Monday, 28 December 2015

Malaysian Politicians says the dumbest things

Our brainless minister tells us to work 2 jobs to keep up with the rising living costs.. Essentially he is telling us the Barisan Nasional has fail..

Move aside.. Bitch please.. I work 5 jobs and I still find it hard to survive..

Apart from my day full time job by profession, I am a group exercise instructor.. I am also a business owner.. I am also a graphic designer by training.. I also teaches swimming.. 

If that is not enough, I'm a full time boyfriend.. It's takes a lot of effort to make relationships work, you know? 

So you see, ENCIK AHMAD MASLAN, what do you know about working 3 jobs? Which by virtue, you are tasked these positions not because you can't survive, that's YOUR primary responsibility as a federal minister.. You can always reject and say no and balik kampung cook your nasi goreng GST-free.. 

Shut up okay, you do not know what we rakyat feel.. 


  1. Yeah...agreed...

    Malaysian Politicians...are getting dumber and dumber everyday...especially Ahmad Maslan....


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