Friday, 30 October 2015

Marina Bay Sands - Singapore (21-23 Oct)

Posing in my new Marcuse army green trunks.. 

OK - I admit I just loved to pose in my trunks hahaha..

Last week was my second time staying in Marina Bay Sands..

The first time last year, I was given a very lousy room, first floor on Tower 3 to be exact, which is the street level of ECP (East Coast Expressway) and somewhere near the entrance of busses/lorries and what not, which was fucking noisy early in the morning.. And even though my room comes with breakfast, I was charged for it, and upon checkout, I kicked up a big fuss for their ignorance and nonchalant service..

This year was different.. I was upgraded to Premier Room - on the 13th floor of Tower 2, and it's a corner room.. The room comes with a bathtub! I was delighted because this time it's a lot more comfortable.. It also has a sofa..

One thing I dislike about the rooms is that the minibar has an automatic billing system.. the moment you take something out of its socket, it gets charged to your room, and they packed the minibar to the brim and you have no space to put your own things inside.. Sure, you can request for another minibar, empty one, but you gotta rent it for SGD10..

Stupid right?

From the 13th floor, it's a long way down.. should you decide to.. climb over the low edge..

Entrance to my room

Room view

View from room.. That's The Shoppes, and Sands Convention Centre at far left..

Bathroom view.. The toilet and shower is on the far left (as reflected in the mirror)

Something I really hate about MBS..

When they packed the whole minibar to the brim, there's no space left to put your own things.
The moment you lift something off, it will be immediately charged to the room..
To ask for an empty minibar, a rental of SGD10 will be charged..

Master switch in the pull out drawer beside the bed..

Soaking time

I'll let the photos do the talking..

Also, of course I didn't miss out on the opportunity to selfie camwhore in the rooftop infinity pool, despite the water being "not that clean" and the sky was hazy.. But who cares.. Just to check off the "been there again done that again" list..

Crowded, dirty water, hazy sky... Need I say more?


Night view

Relaxing by the pool after a long day..

The haze was really bad..

Monday, 26 October 2015

2 tooths in 10 days

In the space of 10 days, I have had 2 tooth extractions.. Both upper wisdom tooth..

You can imagine the pain/stress/anxiety/nervousness or whatever you call it.. And I also have 3 fillings and tooth reconstruction from a partially broken tooth..

Dr Cheah..
Cute dentist to your rescue..
And I get it all done at my friend's clinic in Tmn Megah (nearby MingTian food court).. Feel free to Hauz of Smile Dental Care, just look for Dr Cheah, and you can mention my name.. All I can tell you it's not expensive, and so much more cheaper than a lot other dentists..
drop by his clinic -

The last time I had a dental job done was when in school, back then there was no (or that they didn't bother to use any) anaesthesia.. I remembered the pain when they fill the holes and the hell cement smell and the sandy grain feel and some even came off after a while, but I'm really lucky my baby teeth all fell out by themselves without ever needing any extraction..

But in the hands of Dr Cheah, it was all good, anaesthesia was absolutely necessary for the comfort and he reconstructed my chipped tooth back into a real tooth shape.. Of course, no amount of anaesthesia can take away the pain of the extraction of the wisdom tooth, more so because there was no wall left, half of it was broken.. I still can feel the stinging pain but it had to be done..

After 2 and a half hours of continuous stress, the ordeal was over.. and after resting for a while, I was free to leave..

So if anyone of you is having problems with your teeth whatsoever, feel free to drop by Hauz of Smile Dental Care and look for Dr Cheah.

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    11, Ground Floor, Jalan SS23/15, Taman SEA, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
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    Hauz of Smile Dental Care 
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    +03-7887 2900
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Saturday, 17 October 2015

The cheater and cheated

Let's face it.. Monogamous gay relationships don't exist.. Stomach it whether you like it or not.. 

When I was younger (not that I'm that old), I used to think that you can only be with someone one person at a time.. Oh boy was I proven so wrong about it many years later.. 

I was this young newbie in all these gay relationships thingy right from a sweet tender age of 17.. 

