Tuesday, 1 December 2015

KLIA Express costs RM55 per way

From Jan 1, KLIA Express (ERL) ticket price will be increased by 57% to RM55 per way, up from currently RM35.

At the current price, it is already quite pricey, what more after the increase. And mind you, it is always full because of the low frequency and high passenger loads going to/from klia2. Chances are you have to stand all the way. 

Stupid isn't it?

For comparison purposes, a metered-taxi and KLIA Limo costs roughly RM65-75 into KL and nearby, door-to-door, albeit a journey that takes 45mins - 1 hour compared to 30 minutes (plus max 20 mins waiting time for the train).

Bus costs about RM10, and journey time roughly 1 hour to various stops around KL.


  1. wow have to take bus already haha

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  2. Good news is... my visit to KL will be next week! Yay (saved RM20 this time)

    Bad news is... NEXT YEAR ONWARDS!! Sigh...

    Truth to be told... I expect a rise in price, but not this steep...

    1. Well, LRT and KTM have increased, then ERL jealous cos they still remain same, so satu kali hantam increase lo..... hahahahaha


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