Wednesday 8 May 2024

Jewel of Dive Sites in Malaysia... or is it? (Part 1)

Mentioned Semporna and the first thing that comes to mind... DIVING! 

Although I did not venture out to Sipadan, my recent trip gave me a taste of how dirty it is.. Maldives of Malaysia? Hmm, I am rather indifferent here because I think it's not fair to brand the islands with a "blanket branding".. 

In fact, the house reefs at Mabul Island, Kapalai islands are rather murky and viz is less than 10m at most places.. I have dived in crystal clear waters with 25-30m viz in Tioman, so this is ughh.. 

The shallow waters look clear, but in deeper waters, it quickly turned murky brown.. 

But it could be me, I went to Semporna with high expectations but I left pretty disappointed, other than the great dive sites, the "Maldives" I was looking forward to.. simply because of the amount of trash! 

As divers, we cringed at the use of single-use plastics like mineral water bottles, but here in Semporna, apparently, mineral water is used for typically anything and everything, from drinking to washing to watering plants, and then just throw the bottles into the sea.. 

First impression of Semporna

In Semporna, we stayed at The Buwan Dive Resort (formerly known as Scuba Tiger), about 10km away outside of Semporna, or rather in Kampung Tampi-Tampi.. It was a chill nice quiet dive resort but with superb staff, food, and of course diving.. 


Standard Room (can sleep up to 4 pax)

Toilet in standard room. The water is bloody salty so we have to use mineral water to brush teeth and wash face. 

Dive center

Walkway to dive center and restaurant

Walkway to dive center and restaurant

View of the restaurant, sadly it has been destroyed in last week's fire. 

The sea at the resort

Restaurant and kitchen, which were destroyed in last week's fire

Buwan House Reef

A seahorse

A spider shrimp

Electric clams, amongst rubbish

Among the things people throw in the sea... a diaper

They even threw a truck into the sea!

Our extension night, we moved to the Chalet rooms.. Each room has its own veranda with a table and chairs.. 

Chalet rooms

The Chalet Rooms can sleep 3


The food they served here are amazing.. I mean, seafood, seafood, seafood.. 3 buffet meals per day, and you get a variety of seafood, cooked variety of styles.. In our 6 days of stay, nothing was repeated, which is great.. 

Mabul/Kapalai Islands

The octopus is an amazing creature, it can mimic the colours and patterns of its surroundings

A seashorse

A pipefish

Another pipefish

A pufferfish

The visibility below Mabul/Kapalai

A baby moray eel

The Lost City

A lionfish - hell no I am not going closer than this
One of the venomous fish in the sea.

And then I went to its front

Or at night...

Trumpet cornet fish.
As you can see, the visibility is so bad, perhaps 3m only. These fish are just right in front of me, yet because the visibility was so bad, you almost can't see it. 

One hell of a stonefish

Baby shark dudu duuu duuuuuu

A mini barracuda tornado

A hypselodoris nudibranch.. or simply purple sea slug

Wednesday 13 March 2024

I really did know how to play the guitar

Strumming my pain with your fingers.. 
The only pain is my fingers.. 

I actually knew how to play the guitar.. I only stopped in Grade 3 because lessons were getting so much tougher and the teacher was mean to me, in a way.. He kinda pushed me so hard that going to class became a dreadful thing, I cried too on some lessons.. Can't blame me, I was like 10 years old! 

One of the biggest reasons was because I was music-notes illiterate.. I cannot read music notes, then or even now.. I learnt to play by listening, memorising, and then my fingers just move to replicate it, and I kinda did pretty okay to get to Grade 3! 

In a way, I never really learnt the chords, I just knew where my fingers should be to make the sound it should make, at the speed it should be.. 

I used to play alongside my sister - she would play every evening on the her piano, and we both shared a metronome at home.. I also tuned my guitar by myself to her piano, again that was by listening.. 

So.... guessed what was my favourite piece to play? 


Fur Elise.

Ok - I totally forgotten how to play it already.. it's been more than 30 years since I last touched my guitar. So rusty and forgotten how. 

Monday 11 March 2024

2 Years & Counting

The pandemic means different things to different people.. 

But for us, it was the beginning of our story.. 

Fast forward 2 years later - here we are, done and through it all.. 

Recently, during Chinese New Year, my mom said something which took me by surprise, she asked me to bring back some cookies for "my friend".. In other context, it would mean nothing, but in this context, she's referring to him, specifically. 

I guess maturity takes many forms, and this is one of it..  

Happy 2nd Anniversary bbbbb <3 

Monday 25 December 2023

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

So this is Christmas, and another year have passed. 

In a nutshell, to sum up my 2023 - it's pretty much not too bad.. 

Finances are holding up pretty okay after the turbulent covid years, at least this year I can see money and able to move funds around and invested more into the stock market.. Overall I can say the stock market is pretty bad compared to last year but its largely also the global economy riding on the US interests rates.. 

Career wise I guess three-quarters of the time I have to deal with stupid people but it's seasonal ups and downs, busy and free period.. 

Relationship wise, I'm doing pretty good with my boyfriend, we're together about 2 years now, and we spend time talking to each other on a daily basis.. we've gone to places and adventures together, and just spend quality time together.. 

Friends wise, lost some, and know many.. but I've purged my FB accounts of acquaintances whom I don't connect anymore or have nothing in common, and a bit of stranger-ish... I just want to keep my FB to be strictly friends only.. not gonna be a number collector anymore.. 

I guess 2023 is pretty okay.. 

So, merry christmas and happy new year! I shall be back next year!

Friday 22 December 2023

My First Job

I have been quite a resourceful kid I must say - having worked part time while in secondary school, at a stationery shop near my home.. It didn't pay a lot but it was enough pocket money back then.. 

Good ol' logo
My first real job was right after SPM, fresh out of school..  I worked in a pizza restaurant called Schlotzsky's Deli in Ipoh Parade.. That's where I learnt how to make pizza, make drinks, coffee, espresso and latte, learning how to make latte art, waitering and of course dealing with Karens.. I also did cashiering, and lots of cleaning and washing.. 

I learnt things fast, partly because I enjoy what I was doing, and I also was very interested and curious to know how the world of business works.. 

That's where I met a good friend of mine, from another school, where we would toil the restaurant before entering university together.. We probably worked there for about half a year I guessed.. 

The bosses were a husband and wife team.. and the wife would always bring her kids and eat at the restaurant on the house.. She must have treated it like her own kitchen.. But that aside, they were nice good people, friendly and most importantly, respected and treated the staff well.. 

When I gotten my very first paycheck (yes, it was EPF and SOCSO deductible!), I treated my family for a meal there.. It was a nice feeling to be able to do that.. 

Sadly the franchise has exited Malaysia long ago, but otherwise, happy memories here.. 

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