Thursday, 29 September 2016

Day 3: Theme park outing and how I injured my shoulder

14 Sept 2016 - Wednesday
Today I was scheduled to enjoy the whole day out at Thorpe Park, a theme park half an hour outside London..

The ticket entrance was £27.99 but as a themepark lunatic, a ride on the roller coasters won't be enough, so I bought an express pass which allowed me to fast tracked to the front of the queue of all the roller coasters, again, for £30.

The opening hours that day was 10am to 5pm, and I took the train from Waterloo Station to Staines, half an hour journey.. From Staines, I hopped on to the shuttle bus which costs £3.70 return.. The bus ride was about 10 minutes stopping once in Elmleigh Shopping Mall before continuing on..

The express pass was good for all 5 roller coasters.. as I was there before the park opened, I managed to finished one round of all the rides by noon.. then I wandered around the park, before going on to use the express pass for the afternoon half, finishing second round around 4pm, then I had a quick bite of KFC, before leaving the park at 4.45pm..

Let me tell you, front row seats are freaking awesome!
This pic - she's digging into my head! 

This is no photoshop.. Can I win a prize now? 

The lake in which Thorpe Park sits on, can you spot the swans?

Main entrance of Thorpe Park, taken from the bus stand in the evening as I was leaving

Staines Railway Station

Southwest Train

So I bought the official roller coaster photo on the Stealth, my favourite ride, although just 7 seconds. 

Pass by this small town on the way back to London.. loved the riverfront houses!

I injured my shoulder on one of the rides - The Saw, which I think is too violent hahahaha.. but I still love it nonetheless..

Here's the Youtube video of front row seat, which I also sat in the front row..

For other front row seats on roller coasters in Thorpe Park you can youtube it..
- The Stealth
- The Swarm
- Nemesis Inferno
- Colossus
- The Saw

I also went on Ghost Train, it is an immersive experience where you wear the goggles and they show you gory zombies set in a after-Earth-like setting.. as it is an immersive experience, you will feel people touching you as per what you are looking at..

You will smell stuffs.. and hear screams and whatnots.. And most of all, the "emergency evacuation" seemed all to real cos the staff really act it out like "go go go you have to evacuate NOW NOW NOW".. and then you see a huge train speeding towards you..

Ok that's so much I'm sharing.. if you are in London, go and try it out.. it's awesome..

The next day I went to the museums where my childhood fantasy awaits.. No, its not hot men...

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Day 2: London to Wiltshire

13 Sept 2016 - Tuesday
Early this morning, we leave London early at 7.30am to begin our UK sightseeing, both my friend and I did not sleep at all, but we're so fresh and eager to head to Stonehenge!

I knew many people were disappointed seeing Stonehenge, but for me, I like a certain degree of historical things, so I naturally was excited for it!

Admission ticket to Stonehenge must be bought in advance, it was £15.50 per person..

From our place in Elephant & Castle, we took the Bakerloo tube to Waterloo Station (I also have a thing for railway stations!), from there we bought a return ticket to Salisbury, which costs a whopping £42 each the nearest railway station to Stonehenge.. While waiting for the train, we had breakfast at Pret A Manger, an organic sandwich shop..

Waterloo Railway Station

I immediately fell in love with it.. Everything was so tasty and cheap.. I bought some to take on board the 1.5 hours train journey southwest of London.. In UK, you can eat and drink in the train, there's also food cart that the crew will go around selling food and drinks on board..

For something as organic as this, all this cost about £7, which is cheap!

Before boarding the Southwest Train bound for Salisbury

All aboard!

I can assure you there are no zombies in the train..

1.5 hours journey and what you do?
That's right, take selfies!!!

Upon reaching Salisbury, I wanted to take the local bus to Stonehenge, however, I discovered that I did not know where the bus stops are actually, so we ended up walking around Salisbury town, but not without taking in the beautiful small town sights and sounds and all, before decided we should just pay for the super-expensive-not-worth-it-"official" bus at £15 per person! Tell me how is it worth the ride again, when a similar local bus for the locals costs just £5!

Very peaceful here.. loved the super clear river!!

Salisbury town

Waiting for the bus at the bus stop

Wefie again before boarding the "official" tour bus..

We arrived Stonehenge right on time of the ticket admission time slot - 11am.. So after collected the ticket, we took the Stonehenge bus for a 5 minutes ride to the stones itself.. 

Some things behind the Stonehenge visitor centre

A UNESCO World Heritage site

It was marvellous..

It was wonderful..

I feel so humbled by the stones.. Totally loved the weather too.. until it rained when we decided to leave..

As close as you can get to the stones, probably 20m away or so

Earlier on, we were right there on the top right corner of this pic where a bunch of PRC has just arrived,
the closest point to the stones

This was how I took most of my pictures hahaha!

She's enjoying her lunch while I'm enjoying my brunch..
The wind was super strong out here as the rain was coming in..

Back into Salisbury, we had lunch at a fish and chips restaurant.. the haddock we have was really delicious, it costs £8 for fish and chips and a drink, quite reasonably cheap.. 

After lunch, we continued to wander around town, going to the local market.. and I bought a super fresh peach for 30p and eat it right on the spot.. the fruits here were so cheap! 

Such as 2 boxes of strawberries for just £1.50! I swear, you cannot get any fruits cheaper than this!

So we spent a good time at the market buying fruits and tasting them as we go along..

My 30p peach, as huge as a large apple

And around 4pm, we decided to head back to London.. The sun was shining so bright and we ended up at Westminster for me to take in the iconic London landmarks: Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament & Big Ben, London Eye before ending our London walkabout in Tower Bridge where we took a bus back home..

Overlooking London Eye

Big Ben & Elizabeth Tower
 The sun was so bright, that I would return two days later to get a better shot..

London Eye

Houses of Parliament, Big Ben the clock and Elizabeth Tower

Selfie outside Westminster station

Big Ben, taken from the park beside it

I'm trying to make a call here! 

The side of Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey 

The backside of Westminster Abbey

Houses of Parliament - side view

Big Ben

Going down Westminster Station... see the guy beside me looking at what I was doing

Polished telephone booth

The naval ship on Thames River

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

The sunset against the CBD

Walking down Tower Bridge

My most prized photo has to be this.. as iconic as London is, the Tower Bridge, or famously known as "London Bridge"..

I love this shot a lot.. 

Next day, my outing to Thorpe Park, a themepark half an hour west of London near Staines - and how I injured my shoulder on one of the rides..

Hot right now!