry I really don't know how it feels like to be fat, or why people can be fat (whether is it genetics, or poor lifestyle choices).. All I know is that, there's nothing exercise can't fix, only lazy people..

9. Suicide isn't something new to me.
I attempted to slit my wrist before in 1998.. That scar across the 2 converging veins was a testament of my past and is still vaguely visible but only under bright light.. Undeniably, it was a stupid thing to do, but one of the bravest thing I've ever did.. That was the year I was struggling with my sexuality and trying to coming to terms.. I was thinking to myself, "why me?"

Those days there weren't much information available online - I was very lost.. I remember I have nobody to turn to, no one to talk to and no friends whom I can talk to, so I turned to the internet.. The first gay friend I ever chatted with was someone whom I used to play Yahoo pool with and coincidently was gay too.. He was an American a couple years older, quite hot, and we spent many, many days talking about being gay and such.. Sadly, we lost touched over the years.. I've tried to track him down in Facebook but the problem is - I forgot how he looks like! It's been 16 years.. people would've changed a lot I'm sure..

And that's how my coming out to myself begins..

10. I spent more than a week writing this.
Because I really don't know what to write :)

Now you all know something more about me now...

Monday, 11 August 2014

Watching movie in a D-BOX cinema

D-Box leather seats
Source: online
D-Box is the newest technology Golden Screens Cinemas (GSC) brings to our shore, the first in Malaysia can be found in GSC 1 Utama.. According to GSC, the other 2 cinemas will be Pavilion and Midvalley before the end of the year..

To find out more about this technology, visit I watched "Into The Storm" in DBOX this evening..

My verdict?
While the movie storyline is okay (not very good, yet not bad either).. There's several scenes where I was shocked..  Younger brother Trey is kinda not bad with his buff body although he's fully clothed all the time..

Seat controller located on
the right hand side
Source: online
The vibrations the seat generated is awesome, although I wished it had moved more, much like a motion master kinda feel, it just tilted a little to the sides, shook a little and that's about it.. There were several scenes in the movie in which I felt there could be more motion..

I also felt the seat is a bit too upright, it didn't have the recline that a normal GSC seat has.. The whole movie you can't slump - have to sit upright and the headrest is just annoying..

There are 4 levels of vibrations intensity.. Being a "traditional" bottom, of course I went for Level 4 intensity.. but I wished it really had vibrated more..

Will I watch another movie in DBOX again? I will, but that movie will have to be soooo good to make it worth paying for a DBOX seat.. Otherwise, go on off peak hours like early morning and pay for a normal seat and when there's no one else sitting there, you can actually change your seat to a DBOX seat.. After all, only like 20% of the hall is DBOX seats, the rest are normal seats..

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Awkward.. Really..

Writing a cheque back to my employer is just awkward.. A very costly mistake.. Never again, I told myself.. One and only time.. Cannot afford to keep paying my employer with the salary I earn from them right? 

Friday, 8 August 2014

Repost: Sex In Taiwan

Originally posted on 12 January 2012.
- unedited -

36 of you voted I should repost juicy post  - so there you are! :)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sex in Taiwan

Day 7 - Taipei

I guess this part you guys have been anxiously waiting for, right? Lol.. the second fun~

Day 7 aka 5 January, I arrived in Taipei on a morning flight from Seoul... For some reasons, the flight was kinda horrible even though it's just a 2 hours flight.. I was seated at the last few rows and it took a loooonnnngggg time to disembark at Taipei.. Was supposed to touch down in Taipei at 11am but I only get to the immigration counter about 12pm.. One hour from plane to counter..

And then it's another 1 hour of queuing at the counter and baggage reclaim before getting out of the airport, I managed to hop on to the 1pm bus heading for Taipei Main Station.. This fucker bus took through the little towns of Taoyuan before joining the expressway halfway.. which costs me 2 hours.. by the time I reached Taipei Main Station, it's already 4pm..

