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Repost: Sex In Taiwan

Originally posted on 12 January 2012.
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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sex in Taiwan

Day 7 - Taipei

I guess this part you guys have been anxiously waiting for, right? Lol.. the second fun~

Day 7 aka 5 January, I arrived in Taipei on a morning flight from Seoul... For some reasons, the flight was kinda horrible even though it's just a 2 hours flight.. I was seated at the last few rows and it took a loooonnnngggg time to disembark at Taipei.. Was supposed to touch down in Taipei at 11am but I only get to the immigration counter about 12pm.. One hour from plane to counter..

And then it's another 1 hour of queuing at the counter and baggage reclaim before getting out of the airport, I managed to hop on to the 1pm bus heading for Taipei Main Station.. This fucker bus took through the little towns of Taoyuan before joining the expressway halfway.. which costs me 2 hours.. by the time I reached Taipei Main Station, it's already 4pm..

Wasting no time, I headed on to the train and got off at Ximen, speed walked to Qstay where I would be staying, hurriedly checked in, took a quick nap and out for dinner at 6pm.. It was drizzling quite a bit, and I wasn't in a mood totally, having left the Seoul hostel at 5am... I have been moving for 12 hours for a 2 hour flight..

My room.. the same config as the one I stayed in Aug 2010

The shower overlooking the streets below.. which I just loved..
showering with the blinds up..

Toilet with a full view.. Full monty style lol..

I immediately decided I needed a massage.. After 7 days of walking non-stop in Seoul and a lousy day travelling, I so needed one.. So I made a booking at In Touch Spa near City Hall for a 4-hand at 8pm.. just nice after dinner I would head there, or so I thought..

In Touch Spa... their specialty is 4-hand..

They didn't have the right masseurs who could do a 4-hand so they asked if I am okay with the next most feasible..  I agreed on the 150 minutes Chinese acupuncture followed by body massage for NT$2,900.. quite reasonable.. I am used to paying RM245 for 2 hours massage in Apsara, so I guess it's reasonable...

So at 7.45pm, I reached the place after looking for it a little, it was in one of the alleys smacked in the middle of a residential area.. I rang the wrong doorbell obviously when nobody answered, so I had to make a phone call..

Then, a very, very, very cute boy opened the door next door, invited me in, took out slippers and kept my boots for me,  brought me tea, and prepared the room.. He's probably 25 but looked like 18.. Sigh.. Taiwanese!!!!

They have a policy that prohibits leaving patrons from meeting incoming patrons.. I asked them why is that so - they say it's a respect for the patrons that nobody sees one another... Which I think that's how a spa should operate.. The only person you should ever see in a spa is the receptionist and your masseur.. not other customers..

I was led into the room, and the boy left me to undress and asked me to shower first while waiting for my masseur to come in.. He arranged for me the strongest masseur they have because I did tell him I needed someone strong to alleviate the tiredness.. And when my masseur entered, yes he in indeed muscular and toned.. And it fitted his status as the strongest, quite well..

He carefully explained how he's going to structure the 2.5 hours of just Chinese acupuncture and body massage.. I was like ok.. Throughout the session, we chatted and had small to know his name and a little on his background..

I might have a wrong understanding of Chinese acupuncture but when he started working on my back, fully naked I mean him, he hits all the spots exactly and perfectly.. it was soooooooooooooooo good..

I was like, :"ahhh ahhh" throughout cos it's so good.. and he kept reassuring me it's shuang (syok).. I couldn't agree more.. but I told him he can go as hard as he can, cos I can take the pressure.., to which he said I was his first client in 7 years to be able to withstand his pressures...


After the acupuncture, it's time for the body massage.. in Taiwan, their B2B probably carry a different meaning than ours here.. more of arms and less of body? In Malaysia, B2B is more sexual than massage.. I feel.. that's why I seldom go for B2B locally..

He uses a lot of elbows, and shoulders to give really good presses to where it matters.. and of course, there's also the body rub but only a while.. And his B2B isn't just focus on the back alone.. he covered every single inch of my body with mostly his arms.. turned me around, and worked on my front..

I am super sensitive when it comes to the front.. a little physical touch usually arouses me.. you can work on my back for hours and I won't feel a thing, but a little while on my front, chest, or lower torso, I get aroused pretty easily..

