Friday, 30 October 2015

Marina Bay Sands - Singapore (21-23 Oct)

Posing in my new Marcuse army green trunks.. 

OK - I admit I just loved to pose in my trunks hahaha..

Last week was my second time staying in Marina Bay Sands..

The first time last year, I was given a very lousy room, first floor on Tower 3 to be exact, which is the street level of ECP (East Coast Expressway) and somewhere near the entrance of busses/lorries and what not, which was fucking noisy early in the morning.. And even though my room comes with breakfast, I was charged for it, and upon checkout, I kicked up a big fuss for their ignorance and nonchalant service..

This year was different.. I was upgraded to Premier Room - on the 13th floor of Tower 2, and it's a corner room.. The room comes with a bathtub! I was delighted because this time it's a lot more comfortable.. It also has a sofa..

One thing I dislike about the rooms is that the minibar has an automatic billing system.. the moment you take something out of its socket, it gets charged to your room, and they packed the minibar to the brim and you have no space to put your own things inside.. Sure, you can request for another minibar, empty one, but you gotta rent it for SGD10..

Stupid right?

From the 13th floor, it's a long way down.. should you decide to.. climb over the low edge..

Entrance to my room

Room view

View from room.. That's The Shoppes, and Sands Convention Centre at far left..

Bathroom view.. The toilet and shower is on the far left (as reflected in the mirror)

Something I really hate about MBS..

When they packed the whole minibar to the brim, there's no space left to put your own things.
The moment you lift something off, it will be immediately charged to the room..
To ask for an empty minibar, a rental of SGD10 will be charged..

Master switch in the pull out drawer beside the bed..

Soaking time

I'll let the photos do the talking..

Also, of course I didn't miss out on the opportunity to selfie camwhore in the rooftop infinity pool, despite the water being "not that clean" and the sky was hazy.. But who cares.. Just to check off the "been there again done that again" list..

Crowded, dirty water, hazy sky... Need I say more?


Night view

Relaxing by the pool after a long day..

The haze was really bad..


  1. I also never been up there before. Bring me la next time to experience else I have to pay monies woei......

  2. Ohhh.... where did you get the Marcuse trunk?

    1. you can buy it online at


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