Monday, 13 October 2014

Aussie Adventure [Part 7/12]: Sex in Sydney

I don't usually play (or rather, admittedly, I RARELY play) when on holidays.. but somehow the lure of City Stream Sydney is just too great to ignore.. I'll let you in on why..

Officially the place name is called Sydney City Steam, but more often and regularly refer to just 357, being the number of the shop lot at 357 Sussex Street..

The entrance to City Steam, it's not really obvious if you are walking down the streets,
I missed it and backtracked :)

So I went there after my Bridge Climb and damn, it was some awesome sex I had there!

The place is fully licensed and approved and they even went to great lengths to obtain a court approval to operate it, which I really have to give it to them for keeping the place in tip-top excellent conditions and keeping the guys happy..

The entrance was around $20 if I remember clearly, and the owners made the place cruisy, sexy, relaxing and safe, very clean and very welcoming. Definitely no attitude here at 357. Everybody is welcomed here so you'll see all shapes and sizes and colours. You will definitely be someone's type at 357!

Yes there are some very hot bodies but that's just like some of the many people there.. As it was a Wednesday afternoon, which also is NAKED theme on 3rd floor.. Being a naked theme means ALL towels off and nobody is holding their cock - very unlike in Malaysia or even Singapore.. So it's just being very natural and very comfortable in this environment..

As you enter, you will come to holding area where you pay and receive your locker key, on the next door, you then proceed to the lockers, strip and put on the towel. Then the fun begins..

Go up the flight of stairs..
You will come to this.. Pay at the small window to the right,
and you will be given a towel and your locker key

As you enter (near the rainbow lights), you will come to the locker area.

Me being me, I wasted no time, stripped and put on my towel, and off I went and checked out the place level by level just to get my orientation right.. Then I headed straight to Level 3 where the excitement was - being the floor without towels. There is a door and as you enter, rows and rows of towel hooks on the wall for you to hang your towel..

Well, somehow towels do get mixed up but that's okay, you can always simply grab ANY towel, walk out naked and down to the locker area and have it exchanged for a fresh towel..

Provided you bring a towel to exchange. ANY towel.

Yea - I lost mine a few times so I just had to grab someone else's towel and exchange it.. No big deal, everyone does that..

On the same floor across from the entrance, there's also some theme rooms, like the sling room (this is where I had sex in, rocking back and forth), live video room (they put up cameras and you can watch yourself having sex on the TV in the room), cages and many more...
Various heights seating area in the sauna for various positions


The cubicle shower area with transparent glass door.
Isn't THAT private if you ask me lol....


Steps leading to the 3rd floor

Steam room

Steam room with some compartments for a little bit more private fun

Open showers area

Open showers area

Room with cage

Live camera room where you can see yourself having sex

Large wresting room with padded walls

Mirror Room
One of the sling rooms

Other floors have maze, jacuzzi, rooms, relaxing room, TV/cinema room, and a row of glory holes..

People watch whoever comes in and if you are their type, they will be all over you in no time.. I was having some group caressing in the open area with a couple of other guys groping around and caressing each other.. In within the dim light, I singled out an Asian guy of around my height and body built, he also took on a keen interests in me and soon we were making out there and then in the open area with the rest of the guys around us..

The open area where everyone is naked or some open sex - trust me, it happens. 
Not that hard to tell he's top and he wants to fuck me.. His hands were twirling around my butt and he's so adorable he does not let other people touch my butt anymore, constantly slapping their hands away.. I gave him a big smile and we kissed further..

Soon after he led me into one of the rooms, being dark, I can barely make out it's that sling room.. It's one thing to see it but it's totally another thing to be actually lying on it.. Now it's being different from a bed or mattress as you are, lying on the sling and allowing it to rock back and forth as your top fucks..

I was in this room on that sling....
Just lie on it and put your leg up on the chain and let your top do the fucking..
Trust me, this is fun!

We spent a good, I dont know, like 1 hour in there? Fucking and resting in between and some small chats, and then continue on again.. As we rested, he collapsed on me and we hugged in our sweaty bodies and make out.. And when it's good to go, he went faster and rougher before cutting and going at it again - almost like teasing me with my moan..

I've come to know he's an Aussie PR from Singapore and currently working in Sydney, lean with gym-built body with no flabs, all that I could have imagined my top that is to be..  but that's all I know about him, didn't ask further and didn't tell anything more than need be..

He came all over me and then I came too, and clean up before heading to the showers.. Since I still have plenty of time before dinner, I decided to stay on (apparently he did too as he hang around), rested and just cruised around people watching..

After a while, I felt hard again from all the touching and all, and decided I should just try out the glory holes.. There are 16 glory holes altogether of different heights (such understanding people they are!) and aptly named the corner, the "Suckatorium"..


The "Suckatorium"
Basically you enter the cubicle, pop yourself at the wall, put your cock through the hole
and wait :)
The glory holes are along the low wall (with a TV screen showing porn placed on top of it) and there are doors for some privacy.. I didn't bother to lock it but I just shut it to mean the cubicle is occupied.. Then I leaned forward, put my hardened cock into the hole, and not long after, someone was sucking me off..

As I was enjoying the sensation, someone came into the cubicle and started to caress me from behind, and he rubbed his cock against my back and butt, sending an electric pulse down my spine.. Enjoying being served front and back, I soon can't hold it any longer and blew my load into Mr Anonymous's mouth, and he swallowed every bit of it..

And the guy who was rubbing me from behind came as well and shot on me..

After that I did go around the wall to check out how it was like on the other side of the wall... It's half a floor down with stairs leading down to it so it must have been comfortable for the one who's sucking to stand comfortably as the same was the one who was putting his cock through the hole on the other side..

I cleaned up, and showered in the open showers (the open showers faces a lounge area where people just sit, hang around and people-watch, near the sauna and jacuzzi, more like I didn't bother to go to the cubicles - I mean, what for? It's fun showering in the open :)

I just sheepishly smile as I left the place and well, it was an afternoon well spent :) Apparently the crowd drops as it comes to evening.. perhaps most were there for the naked afternoon..

For that $20 or so..

With all these photos, I think you can understand why it's so enjoyable. Trust me, the reviews of the place are nothing short of great.. It is.

Do pay a visit especially on the naked days and have fun!

Sydney City Steam
357 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000

DISCLAIMER NOTE: photos are swiped from the 357 official website and I claimed NO ownership to the photos except the first one depicting the main entrance which I took it before I entered. 

... to be continued ...
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  1. Awesome post. Gosh it is turning me on. >.<

    1. Give it a try on a Wednesday afternoon.. =)

  2. no mention about condoms?

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

    1. that one is non-negotiable. It's a pre-requisite :p


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