Wasting no time, I headed on to the train and got off at Ximen, speed walked to Qstay where I would be staying, hurriedly checked in, took a quick nap and out for dinner at 6pm.. It was drizzling quite a bit, and I wasn't in a mood totally, having left the Seoul hostel at 5am... I have been moving for 12 hours for a 2 hour flight..

My room.. the same config as the one I stayed in Aug 2010

The shower overlooking the streets below.. which I just loved..
showering with the blinds up..

Toilet with a full view.. Full monty style lol..

I immediately decided I needed a massage.. After 7 days of walking non-stop in Seoul and a lousy day travelling, I so needed one.. So I made a booking at In Touch Spa near City Hall for a 4-hand at 8pm.. just nice after dinner I would head there, or so I thought..

In Touch Spa... their specialty is 4-hand..

They didn't have the right masseurs who could do a 4-hand so they asked if I am okay with the next most feasible..  I agreed on the 150 minutes Chinese acupuncture followed by body massage for NT$2,900.. quite reasonable.. I am used to paying RM245 for 2 hours massage in Apsara, so I guess it's reasonable...

So at 7.45pm, I reached the place after looking for it a little, it was in one of the alleys smacked in the middle of a residential area.. I rang the wrong doorbell obviously when nobody answered, so I had to make a phone call..

Then, a very, very, very cute boy opened the door next door, invited me in, took out slippers and kept my boots for me,  brought me tea, and prepared the room.. He's probably 25 but looked like 18.. Sigh.. Taiwanese!!!!

They have a policy that prohibits leaving patrons from meeting incoming patrons.. I asked them why is that so - they say it's a respect for the patrons that nobody sees one another... Which I think that's how a spa should operate.. The only person you should ever see in a spa is the receptionist and your masseur.. not other customers..

I was led into the room, and the boy left me to undress and asked me to shower first while waiting for my masseur to come in.. He arranged for me the strongest masseur they have because I did tell him I needed someone strong to alleviate the tiredness.. And when my masseur entered, yes he in indeed muscular and toned.. And it fitted his status as the strongest, quite well..

He carefully explained how he's going to structure the 2.5 hours of just Chinese acupuncture and body massage.. I was like ok.. Throughout the session, we chatted and had small to know his name and a little on his background..

I might have a wrong understanding of Chinese acupuncture but when he started working on my back, fully naked I mean him, he hits all the spots exactly and perfectly.. it was soooooooooooooooo good..

I was like, :"ahhh ahhh" throughout cos it's so good.. and he kept reassuring me it's shuang (syok).. I couldn't agree more.. but I told him he can go as hard as he can, cos I can take the pressure.., to which he said I was his first client in 7 years to be able to withstand his pressures...


After the acupuncture, it's time for the body massage.. in Taiwan, their B2B probably carry a different meaning than ours here.. more of arms and less of body? In Malaysia, B2B is more sexual than massage.. I feel.. that's why I seldom go for B2B locally..

He uses a lot of elbows, and shoulders to give really good presses to where it matters.. and of course, there's also the body rub but only a while.. And his B2B isn't just focus on the back alone.. he covered every single inch of my body with mostly his arms.. turned me around, and worked on my front..

I am super sensitive when it comes to the front.. a little physical touch usually arouses me.. you can work on my back for hours and I won't feel a thing, but a little while on my front, chest, or lower torso, I get aroused pretty easily..

He probably saw it coming but being such a tease (and professional) he ignore it!!! Grrrrrr!!!! Worked the legs, the abs, the chest, arms, shoulders, neck, head.. and then climbed over for the B2B and that's when I felt his cock hardening too...

As if he pretends to ignore it, he just went on with his B2B... with each slide, his cock went in between my legs.. I have never had a masseur who massaged me and got hard...


Now the next thing I know, he lifted up my legs and I was like... hmm... this is beyond what a massage should be, but then this is Taiwan, it might be different from what I experienced back home...

