Friday, 6 October 2017

Shamelessly putting myself out there

Time to get back on the market..

As many as I have...except for the FB messenger..

Shamelessly putting myself out there for the world.. however, I am quite old-fashioned in this sense, many of you know I am not that tech-savvy hahaha.. I rather play the dating game the "traditional" way, get me?

Like going out with a bunch of friends and friends-of-friends, and single out someone from there who's yummylicious enough and single, and take it from there..

That to me, is akin to like "sweeping my feet off the floor"..

Because knowing someone through mutual friends, you get a first hand top-down "evaluation"..

Profiles online in apps can't tell you much, only as much as the person is willing to reveal.. and most of the time, it's rather disappointing because people aren't who they say they are/who I think they are..

I don't form first impression on first meet.. if at the first meet the person can click well and attracts me, I will put in my effort and get to know him better, only to have my efforts thrown out the door and backfired..

That's why I am not too keen on online dating..

Over time, I have also went easy on the "list", while not "lowering the standards", it's more like having a broader sense of criterias..

What I'm essentially looking for in a person:
- pleasant and well mannered
- decent
- emotionally, financially & mentally stable
- more or less having similar interests (I love travel, beach, sea & sun, gym, coffee, boardgame among others)
- essentially similar age or older, I'm 34 by the way, the pool is getting smaller!

Also, I kinda took the analysis of love language and these are my results.. turns out that I am a rather touchy person, which I agree.. Give me a hug, hold my hand, hold my waist, having physical contact is quite important to me.. and that is one sure way of getting to me..

So guys, if you have friends who's single and eligible, please remember to ask if it's ok to call me along out too yah? HAHAHAHA.. who knows.. it might blossom into something more :)

*wishful thinking... happy friday!

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

"What if"

I admit I was never one who loved reading, but I do have some thought-provoking books that I would buy when I come across them..

Some books are just plain silly but I felt I gotta have it, some are talking about blue-ocean strategies, some, well just ridiculously informative and fun, like this..

I grew up reading much of his comics.. most of his comics need you to think, and if you have an active mind like I do, this is for you..

He hosted his comics on, go and enjoy it, there's thousands and thousands of it over the years..

I chanced upon this book when I was browsing in a bookstore the other day, and it reminds me that I needed to get this edition.. However, only a few selected MPH outlets (in upmarket areas only) in Malaysia carries this title, don't worry, all other booktstores in Malaysia don't have it..

And MPH is now having online coupons - so there, I am going to MPH this week and get this book..

Friday, 29 September 2017

This is why you don't succeed

Perhaps this is one of the best motivational speeches ever, and this is for the millennials.. Stop feeling so entitled because the world don't owe you anything..

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The yuckiest Michelin-starred meal

You people really need to wake up..

Michelin-starred meal is about being the best..

I really fail to see (taste) how this is the best.. In fact, if you ask me, it's horrible.. I would rather take my SGD3.80 and spend in on a McChicken and a Coke instead..

Singapore's Hawker Chan
esplains why there is no queue on a weekend lunch time
Hung to dry
(hung too dry)
1 Michelin-starred meal

Look wise - really unappetizing..

First thing first, the chicken - it's mushy and has no texture, a sign that it is over-marinated or braised.. For chicken rice, it is best to just roast or steam the chicken and that's how you achieve the perfect texture..

It feels like chewing into a meat "mashed potato", yeah, its that mushy..

Rice - way too dry, or perhaps that's how Singaporeans like it.. The soy sauce did not help.. You really have to swallow it with help of drinks, since no soup is provided..

AND WHO THE HELL serve chicken rice with peanuts? What good ol' cucumber wasn't good enough now?

I didn't want to try the noodles because I did not want to..

Hawker Chan really leave me with very bad impression about whether they really know anything about food.. Being in the business doesn't mean you know your stuff..

I don't wish for ill, but I really hope they lose their star..

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Single and freely available

Well if you have not heard it yet, yes I am single..