I admit, several boyfriends later in the last 15 years or so, it's only human and gay nature to cheat - once in a while or consistently or whatever.. There is no true monogamy.. Don't tell me in all those years you guys are together, there's not once, not even once that something got out of hand.. Don't have to admit it, we all have our skeletons, some, out in the open..

I've been cheated with, I've been cheated on and more importantly, I've cheated as well..

Did I lose my belief? No. 

So what really happened there? 

Those of you who have been through a cheating process knows what's going on.. Whether or not you agree with me, that's another story altogether.. Some of you think there's room for another person, while some of you walk away.. There is no right or wrong way to deal with it, there is only your stand that you have to deal with.. 

Grew bored? In need of excitement? He's more attractive? Something new? Or you just have fallen out of love.. There's plenty of reasons why we gays sway.. 

And we all know it.. 

However you deal with it, if you feel it's right, then it's the right thing to do.. And if you choose to walk away, hold you head up high and walk away with dignity - and at the same time, give your blessings and don't ever even try to get even.. 

I've said it before and I will say it again, "if you have to fight for love, you have already lost it"..

To those who are in a relationship, treasure your present moments because nothing is forever.. And if and when things don't work out anymore, just end it and walk away.. 

To those who have been cheating, spare one of them the agony of having to find out about the other sooner or later.. If all 3 (or more) of you are okay with expansion plans, then it's not cheating.. 

To those who have been heartbroken and cheated on, it's not the end of the world.. Heal it, move on and love again.. You may not love the same way again or as much as before but your new boyfriend deserves your future not your past..

To those who are single, this don't apply to you.. It's called one-night-stands, or trials, or whatever, not cheating, especially when you start dating again.. That is, until you decide to go steady.. 


Friday, 16 October 2015

You know what? I don't care.

Yes - I may come across to some as self-centered, snob, self-righteous but you know what? I don't care..

There are plenty of things in the world I don't care about.. It's really nothing personal, I find that I am so much better off not caring than to waste my time, efforts, shit to care.. In that way, I can live longer as well..

I don't care about what people think of me, that's none of my business.. You're entitled to your opinions, and I am fine with it.. Think all you want, it won't affect me any bit..

I don't care about wars.. Fight all you want, kill all you want, just don't drag my country into it.. Not that I get riled up about it or what, I really don't care about some shit war happening half way across the world that's none of my country's business..

But what I do care is.. people related to me, things that directly affect me, living costs, health costs, concerns which are of general interests like safety and security, taxpayer's money, elections (truth be told, I actually cared about politics because all the fucking government's policies affect me in one way or another), things like that, you know? Because at the end of the day, these things affect me on a daily basis! That's what I should care about!

Not some kitten running around the ball..

What the fuck has that got to do with me and why should I share such videoclip? Just saying, no cats are implicated here..

--- Ok I am done ranting now.. off to Singapore next week, and end the week with my buddies in Universal Studios for Halloween.. Don't miss me k? Love you all, muak muak peace out......

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A scary ordeal

I was never as terrified as today..

I was already literally in pain for a few days with the pain coming and going, disturbing my sleep often..

I finally decided to get my tooth extracted.. So despite being a public holiday today, I asked my friend who's a dentist for an appointment to get my tooth out and away.. 

Truth be told, it's the first time ever I ever had my tooth extracted.. All those times as a kid, the kiddy teeth either fell out by themselves or I had accidents with my mouth that caused them to come off..

Now my wisdom tooth has broken and caused me great pain and throbbing headache for days, I decided enough was enough and mustered up enough courage to go extract.. 

One down, I will still need to extract another one before pain comes.. 

So now I'm at home resting for time being to see if the bleeding will stop or not..

Monday, 12 October 2015

Oh! It's 3rd anniversary..

Time flies, just a blink of an eye, 3 years have passed..

And in a few month's tine, it will surpass all my previous work records of me remaining in the job the longest.. Come to think of it, I always moved on after 3 years..

But I guess I'm staying for good here, at least for time being hahaha.. It's been great, not without the shit of course..

What makes this anniversary even sweeter is that, I am easing into a new role to lead part of a new team, a huge team that is.. A newly created team to manage a newly-established business unit..

Well, I have just about 2 months to warm up to the new role until the project goes live next year.. Until then, there's a lot of groundwork and documentations need to do..


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