His hardened cock started teasing my asshole.. as soon as I felt he wanted to enter, I pulled him towards me and told him to put on a condom... he said he did not have one on hand as it's not what he has in mind.. I cut him there and then and told him I have one in my jacket..

In the dark with just some tea lights, I directed him on which pocket.. He got it and slide it on and lubed me up like heaven.. and pop in his cock went...His cock is of average size and I have no problem taking it in..His grand entrance was smooth and swift and he started going in no time..  In fact I guess I don't have any more problems with giants.. LOLX...with giants, it does hurt, but only a while..

I can only say the massage bed is pretty strong, obviously very steady as with every hump, the bed still remains and did not wobble a bit.. I moaned, and he didn't stop me.. probably it was because it's already late and nobody else might be around...

Space was kinda limited on the bed, so it wasn't long before we were on our feet.. with such a muscular body (face I would rather reserve my comment) and strong arms, it's hard to resist..

He pumped and humped, rhythmatically, he did not suddenly increase speed or pressure but maintain a good steady speed constantly, which makes it rather enjoyable and pleasurable... there's some tops who fuck like they can die if they stop moving..

The final act was back on the bed, with him lying down this time.. After safely positioning myself on him, it was the ride to heaven and I came soon after, all over his chest, and probably face cos the only thing I remembered was it was a lot, like a lot...

He slowly pulled out and helped himself .. Mighty loads too... can so tell he was so horny...

I remained on the bed resting while he showered and cleaned up himself before leaving to get me tea.. Then I washed up.. while at that, he was cleaning the room, and to my surprise, he arranged my close nicely on the bed...

Jacket, tee, jeans, underwear.. in that order so that I could wear them back in order.. Very thoughtful and sweet, I thought.. Nobody has EVER arranged my clothes in such way..

I tipped him NT$500 for his thoughtfulness and skills.. A happy customer I was...

And outside waiting for me, was a bowl of ginseng bird nest and a cup of hot ginger tea.. The rain has stopped.. and it was 11.30pm... What meant to be a 2.5 hours massage turned out to be 3.5 hours... I hurriedly gulp them down and leave, fearing I might miss the last train back as I wasn't familiar with the last train timings.. just to be safe...

It's a good 15 minutes walk, a not so easy one that is after sex, from the place to the subway.. halfway, I took out coffee from Dante's Coffee and sipped while walking funnily to the subway...

He promised me a very good night sleep... I did... I slept through the night and woke up only at 12pm the next day...

The End

Thursday, 7 August 2014

A year ago

A year ago, I was admitted to hospital for some unexplained illness, which later turned out (proven, if you may) that I was "possessed" by spirits while holidaying in Bali.. 

According to the priest who performed the exorcism, I have angered some spirits  and clearly they weren't pleased.. I didn't say anything but she was able to tell me what I did, where I went, and what happened.. And I didn't ask her how she knew.. I didn't want to know.. 

My diagnosis was good to the extent that the specialists doctors (yes, the hospital assigned specialists for me) whom attended to me, told me they didn't know what's wrong with me..

They even put me on nebulization.. Seriously that thing was very cold and I didn't know what I was inhaling.. 

I went though various scans including CT X-rays, liver and ECG.. I used a total of about 16 packs of saline via IV drips, and antibiotics and other medications were also pumped into my veins through IV.. 

Through the 7 days I was in the hospital, I was not allowed to leave the ward, I didn't have any fresh air.. When I was finally allowed to go out to walk to another block for the CT scan, I was literally in tears of joy to be able to smell the grass and hear the fountain roar.. I was in no hurry and took a good slow walk.. 

It was at that moment at that made me appreciate life more.. 

I also vomited twice beside the bed when I couldn't tolerate the medications they gave me.. It was that bad..

Seriously, it was the most painful and saddest week of my life.. My ex took care of me and that made me think about our future seriously, but sadly only to break up couple months ago this year..

Upon discharge, I spent the entire one month on medical leave and recuperating at home and slowly pick up my life.. I gave up smoking, I gave up hard liquor and begin really taking good care and paying attention to myself.. 