Don't ask.. couple weeks ago we merely decided it was best to just remain friends than to spoil a beautiful friendship as it was clearly not working out..

I guess that's how dating works..

You date and then you decided you're not meant to be together..

So don't be surprise to see me in the apps or out in the scene more often.. You know, one gotta put oneself out there..


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Revisiting ClubMed Cherating

It was the first Club Med I've been to..

It may also be the last Club Med I'll go to..

Prices are ever on the increasing side and year-on-year it's a steady 10-20% increase.. I'm not sure if I will ever revisit Club Med again, unless it's really cheap until it's irresistible..

I've only been to Club Med Cherating and Club Med Phuket.. Was supposed to go Club Med Bali last November but due to my surgery, I had to forego the trip, albeit fully covered by travel insurance..

If you have never been to Club Med, take my advise and go at least once, make it a minimum 3 nights kinda thing to fully use the facilities and services.. Even if it's just Cherating, there's plenty you can do..

So what is Club Med?
Club Med is an all-inclusive premium resort whereby you get your accommodation, free flow food and beverages including alcohol ie 3 international buffet meals a day and when the main restaurant is closed, the noodle bar will be open for noodles and ramens! and free flow cocktail, red wine, white wine, rose wine, beer (except premium spirits and champagne) all day long, sports and activities as per schedule, and daily night entertainment (performance and often followed by opening up the dancefloor).. Spa is chargeable, and certain sports are chargeable depending on which resorts, but generally, it's covered..

Staff are called G.O. = gentile organisers
Guests are called G.M. = gracious members

And there is a theme colour/dresscode each night.. be all participative and inclusive and you will enjoy your Club Med holiday.. forget about berdua-duan because that is not the concept here..

Your wristband colours indicate your stay and your age group.. If you happen to lose it, get it replaced immediately at the concierge..

Holiday Tours is an authorised Club Med sales agent, so you can drop me a line if you are interested..


In any Club Med, all you ever do is to drink and eat and drink and eat, and laze and do some sports activities perhaps.. but mostly just eat and drink..

If you don't drink, there's water, fresh juices, cordial juices and soft drinks.. but seriously, the cocktails are very mild you won't even taste any alcohol in it..

The bar is open all day long, so just head up for glasses and glasses of cocktails

Drink all you can

Whether it's at the bar or by the beach, make sure you have a glass in your hand, any time

The main bar is always at the main area

Nightly entertainment.

First off, the night starts with entertainment of various genres, it can be a musical, a concert, a comedy show, circus or whatever they call it..

After the night entertainment, the dancefloor will start, usually it's the Crazy Signs where you follow the dance steps.. the same songs and steps is the same in any Club Med worldwide so you will feel just at home wherever you are.. 

There's variations to it.. and then some more.. just dance the night away.. it doesn't stop until the last guest leaves.. 

A show going on

Singing and dancing

Take part and join in the dance

Impressive Nature

The beach corrosion at the beach in Club Med Cherating is so profound that it's so beautiful.. None of the photos below have been edited, and are shot using my trusted iPhone 6..

Sails sitting on the beach on a calm day.. so no sailing :(

Of course, what's a beach vacation without some topless selfie?

Just look at how much sand has eroded..

Paparazzi caught me showering

So, would you like to go Club Med?

I might want to go to Club Med La Pointe/Albion in Madagascar.. 

Monday, 18 September 2017

Ipoh's only men's sauna

You know, the weekend was so boring (after all the funeral things) that I decided to check out Elfondo..

Currently operating in its present location for a bout 2-3 years now, I think..

If you are not from Ipoh, you will most probably not be able to find the place.. If you are a Ipoh mali like me, you probably pass by this road very, very often, it's like the one of two main roads leading into town from this side of Ipoh..

I went on Saturday night after dinner, around 7.45pm, and when I reached, it was quite full house - somewhere 30 over guys I think.. I left around 9.30pm after having released my day's load, and in the dark room with a couple other guys.. I think there's a guy or two on the floor, and some of us around, can't see who's who but what the heck.. shoot only.. hahaha..