He probably saw it coming but being such a tease (and professional) he ignore it!!! Grrrrrr!!!! Worked the legs, the abs, the chest, arms, shoulders, neck, head.. and then climbed over for the B2B and that's when I felt his cock hardening too...

As if he pretends to ignore it, he just went on with his B2B... with each slide, his cock went in between my legs.. I have never had a masseur who massaged me and got hard...


Now the next thing I know, he lifted up my legs and I was like... hmm... this is beyond what a massage should be, but then this is Taiwan, it might be different from what I experienced back home...

His hardened cock started teasing my asshole.. as soon as I felt he wanted to enter, I pulled him towards me and told him to put on a condom... he said he did not have one on hand as it's not what he has in mind.. I cut him there and then and told him I have one in my jacket..

In the dark with just some tea lights, I directed him on which pocket.. He got it and slide it on and lubed me up like heaven.. and pop in his cock went...His cock is of average size and I have no problem taking it in..His grand entrance was smooth and swift and he started going in no time..  In fact I guess I don't have any more problems with giants.. LOLX...with giants, it does hurt, but only a while..

I can only say the massage bed is pretty strong, obviously very steady as with every hump, the bed still remains and did not wobble a bit.. I moaned, and he didn't stop me.. probably it was because it's already late and nobody else might be around...

Space was kinda limited on the bed, so it wasn't long before we were on our feet.. with such a muscular body (face I would rather reserve my comment) and strong arms, it's hard to resist..

He pumped and humped, rhythmatically, he did not suddenly increase speed or pressure but maintain a good steady speed constantly, which makes it rather enjoyable and pleasurable... there's some tops who fuck like they can die if they stop moving..

The final act was back on the bed, with him lying down this time.. After safely positioning myself on him, it was the ride to heaven and I came soon after, all over his chest, and probably face cos the only thing I remembered was it was a lot, like a lot...

He slowly pulled out and helped himself .. Mighty loads too... can so tell he was so horny...

I remained on the bed resting while he showered and cleaned up himself before leaving to get me tea.. Then I washed up.. while at that, he was cleaning the room, and to my surprise, he arranged my close nicely on the bed...

Jacket, tee, jeans, underwear.. in that order so that I could wear them back in order.. Very thoughtful and sweet, I thought.. Nobody has EVER arranged my clothes in such way..

I tipped him NT$500 for his thoughtfulness and skills.. A happy customer I was...

And outside waiting for me, was a bowl of ginseng bird nest and a cup of hot ginger tea.. The rain has stopped.. and it was 11.30pm... What meant to be a 2.5 hours massage turned out to be 3.5 hours... I hurriedly gulp them down and leave, fearing I might miss the last train back as I wasn't familiar with the last train timings.. just to be safe...

It's a good 15 minutes walk, a not so easy one that is after sex, from the place to the subway.. halfway, I took out coffee from Dante's Coffee and sipped while walking funnily to the subway...

He promised me a very good night sleep... I did... I slept through the night and woke up only at 12pm the next day...

The End


  1. well that was certainly a nice day, haha. It's good to hear you are enjoying yourself again. :)

    1. No lah, this was a repost... from 2 years plus back.. hahaha cos this post is so in high demand I just had to bring it back...

    2. LOL, didnt notice that. :P

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  3. Walao!!my nose really leaks out the warm liquid already...
    Now I use cutie compact only can stop...
    Wow!!so hot..

    1. Aiyo...if not,you think where will leak warm liquid?:P
      Still have some story same like this hot can share?

    2. hahaha cock..

      err.. no la.. my australia only sauna sex.. japan trip i didnt have any sex.. so no more story lalalaaaa

  4. Haha!!clever!
    See one day can have a date to Yam cha hear the story from you,if you don't mind to share.
    Aiya!! I think you have a story like the dictionary size can share.hahaha...

    1. hahahaha u wanna date me out ah? hahaha :p i shy.....

    2. will meh don't pelakon ah.. ;D
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      If can't (or shy),tak paksa. :P

    3. hahaha... yes i am a shy boy :)

    4. Haha!!
      Nvm,i will try to make you no so shy first after just can Yam cha..:P

    5. Haha,really lo,if ok,after I can go to buy 4d or 6d cause lucky come already.:D

    6. Haha...when you say yes to yam cha with me ,just mean luck come,at the time just have a chance to buy hehehhe...understand?:P


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