Friday, 22 July 2016

Scenary Galore at Blue Mountains

Located about an hour west of Sydney is Blue Mountains.. but the mountains isn't exactly blue, it's just like any other normal mountain and canyons, what makes it to be called "blue" because from Sydney, they looked blue.They are clad in vast forests of eucalypts (commonly called gum trees), which in the hot sun discharge a fine mist of eucalyptus oil from their leaves.. The mist refracts light, which makes the haze look blue at a distance..

As simple as that.. 

But once you get there, it's not blue.. You either see it or you don't (on foggy days, you really don't get to see it!)

As you arrived, if you have the Scenic World Discovery Pass, you will disembark at Skyway Eastern stop to catch the glass-bottom skyway.. If you do not have tickets for this Skyway, don't worry, you didn't miss anything much.. It's not worth spending the money for this (unless if you have bought the Scenic World Discovery Pass which does include all 3 cables transport mode)

They will cram a busload worth of people (like 40 people) into this skyway which moves very, very slowly across the valley in front of the Three Sisters, but you can't see much standing like sardines, you can't even turn around or move about!

The best view of The Three Sisters is actually at Echo Point (which I cover in this blog post), and perhaps also at Scenic World Top Station.. 

Glass-bottom Skyway passing in front of The Three Sisters. Pic courtesy of

How clear is the glass?
I beg to differ

View from inside the Skyway.. very cloudy glass

My first glimpse of The Three Sisters from Skyway

This view is captured from Scenic World Top Station

Behind me is Jameson Valley

Cable Car..
Don't bother with this one as well.. 

After spending some time at the Top Station (there's also a Bottom Station, if you want to know).. Went for the ride that's worth queuing up for - the world's steepest vernacular train aka The Scenic Railway..

The Top Station

This used to be the vernacular train that miners used to go down

Look how steep a gradient you can set your seat to.. Trust me "original" is already steep enough, as the train go down the slope, you will feel you are actually standing, rather than sitting!
I didn't go to try "cliffhanger" though!

The "bottom" station

I have some time to clown around

Scenic Cableway

Jameson Valley, with the Three Sisters on the left

DIY rubbish compactor, solar powered

His job is to drive the cable car.
Once back at the top, it's time to move on to Echo Point, like they say, they save the best view for the last, and it didn't disappoint on that day..

Being fucking bright and sunny, we have a clear view as far as the eyes can see..

You can actually hike there, but let's leave that out for now..
At Echo Point, this is as close as you can get, no zooming..

Enjoying the autumn beauty

The leaves are redder than my clothes!

Echo Point..

There are plenty of fucking PRC and you will definitely need to give a piece of your mind.. I had to scold a group of them when they demanded that I move and give way so that they can take their fucking retarded picture! Like what shit! I pay money to come here to enjoy the view you fucking retards ask me to fuck off?

Hot right now!