Tuesday, 10 July 2018


I have a lot of things I want to rant about these days..

Sometimes I am like what-the-fuck, and I stopped giving fucks.. One part of me is like "whatever shit I don't fucking care anymore" but another part of me is like "but it bothers me so much".. you know what I mean?

I'm talking about life, about work, about people in general..

I'm so tired sometimes.. Like what's the point to it all.. I felt like I'm at a crossroad dilemma, die if I go on, die if I don't.. They say passion don't pay bills, but passion makes you want to go to work each day..

The passion is still there, however I am just not feeling productive anymore.. Each day I wonder what else could I be doing since it's the same shit different day..


Then, I've been thinking long and hard about this ex-date from years ago whom I used to date for quite a while.. we were good but we were not boyfriends.. I walked away because he wasn't comfortable being himself and wasn't comfortable being gay, and to be seen in public with me.. It's as though he's ashamed to be seen in public with me.. He would always act like we're strangers if he happens to bump into familiar faces.. I can't take that.. I want no pretensions whether at home or outside, I want to know it's the same person I'm dating regardless where we were..

Then he bought a new house and moved in, I helped him picked some of his furnitures and fittings, go to expo after expo, but I didn't feel like I have a place in his life.. helping him set up his home opened up my eyes a little bit more, that it was obvious that there's no us in the future..

But the thought came about as I seek closures.. I want to know if the spark is still there.. I want to know if he has changed any bit or is he more comfortable with himself now..

I did a little Twitter poll.. and at press time, more "no" than "yes".. more people polled no I should just let it be bygones..

But I want to know if ever there's any possibilities of getting back together provided he's more comfortable now, after all, it was me who walked away..


Then on the other hand, something good in the meantime, my parents paid the balance of my home loan.. I've been going to the bank and lawyer's office to get the documents in order.. with the mortgage finally out of the mind, I can fully focus on getting my finances in order.. my car loan is ending in 2 months as I have paid months in advance.. and lastly would be the credit cards which I am planning to axe..

I have also submitted application already of a second property on the edge of Mont Kiara, but I did not get the ballotting.. not sure if there's any units left now.. My parents have promised they will help me with the downpayment if I successfully get a unit, but the property would require a bigger financial commitment which I seriously don't think my current pay can support..

Which led me to the first dilemma above..


I've also seriously considering entering the family business but that would require me to relocate, which I am not ready.. I have the free will and option to join whenever and if I want to.. younger me wasn't interested at all, but the older me is telling me to seriously consider that option.. my parents only joined after retirement from their career! So I could do the same too twenty thirty years later.. There left my brother and I being the male descendants, my brother has indicated he's not keen and went on to take up permanent residency in a foreign country with no intention to return.. and that leaves me.. so I was made a director so that my name is up there alongside with my male cousins as the third generation heir..

Taking an active role in the company would meant an express route to financial freedom, but at the expense of family drama and politics - which I strongly hate.. maybe things will change twenty thirty years later when I have nothing else to do.. or if I am still alive..


So yaa sometimes I just wish to go home and lock myself at home and just scream, FUCK YA ALL!!!

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Shameless photos

Was on a working vacation to Club Med Bali recently, and in the midst of all the working and gathering information, there's also personal time to enjoy the resorts.. and take some shameless photos.. decent one that is..

I mean there's also uncensored ones, but I shall keep that for another time..

So enjoy..

Monday, 14 May 2018

The gay scene in Penang from a personal perspective

So for the past 7 weeks, I was in Penang the whole time, apart from work, I also go to the gym.. 

I hate to say this, even though Penang has plenty of nice food, I lost 5kg despite I ate a lot, double servings usually or up to 3 servings for dinner.. 

I attribute my drastic weight loss to the workload in Penang office, I have said it many times, I felt very fed-up and frustrated there.. I could understand why people leave cos I feel it myself too.. hence I guessed it was really stressful and I also did not sleep well every night..  

All in all, as a tourist, Penang is pretty alright, but to work and stay there, I felt Penang is relatively quiet and boring.. everyday I was counting down to the day when I eventually come back to KL.. 

As entertainment, I decided to check out the gay scene, I will break my thoughts down in bits and pieces, and do note they are my thoughts and I stand corrected if any.. 

I came back briefly for a day for the election and flew off in the evening after casting my vote.. In fact I burnt my return flight ticket scheduled for midnight and flew back to Penang on an earlier evening flight.. 

And finally drove back on Friday after Pakatan Harapan won the elections and a 2 days public holiday was declared.. I stayed back on Thursday just in case there's things to follow up, but since there's nothing to do, I checked out earlier and left on Friday straight back to KL..

I do miss home.. 

1. Seventy7 Nagore Square, Jalan Nagor
This is a gay bar.. I did not go because I do not have friends who drink and I rather not go socialise alone.. In fact, my 7 weeks in Penang was so boring I only go out with friends on weekends and spending time with my parents at home.. Weekdays I just work and go gym and then back to the hotel.. 