I just have one advice for everyone of you - life is really short, take good care of your one and only body.. And if you do travel to Bali, being a very spiritual place, please do not disturb any spirits..

I leave this thought with you tonight.. Think about what you are doing to your body.. Love yourself.. 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hard work working hard

It's been a weekend well spent.. I had two replacement class back to back and decided to reward myself for working (out) hard, so I bought a simple cheap hoodie. 

I love the colour as it's neither black nor blue. It's somewhere between blue black hahaha. And I am a happy boy as I am already contended with the little reward I gave myself. 

Hope the weekend is well for everyone :)

Friday, 1 August 2014


It's a new month, hopefully new adventures and new things..

I wish everyone well and awesome :)

As for me, it will be slowly moving away from tough times because tough times don't last, but tough people do! Indeed the last few weeks was really shitty for me and for everyone I guess with all the things happening around us..

I so need a break..

I'll be leaving on my first holiday this year (yea, I haven't taken any holiday at all this year and it's August already, like OMG can!) to Australia next month.. In Australia, I will land in Brisbane first and go around the city by myself and over the weekend taking a drive to Gold Coast with my friend from primary school and helping to babysit his kids..

Sydney Bridge overlooking Opera House
From Brisbane, it's time for Sydney and spend the next few days visiting a long time Singaporean friend of mine and climb the iconic Sydney Bridge (I am privileged enough to get half price from them) and experiencing the clothing-optional Obelisk Beach, and maybe a trip to Taronga Zoo as I was told it's one of the best zoos to visit, with koalas and wombats and kangaroos within proximity..

There's nothing much for me to do in Sydney actually but I just want to be there as a first time traveller to Australia..

Obelisk Beach

The Great Ocean Road - Twelve Apostles
Last but not least, from Sydney I'll make my way to Melbourne to visit a fellow PJ boy and try to make his BodyCombat class, and at the same time probably attend the Melbourne Metro City Les Mills workshop which coincides with my visit.. I'll also be joining the full day Great Ocean Road tour - complimentary by the managing director of Bunyip Tours himself, whom I have the privilege to meet during his trade mission to KL in June.. A trip to Melbourne will not be complete without seeing the Great Ocean Road, as anyone would concur :)

Eureka88 The Edge
The next day I'll join in the full day Yarra Valley tour at a heavily discounted rates for travel agent, too bad they cannot give me complimentary.. And I'll also go on to The Edge Experience of Eureka88, complimentary of Eureka88 Skydeck, whom sent me my e-ticket already to step out on to the glass edge of the tower.. It'll definitely be a wonderful experience for me.. Eureka88 is the only observation deck in the world with a glass cube jutting out from the building almost 300m from the ground..

As I bid farewell to the virgin Australian adventure, I will be flying back to KL on a damn early morning flight to take advantage of the super cheap fare by Malaysia Airlines, hence, staying overnight in the airport is expected because I'll have to be at the airport by 5am!

When I return, I will attend a friend's church wedding and then I'm off to Japan on a sub-working trip for a few days for my client..

BodyBalance 65 Q2/14
Towards the end of October, I have signed up to take Les Mills BodyBalance module training, a third of my collection of Les Mills programs after BodyCombat and CXWORX, possibly the last program I'll take, I think.. My training will be on the upcoming new release BB66 which I have had the opportunity to preview it already - I think I have confidence in aceing the training..

Fresh from the training, I'll be taking a day off and travel to Singapore to attend  one of Asia's largest travel trade show - the ITB Asia at Suntec for the entire week as a fully-sponsored delegate by the trade organizer..

With back to back appointments including evening functions, I have been warned that there will be no breathing space, and being the sole representative from Holiday Tours, I can expect to be ambushed by suppliers, hoteliers, service providers who all want a chunk of our business.. Not too bad, not too bad! The hotel provided will most likely be Pan Pacific but only will be made known a few days before the beginning of the trade show..

After all these plans, come November and December is eat grass time :)

Hot right now!