Saturday, 21 November 2015

I don't know what to feel

Friday Nov 20.

It's not one of those Fridays.. The traffic was literally all standstill throughout KL partly because it's Friday, partly because it's raining and partly because major roads were closed for President Barack Obama.. 

I left the city earlier in the evening and went to Midvalley.. Yes, it's all backed up as well because of mom-and-baby expo going on.. 

Nevertheless, I was able to get a parking spot rather easily on the upper levels (since I hated basement), had dinner with le bf at a Vietnamese restaurant..

Despite the food being okay, the service was way below what I would expect.. The waiter repeated my order, yet delivered and punched in a totally different thing altogether into the bill..

Yet the manager insisted I ordered "that"..

In my head I'm like "fuck you I ordered that!".

Anyway, long story short, my order came - right.

After dinner, we walked around a bit and decided to try Nana's Green Tea.. My gawd, Carmen (the cashier's name)'s face was even blacker than black.. With a long sour face, she didn't get out orders right and le bf just let it go.. I would have like, "bitch, don't be in the service industry if that's the face you're showing"..

Never mind.. Then we went for our movie.. 

After movie, we decided to grab some drink at Coffee Bean as I still have some time to kill before leaving off to pick up my parents at KL Sentral.. 

So at Coffee Bean, as we were just seated and looking through the menu, this bitch (I assumed she's Indian cos of her black nigga skin) turned around and started hurling degrading racial remarks.. 

I was like "what the fuck is she talking about and who the fuck is she talking to".

Then it hit me..

She was directing her offensive remarks at me! 

What in the world did I offended her?!

It started with something like "hey you cina babi something..... "

And she went on and on.. The couple that sat next table got burnt too.. 

When I realised she was talking to me, I slammed the menu on the table (it was a thick book), shouted right in her pussy face "fuck you bitch" probably the loudest those words ever left my vocals, and stormed off..

I didn't want to sit there any longer and le bf caught up with me to calm me down.. 

I just asked him to go home as I wasn't in the mood for anything already.. 

So it was like.. For the first time in my entire life, I actually had someone spewing racial slurs at me, directed at me, in public. In Coffee Bean Midvalley not to say the least of all places! 

Like wow. Shit just got real. Man.

Yes, I may be racist but I kept my racist front quite to myself for some quiet giggling and gossiping but to hurl it out in the open in public at strangers, wow, this is just something out of the blue and totally unexpected.. Something new to me..

Obviously of course I was angry! 

And just like that - her entire nigga black race just got degraded.. I am not going to show anymore respect to her kind, that kind of colour.. Not anymore..

Because, fuck you bitch. Nobody fucks with me. 


  1. chill bro. agree her actions are ridiculous, even better if you speak to her manager directly to pass the feedback. it's not just to judge the entire race with a bad apple. and your bf is not part of this so treat him fairly too~ chill~

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

    1. That bitch is just another customer at the next table. Not staff. But I've already made up my mind, if that's how racial games are to be played, bring it on. I am game for it.

    2. oops sorry didnt get that correctly. but again, that bitch does not represent her race. jia you~


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