So I have no comments to make about this place.. It's just that it was so near to my hotel, just a few minutes walking distance, I feel I need to mention it.. 

Coming from Burma Road, as you approach Jalan Nagor, turn right just before Penang Plaza.. Seventy7 is just on your left.. 

2. Permata Sports Complex
Situated in Paya Terubong at the edge of Air Itam, this swimming pool features open showers and is always cruisy, especially in the evenings.. In the weekend mornings, it's quiet, but nothing short of cruising activities both in the pool and showers.. Every time I was there, there was always some light action in the showers..

Entrance is RM5 and the swimming pool is a 50m Olympic-sized pool with a one lane of 25m and in another corner, the deep end for diving.. Such a weird combination for a pool.. 

You may read more about it in posts below..

3. Romeo Sauna, Butterworth
I admit I did come here a few times on the weekends.. Entrance is RM20 (or was it RM25, can't remember cos I always have big notes and didn't check the change).. It's a small community sauna which I kinda prefer rather than big commercialised one.. I kinda like the settings despite some dirty old men (then again, where were they not be at?)

Action happen mostly in the steam room and dark room.. I don't understand why there is a platform in the dark room, a mis-step for a newbie and you can kick it and hurt your shin badly! 

It has a small open shower area with just 2 shower heads, but closed off from the outside with a curtain and frosted glass.. I also noticed some drinks and snacks near the entrance but I never bothered with it.. 

From Penang Bridge


Layout of Romeo Sauna
*not to scale

I admit the place wasn't easy to find at all! But once you know where is it, you can't help but notice how easily and convenient it is to get there.. I am pretty sure there's a reason why they chose to be low-profile and kept their location a hush-hush thing, so if you want to know where is it exactly, just let me know.. 

One hint, it's just 1 minute from Juru Autocity and 5 minutes away from the Penang Bridge.. 

4. 1st Avenue toilet
Now this is one toilet that is wayyyyyyyy too busy to cruise.. It's the one that's outside Oppo, same level as the bridge to Komtar and Prangin..  I don't know why it makes the list..I went in to check to see how cruisy it is, but no.. too crowded all the time.. 

I go to 1st Avenue because of Texas Chicken on the LG floor!! 

5. Ground Floor toilet North Zone beside Padini, Queensbay Mall
Again, this toilet is way too busy with plenty of people in and out.. I mean, I do notice some eyes and people who stay longer than necessary in the toilet at the sinks but I just dismissed it off.. just way too busy.. 

6. Peepholes, cinema toilet Queensbay Mall
Now this is what I call a proper cruise toilet.. peepholes in each cubicle on both sides of the wall! People know, cos it's obvious but I guess nobody cares.. 

There are others like Padang Brown, Udini Square, Redwall, Moongate etc but as I did not specifically check them out, I cannot say for sure.. 

Get your updated cruising places at Blowing Wind/Utopia etc 

Thursday, 10 May 2018


We did it!

We won!

The mother of all elections, the dirtiest ever and one that is a go-all-in or go-home kind.. Malaysians kicked out Najib, Umno, MCA dogs and Barisan Nasional and put in place a new federal government..

The last 11 days have all been #509 change the government, #kitamestimenang.. rallies upon rallies.. urbanites are staunch Pakatan Harapan supporters, it's the rurals that are hard to read..

I've said it before and it's clear which side I am supporting.. It has not been an easy journey since 2008..

But thank god it's all over..

We've won..

Holding up the PKR flag at one of the political rallies

I fly the flag in my car

Done my national service duty..
Cast my vote in Bandar Utama under Damansara

Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Tomorrow is the D-Day..

In 2008, I did not vote.. Pakatan captured Selangor.. That opened up my eyes.. I was like, "wow, never in my lifetime I thought that could happen".. Sure it did.. I was a resident of Selangor already..

In 2013, I was among the first few in line to cast my first vote.. despite not able to capture Putrajaya, it was no fault of Pakatan, we all learnt of how magic happened, how blackouts happened and things like that..

Tomorrow, I will again be out casting my vote in hope that Pakatan will be able to capture Putrajaya, form a new federal government, clean up the crooks and restore Malaysia's glory..

It's no secret who I am voting for.. I openly state my support for Pakatan, I go to their rallies wherever I am, only this time I'm in Penang so I went to a few of their rallies..

I'm flying back to Kuala Lumpur tonight..

Tomorrow, IniKaliLah!

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Countdown to the mother of all elections

Last night I attended my first ceramah this election, in Han Chiang School in Penang.. this is a battleground where in 2008, Penang denied Gerakan-Umno-Barisan Nasional.. In 2013, again this very ground where Penang reject Najib and Korean Psy "Are you ready for BN?" joke..

