Sunday, 4 January 2015

Shower Room Encounter - Kelana Jaya Pool

It has been many years since the last time I stepped into the famed Kelana Jaya pool.. If you have been under the coconut shell, Kelana Jaya pool, or known as KJ pool, is infested with horny men (I'm sorry there's no other words to describe these men who prowl the shower cubicles).. there's many who hang around the shower aisles too hoping to nail some hot ones..

I needed to swim so badly to maintain my physique so I dropped by KJ pool, much purposely so in the night since it's well known the "infestation" isn't as great as the morning or afternoon sessions..

The weather today was very pleasant, it was cloudy with minimal sun throughout the day and a warm breezy night - perfect for a swim.. I wasted no chance..

After some 20 laps in the dirty water , I decided enough was enough - I cannot tolerate the high concentration of chlorine in it.. it was so dirty that I have to shower a few times just to wash the chlorine off.. Probably that is also why I don't really liked KJ pool to begin with.. My home pool is way cleaner so to speak but infested with kids!

The famous open showers are gone, and so has most of the existing doors and locks.. so you either shower without the door, or people will "accidentally" open your door..

As I was showering, many people opened my door and "walked in" on me.. Not that I mind, but there's more uncles than hunks..

This muscular chap next cubicle can see the reflection on the new tiles and well, he looks good, so when he "accidentally" opened my door, I didn't resist and allow him in..

As it was nearing closing time, he just blew and wanked me off, with audiences from across and beside cubicles.. I'm amazed people have no qualms about bending over and lying on the floor just to peek into the next cubicle!

So many eyes!

But it reaffirmed one thing - that the shower room is still very cruisy, very happening and full of action.. and that I'm still able to make men lust for me.. I am happy hahahaa...

This was me when I went to sun-tan this morning
I got myself a good tan despite a weak sun this morning..


  1. Being wanting to try this KJ pool but little did i know the water is dirty despite all the possible 'actions' you might get. Definitely having second thoughts about it..Lol..

    1. To illustrate how dirty the water is, it feels powdery from the thick concentration of chlorine, water is clear but it's towards aqua greenish and not "blue". And I have to wash my hair 3 times, and use the entire tube of shower gel just to wash away the chlorine.

      It's no wonder many people wear hair caps.

    2. Eww, that's gross. Now that you say that, i don't think i'm going anymore, no matter how fascinating the 'actions' are. Thanks for the head-ups, Eric. xoxo

    3. LOL now you know why I didn't return to the pool after so long, only to go back there to find it as gross as before?

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  3. Im just thinking to go there ..hurmmm....


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