I think what I like best is the open-ness concept of the showers as I am a bit of a show-off.. especially on Adam's night (nude night, which is totally naked and nobody covers up their dick unlike those in KL), it's so liberating and nice to walk around naked, just like everyone else..

The steamroom and dark room is, dark.. but then occasionally people walking in and out through the curtained entrance brings some light in.. You can't really see anyone in the dark room, not even with the slight light beams..

Vital Info
Opening hours: 5.30pm - 11pm, closed on Mondays
Theme: Adam's Night (Sat, Sun too I think)
Entrance: RM24

My overall ratings:
Cleanliness:  quite clean except for the floor of the darkroom & steamroom..
Friendliness:  no attitude
Facilities:  a neighbourhood sauna, can't expect much
Crowd:  varies all ages mostly 20s-40s, balance between Chinese & Malay. Some Indians.
Space:  spread over one floor, about 2000sf, spacious yet all around

Once you come up the stairs (2F floor), the reception with a window is on your left, pay and look out for notice to see if it's Adam's night (nude night - totally naked).. You'll be given a locker key that corresponds to the locker number..

Enter and leave your shoes on the shoe rack on your right, then proceed to the locker to undress.. Follow the locker number as stated on the key.. I made a mental calculation and I think there's about 50+ or so lockers, on both sides of the wall.. It's the metal cabinet kind..

Next, what you want to do/accomplish is up to you..

i) Cleanliness
Spotless and if you can ignore the cum-stained floors in the dark room and steamroom, I think it's pretty ok.

ii) Friendliness
Perhaps I was being a fresh meat/fresh face that nobody saw before there, I was pounced on the minute I walked in..

But I quickly learnt that there's no attitude and the guys are quite daring, especially in the dark room and steamroom.. One can easily land a group of a few guys playing together at any given time..

Also, no means no and you won't be bugged..

iii) Facilities
There's 2 sauna boxes that can fit 3-4 people most, with glass door and front walls, so one can look into the boxes..

Locker area is equipped with mirror, hair dryer, gel, and inside the locker is soap and shampoo pack (or was it lube?!)

I personally loved the open concept showers, separated by just chest-high walls in between.. water is lukewarm (not hot not cold), I can draw it out for you guys.. haha it looks like below, looking in from the entrance, there's only 6 showers though.. you can join in showering with others if you/others don't mind.. 
Steam room is adequately, can fit about 10-15 guys with a slight slope ***warning: uneven floor*** in the middle.. with seating and standing space and a tap near the door for washing..

There's water dispenser from ceramic water filter at the pantry area, TV showing boring national tv stations (aka TV3), with some benches/stool..

In the smoking area, there's more seating and fan..

Toilet is well.. just toilets.. nothing much..

There's 3 private rooms with wooden doors and with some yoga mats inside, and the walls are just about 2m high, talking about openness!

In the dark room there's mattress at one corner and something else (I think chair?) I can't make out with my eyes.. it's just too dark in there, but somewhere in the middle there's a pillar or so I thought... again, it's just too dark even with the occasional light beaming in, one still cannot see much.. Good for being a dark room, but the smell of lube and cum permeates the air..

iv) Crowd
Crowd wise, a mix balance of 20s-40s, mostly Chinese and Malay with some Indian guys as well.. very local I would say.. and you are someone's type in there.. everyone should have gotten something in there..

There's no hiding, no attitude, no pretension.. everyone is quite open walking around in the nude.. nobody covers up their dick.. walking around totally naked and freely.. Activities mainly confined to the steamroom and the dark room, other spaces are for checking out one another.. It's dimly lit but you can see where you are going and who's who..

v) Space
Nicely done and spacious enough to roam around without bumping in one another, plenty of corner to sit around, plenty of space to stand, yet doesn't feel empty..

Overall, I am quite contended with it.. It's Ipoh afterall, it's the only sauna, so better like it..

Would I visit again?
For sure :)

On a naked night, that is.

Hot right now!