In 2018, this is again the ground zero for change, and barely 10 minutes after 8pm, despite the thunderous lightning and sounds of storm looming in the horizon, thousands of people came.. 

I went at 8pm.. But I have no place to park and have to park about 1km away and walk 20 minutes to Han Chiang.. But its okay, it feels good to be part of the righteous change.. 

Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang came late, after an earlier simultaneous mega ceramah in Juru on the mainland, apart from the local parliament and DUN candidates.. 

However, the message is one and of the same..

Monday, 30 April 2018

The quiet life

Entrance to Permata Swimming Pool

A far cry from Kelana Jaya pool on a Sunday morning, Permata Swimming Complex is quiet, in fact deserted.. I'm not kidding you..

There is not more than 5 people the whole morning in the entire complex.. 3 of us were swimming laps, the other 2 is a father and son playing water..

There wasn't a single soul tanning, which is such a waste given that there is absolutely no shade and the sun was striking good, despite a cloudy early morning.. To me, this was joy..

It's just so quiet.. like o-m-g.. If this is Kelana Jaya, there will not be any empty lanes/space at all and you can't even swim without bumping into 10 people..

And the showers.. like you're the only soul in there the whole time.. ok la.. got people come in and go but not to shower or change.. just merely to pee and peek...

Quiet open showers

Somehow this is how I like it.. peace and quiet.. where I can swim and shower at my own peace without people disturbing.. I mean, I'm a prized meat here likely cos the people here have not seen me before, but that's beside the point..

But still, I can't wait to go back KL, to where I belong..

Life in Penang is just not for me..

I hate it here..

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Fresh meat

Its the first time I went swimming in Penang..

The sports complex is located in Paya Terubong close to Air Itam..

The swimming pool is an odd L-shaped pool with 3 different depths.. On one end is the shallow end, on the other end, a quarter of it is for diving and the other half is about 2m deep..

Layout of the pool

Changing room is on the right hand side from the entrance.. ticket counter is on the right before the turnstile.. then enter through the left lane through the turnstile.. the right lane goes to a seating area which is not connected.. weird layout..

Then the lifeguard there will collect your ticket and put into the clear box.. Again I find this rather stupid.. Ticket booth is before the turnstile.. the box is after the turnstile.. I mean, how redundant is this system?!

I actually wanted to go in the morning to catch some tan, but since I overslept and my friend wasn't free to do brunch, I just continue on sleeping in until my stomach screamed..

So I went in the evening instead.. It's quite crowded..

The interesting part is, I mean I know it's cruisy, but I didn't know just how cruisy it was until I see it, and experienced it myself, first hand.. The moment I arrive, eyes were on me.. I got changed.. in the changing room there's about 10 cubicles open shower with partition but no doors.. and on the sides, shelves to put your things..
Male changing room layout..
I did not count the number of urinals, sinks and toilets..

So I got changed, eyes were obviously cruising me so I gave them the show they so wanted..

I guessed being a fresh face ie someone new to a place, people knows, cos I indeed looked lost, trying to figure out where is what, no thanks to the lack of information online..

Let me take a comparison between Kelana Jaya pool, yeah, ok I think they're comparable..

The cruising isn't just limited to the changing room, but also while swimming laps! The good thing is the water is clean but not heavy with chlorine (unlike KJ)..

After about an hour, I tired myself out and went to shower.. It was vacant, so I was free to choose the cubicle of my liking..

As I was undressing and taking my trunks off, a few other guys entered and took the shower cubicles next to mine.. Are they really showering or just checking me out? I don't know..

So I showered.. guys walked in and out, each one minding his own business.. there was a guy in the cubicle next to mine, he just arrived but have no reason to shower, so at the side of my eyes, I can see him looking over and checking my nude body.. He's probably in his 40s, not that I care..

I was taken aback when he hugged me from behind and got touchy and started to stroke me.. I wondered why I let him, maybe because the exhibitionist me got the better hold of me.. then he blew me till I cummed..

Open showers yeah.. and with people around but after a while, I realised that it's something that is the norm, people know what's going on but nobody cares or disturb..

This is an experience on a whole new level to me..  compared to KJ, I don't have this kind of encounter before in KJ! Maybe because in KJ, I tend to bump into people I know so I don't do stuffs there..

It's different here.. I may not visit here again and nobody knows me here..

A fresh face is a prized collection.. I have proven it not once not twice, but 3 times.. why 3? You just have to stay tune to find out where else have I been to be able to make this claim..

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Penang stint (part 1)

My stint in Penang began with the MITM Fair held in SPICE Arena end of March.. Working through travel fairs have been a norm for me, nothing new.. the challenge is selling a product that's not a big hit among the people here..

Nevertheless we did not go back empty handed..

