Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Last week as I pulled out from the parking lot, I scrapped the side of my car against the pillar, and upon inspection, I saw thick yellow paint scuff marks..

Expecting the worst, I scraped away the paint flakes and accepted that I will need to send in for repairs.. But I've heard of people who DIY and take care of the damage using household chemicals.. so I went online and start reading and comparing results..

Feeling a little skeptical at first, but I decided there is no harm trying, after all, I have nothing to lose if it doesn't do the job, I will have to send in for repair anyway.. So I went and bought a can of WD40..

WD40 has a thousand and one uses, trust me, it works..

So after an hour of scrubbing and slowly wiping away the paint marks, I am a happy boy now.. not only has the yellow paint totally came off, it left behind no surface damage and no scars.. and it's much cleaner now, only thing is, WD40 is a little greasy hence I will still need to send it for a thorough car wash today to get rid of the grease..

Other than that, it just works.. but only before the paint is "baked" into the car surface, then no amount of scrubbing will help.. I knew cos I tried it on a small spot at the bottom of my car beforehand..

Like they say, if all else fail, try WD40! :)


  1. Thank you for your tip! I going to get it for my forte scratches also..

    1. Scratches? Hmm.. Paint scuff proven.
      Haven't tried on scratches though..


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