Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Review: Jamie's Italian at Forum Shopping Centre, Orchard Road

Renowned celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has another restaurant on Orchard Road in Forum Shopping Centre - Jamie's Italian, an addition to the other one in Vivocity.. 

Reservations required as the chances of getting a table walking in is very low.. My family made a booking last Saturday morning and only managed to get a table for the next day at 2030hrs.. 

So, what's so great about Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant? 

Let me share some insight with you..

Reservation was spot-on as the table was released to us at exactly the slot time.. A little tip here, refuse a table near the cooking stations or you'll feel the heat (not to mention, smell).. They seriously have a problem with either their table arrangements or the ventilation/air-conditioning needs to be reworked.. 

Food - please only order Italian food from an Italian restaurant.. Word has it that "normal" Western dishes doesn't make the cut, only the Italian selection.. hence, you can't go wrong with the usual suspects - the pastas and pizza.. But by all means, go for the pork chop, it's tender and juicy and great for sharing.. 

Service - Did they just hire school kids? Where's the manners? Where's the service!? Well, don't, please don't have any expectation on the service.. They sucks here.. They don't even say thank you when you pay the bill.. they let the receipt say thank you cos it's written on it.. 

Like dafuck.

Our family of 4 dined for SGD167 for a super-yucky garlic "flatbread", pizza, a pork chop and a pasta, kid's meal (spaghetti) for my nephew, "funky" chips (none other than just oil-soaked fries), rose wine for myself, an apple mojito and a tiny glass of "fresh" juice that obviously isn't fresh.. And yeah, sky juice is also chargeable.. 

How tiny the juice glass is.. for SGD7.50.. My rose wine was okay but pricey..

Garlic flatbread - that's recommended by the waitress - which doesn't taste anything like a garlic bread should..
More like a plain garlic pizza.. SGD13!

Pork chop.. It's huge.. SGD40

Rigatoni pasta.. I think it was SGD20 or so.. 

9-in pizza.. Also about SGD30

Will I go again? No. 

Am I disappointed? Yes, clearly. So I've left my comments in Tripadvisor (as I always do with establishments)..


  1. oh, that place I heard is overrated...

    1. Yes, very overrated.. Nothing fancy..


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