The first hotel was Olive Tree which is opposite SPICE.. it's a pretty decent hotel, but the staffs are a bit of a blur case and unapologetic..

The twin room that I share with my colleague

When work becomes boring, you do stupid poses..

After all it ends, time to take a relaxing dip in the pool..
This is one of the dirtiest hotel pool (apart from MBS) that I've swam in..

The water stinks and smells and there's pretty eeky moss growing out of the tiles.. As you can see from the photo above, at the corners.. those green shit..

Nevertheless, took some sun shots and I got the hell out.. 

How about some self-admiration time?
I've lost some muscle definition and I am not happy!

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Day 13/47 Penang

Time flies.. so it's almost two weeks now that I am based here in Penang..

My working hours is longer here than in KL.. Once work is done, I head off to the gym in the evening in Orient Fitness Gold Gurney Paragon.. The evening drive from office to Gurney is about 20 minutes (faster compared to non-jam commute between home and KL office)

I bought a one-month access for Orient Fitness gym as it's the most convenient for me.. I had to freeze my Fitness First Celebrity Fitness membership for a month and paid the freeze fee..

Orient Fitness Gold Gurney Paragon
After gym I'll just grab dinner wherever I may be.. sometimes I met up with friends for dinner and dessert.. on the weekend I'll spend time with my parents..

Life is boring here.. I miss home.. 

Day 13/47, I can't wait to be back in KL.. minus 1 day because of polling day which falls on 9th May where I'll make a day trip back to KL to cast my vote and then fly back to Penang again..

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Malaysia Decides

9th May 2018 - the D-Day.. the mother of all elections, the dirtiest of all elections.. Ever..

Once the news broke, everyone rushed to book flights back to their voting constituencies..

I also booked my flight back to Kuala Lumpur as my voting area is Petaling Jaya..

At whatever cost, one must do one's duty this election.. Come what may, it's a battle we cannot afford to lose..

So please, vote.. Vote wisely..

Friday, 30 March 2018

Intern #2

It's been a while since I last rant on Intern #2..

So on average, he's been absent from work without reason, without informing anyone about one day a week.. so far he has been missing-in-action for 4 random days..

Twice, I caught him slacking and taking tea breaks at the coffeeshop downstairs during office hours.. It's one thing to ask for permission to go out and get food if one is hungry during working hours, that is almost always allowed because we are all humans.. It's another thing altogether to just go missing and nobody knows anything about it..

I caught him not once but twice.. and he has no good reasons for it.. So to save myself the sanity, I noted that down in his attendance sheet..

You think that's it?

He is late to work everyday anyway.. coming in 30 mins to an hour late each day.. Once in a while we can understand if there's genuine reasons to be late, but consistently every day late is habitual and not coincidental, so it's no longer excusable..

One day he left early at 5.45pm, again, just coolly packed his bag and walked out.. Nobody knows where is he going, nobody knows why he's leaving early, as his supervisor, he doesn't even bother to at least tell me he's leaving..

I looked on as he walked out of the office.. and all of us were wondering and puzzled.. only to have him return 5 minutes later and shoving his attendance sheet to me and ask me to sign it..

I was like, "what the hell you think you're doing? Leaving and coming back ask me to sign your attendance sheet?"

I refused and I told him I am not going to sign it, and boldly strike off the false timing he wrote and wrote down the actual time he left.. I told him to get the head of department to sign..

He's been up with the HR once and still not smart enough to pack his shit together..

I'm like okay fine, to which I agreed to let him go and transfer him out to other department and just do clerical works such as filing, stamping, packing, photocopying etc..

It is in fact what he's good for.. He can't even do his work right and my team has to go through his work and redo everything.. this is a price-sensitive industry, one wrong price and customer will hold us by the edge of the knife demanding we honour it.. and that is something I cannot afford to have happened..

I've already disabled his access into the system because I did not want him to touch anything more.. I have enough of him..

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Dawning of the dirtiest general election ever

It's inevitable.. Soon Malaysia is going to the polls again, the 14th general election.. come what may, we all know it will go down in history as the dirtiest election ever..

Each one of you has a vote, but not each vote has the same weightage.. Your vote can worth as little as 1/7 of someone's vote.. In other words, it takes SEVEN of you to equal ONE vote of someone..

Hence, it is ever more so much more urgent and important that no one boycotts this election and no one spoil his/her vote..

If I ever hear you saying you are not voting or spoiling your vote, I'm sorry - we cannot be friends and I mean it when I say I will unfriend you.. 

If I can fly back to KL to vote despite the expensive flight tickets even if it's just a day trip, I will fly back and cast my vote (my voting area is here in Petaling Jaya), so why can't you do the same?

Are you happy that you, your children, your grandchildren, your greatgrandchildren, your greatgreatgrandchildren are going to pay for the debts the chao ahpek created? Think, that's if if the country still exist or still sovereign by then..

Hot right now!