Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A scary ordeal

I was never as terrified as today..

I was already literally in pain for a few days with the pain coming and going, disturbing my sleep often..

I finally decided to get my tooth extracted.. So despite being a public holiday today, I asked my friend who's a dentist for an appointment to get my tooth out and away.. 

Truth be told, it's the first time ever I ever had my tooth extracted.. All those times as a kid, the kiddy teeth either fell out by themselves or I had accidents with my mouth that caused them to come off..

Now my wisdom tooth has broken and caused me great pain and throbbing headache for days, I decided enough was enough and mustered up enough courage to go extract.. 

One down, I will still need to extract another one before pain comes.. 

So now I'm at home resting for time being to see if the bleeding will stop or not..


  1. Hope that you will recover soon from the extraction. Speedy recovery!

    1. Thank you.. recover already.. and now scheduled for another extraction, filling and scaling next week..

    2. Ouch...I can imagine the pain you are gonna face >.<
      Well, it will all be over soon :)

    3. hahah yea.. my dentist sure makes sure im okay..


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