Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Aussie Adventure [Part 8/12]... featuring Obelisk Beach

Fresh from 357, Sept 18 I went out early and headed to the beach, not just any beach, but namely Obelisk Beach over in North Sydney.. Obelisk Beach is one of the beaches where nudity is permitted and usually only the guys go..

Took a slow walk from my friend's place in Broadway along George St to catch bus 555 down the road - as it was office hours, most 555 were packed, but it's the least of my concerns..

The weather was pleasant so I just walked.. and finally managed to get on to the 555 bus.. For those who's unfamiliar, bus 555 is a free CBD loop bus service and runs in frequency of about 10 minutes apart in one direction clockwise.

So I boarded the bus to Circular Quay, hop on to the ferry at Wharf 6 (or was it No. 2) to Mosman Bay. It's also the same ferry that goes to Taronga Zoo, henceth explained why this particular ferry has lots of families and kids and seniors. It costs $5 for the ferry ride and a further $2.40 to transfer to the bus for the next 20 minutes ride towards Middle Road..

I hopped on to the ferry and enjoyed the ride with unobstructed view of Sydney Opera House & Harbour Bridge..

All aboard - I took the front sit on the deck, the view too good to sit inside!

Sailing past Sydney Opera House

But first let me take a selfie among many other photos.

Upon docking at Taronga Zoo Wharf, the bus stop is right at the atoll and waiting for passengers, so no worries - just tap on Opal card to continue on the journey.

I was good all the way until Balmoral Beach, where I was so taken into the bungalows and the huge houses here - I forgot to press the bell to alight.. So I ended up in Balmoral Beach.. I wanted to try Bottom of the Harbour supposedly serve the best fish & chips, but reading reviews of late, they don't seem appetizing anymore so I skipped it..

Here, I took a seat on Balmoral Beach esplanade with my takeout $2 chicken burger from McDonalds that I bought earlier in the morning. It's a windy with calm sea breeze amid bright sun.

Balmoral Beach

After that, I hiked through the park, into the hilly forest back to Middle Road, as apparently it's a shortcut rather than backtrack on the road where the bus took (remembering too it's all the way uphill climb from here).

Hiking my way through the forests
Though the hike was a long one (more like half an hour up fleets of steep stairs and uneven grounds), it was really beautiful.. passing by people's backyards and waving to them as they sat on their verandahs sipping morning coffee..

At the top of Obelisk Beach.. 

From here it's a pathway down to the beach with steps..
There are many "path" into the bushes, I guess that's where the action is, which is not permitted..

Look how nice the beach is.. this shot was already around 3pm and the sun was about to set..

As I left the beach, a walk along Middle Road and one can see this view..
Really magnificient.. and Obelisk Beach is right below.. 

Taking the ferry to Circular Quay at set..

Really, picture does not do this scene justice..
Taken from Taronga Zoo wharf..

A really beautiful sunset... 

Reaching back into Sydney CBD, I decided go to go Pitt St Fitness First and shower and clean up..

I like how the Fitness First in Australia have ironing stations..
some got air shower also (such as the ones in Melbourne)

Small workout area

Small GX studios


Cardio area

Once I had my quick workout and a shower, I ate at McDonald's just across from Fitness First.. Anyone who love BACON will not give this up.. Strips and strips of bacon set upon a crispy chicken patty and juicy lettuce, with drink and chips for like $10.. Worth it okay!

Look at the amount of bacon!

... to be continued ..
Next up: Melboutne


  1. check in rumah baru.. wahhh naked sunbathing :)

    1. Yea!!
      it's feels too good to tan without anything restricting :)
      cool sea breeze blow too!


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