Sunday, 22 April 2018

Fresh meat

Its the first time I went swimming in Penang..

The sports complex is located in Paya Terubong close to Air Itam..

The swimming pool is an odd L-shaped pool with 3 different depths.. On one end is the shallow end, on the other end, a quarter of it is for diving and the other half is about 2m deep..

Layout of the pool

Changing room is on the right hand side from the entrance.. ticket counter is on the right before the turnstile.. then enter through the left lane through the turnstile.. the right lane goes to a seating area which is not connected.. weird layout..

Then the lifeguard there will collect your ticket and put into the clear box.. Again I find this rather stupid.. Ticket booth is before the turnstile.. the box is after the turnstile.. I mean, how redundant is this system?!

I actually wanted to go in the morning to catch some tan, but since I overslept and my friend wasn't free to do brunch, I just continue on sleeping in until my stomach screamed..

So I went in the evening instead.. It's quite crowded..

The interesting part is, I mean I know it's cruisy, but I didn't know just how cruisy it was until I see it, and experienced it myself, first hand.. The moment I arrive, eyes were on me.. I got changed.. in the changing room there's about 10 cubicles open shower with partition but no doors.. and on the sides, shelves to put your things..
Male changing room layout..
I did not count the number of urinals, sinks and toilets..

So I got changed, eyes were obviously cruising me so I gave them the show they so wanted..

I guessed being a fresh face ie someone new to a place, people knows, cos I indeed looked lost, trying to figure out where is what, no thanks to the lack of information online..

Let me take a comparison between Kelana Jaya pool, yeah, ok I think they're comparable..

The cruising isn't just limited to the changing room, but also while swimming laps! The good thing is the water is clean but not heavy with chlorine (unlike KJ)..

After about an hour, I tired myself out and went to shower.. It was vacant, so I was free to choose the cubicle of my liking..

As I was undressing and taking my trunks off, a few other guys entered and took the shower cubicles next to mine.. Are they really showering or just checking me out? I don't know..

So I showered.. guys walked in and out, each one minding his own business.. there was a guy in the cubicle next to mine, he just arrived but have no reason to shower, so at the side of my eyes, I can see him looking over and checking my nude body.. He's probably in his 40s, not that I care..

I was taken aback when he hugged me from behind and got touchy and started to stroke me.. I wondered why I let him, maybe because the exhibitionist me got the better hold of me.. then he blew me till I cummed..

Open showers yeah.. and with people around but after a while, I realised that it's something that is the norm, people know what's going on but nobody cares or disturb..

This is an experience on a whole new level to me..  compared to KJ, I don't have this kind of encounter before in KJ! Maybe because in KJ, I tend to bump into people I know so I don't do stuffs there..

It's different here.. I may not visit here again and nobody knows me here..

A fresh face is a prized collection.. I have proven it not once not twice, but 3 times.. why 3? You just have to stay tune to find out where else have I been to be able to make this claim..

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Penang stint (part 1)

My stint in Penang began with the MITM Fair held in SPICE Arena end of March.. Working through travel fairs have been a norm for me, nothing new.. the challenge is selling a product that's not a big hit among the people here..

Nevertheless we did not go back empty handed..

The first hotel was Olive Tree which is opposite SPICE.. it's a pretty decent hotel, but the staffs are a bit of a blur case and unapologetic..

The twin room that I share with my colleague

When work becomes boring, you do stupid poses..

After all it ends, time to take a relaxing dip in the pool..
This is one of the dirtiest hotel pool (apart from MBS) that I've swam in..

The water stinks and smells and there's pretty eeky moss growing out of the tiles.. As you can see from the photo above, at the corners.. those green shit..

Nevertheless, took some sun shots and I got the hell out.. 

How about some self-admiration time?
I've lost some muscle definition and I am not happy!

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Day 13/47 Penang

Time flies.. so it's almost two weeks now that I am based here in Penang..

My working hours is longer here than in KL.. Once work is done, I head off to the gym in the evening in Orient Fitness Gold Gurney Paragon.. The evening drive from office to Gurney is about 20 minutes (faster compared to non-jam commute between home and KL office)

I bought a one-month access for Orient Fitness gym as it's the most convenient for me.. I had to freeze my Fitness First Celebrity Fitness membership for a month and paid the freeze fee..

Orient Fitness Gold Gurney Paragon
After gym I'll just grab dinner wherever I may be.. sometimes I met up with friends for dinner and dessert.. on the weekend I'll spend time with my parents..

Life is boring here.. I miss home.. 

Day 13/47, I can't wait to be back in KL.. minus 1 day because of polling day which falls on 9th May where I'll make a day trip back to KL to cast my vote and then fly back to Penang again..

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Malaysia Decides

9th May 2018 - the D-Day.. the mother of all elections, the dirtiest of all elections.. Ever..

Once the news broke, everyone rushed to book flights back to their voting constituencies..

I also booked my flight back to Kuala Lumpur as my voting area is Petaling Jaya..

At whatever cost, one must do one's duty this election.. Come what may, it's a battle we cannot afford to lose..

So please, vote.. Vote wisely..

Friday, 30 March 2018

Intern #2

It's been a while since I last rant on Intern #2..

So on average, he's been absent from work without reason, without informing anyone about one day a week.. so far he has been missing-in-action for 4 random days..

Twice, I caught him slacking and taking tea breaks at the coffeeshop downstairs during office hours.. It's one thing to ask for permission to go out and get food if one is hungry during working hours, that is almost always allowed because we are all humans.. It's another thing altogether to just go missing and nobody knows anything about it..

I caught him not once but twice.. and he has no good reasons for it.. So to save myself the sanity, I noted that down in his attendance sheet..

You think that's it?

He is late to work everyday anyway.. coming in 30 mins to an hour late each day.. Once in a while we can understand if there's genuine reasons to be late, but consistently every day late is habitual and not coincidental, so it's no longer excusable..

One day he left early at 5.45pm, again, just coolly packed his bag and walked out.. Nobody knows where is he going, nobody knows why he's leaving early, as his supervisor, he doesn't even bother to at least tell me he's leaving..

I looked on as he walked out of the office.. and all of us were wondering and puzzled.. only to have him return 5 minutes later and shoving his attendance sheet to me and ask me to sign it..

I was like, "what the hell you think you're doing? Leaving and coming back ask me to sign your attendance sheet?"

I refused and I told him I am not going to sign it, and boldly strike off the false timing he wrote and wrote down the actual time he left.. I told him to get the head of department to sign..

He's been up with the HR once and still not smart enough to pack his shit together..

I'm like okay fine, to which I agreed to let him go and transfer him out to other department and just do clerical works such as filing, stamping, packing, photocopying etc..

It is in fact what he's good for.. He can't even do his work right and my team has to go through his work and redo everything.. this is a price-sensitive industry, one wrong price and customer will hold us by the edge of the knife demanding we honour it.. and that is something I cannot afford to have happened..

I've already disabled his access into the system because I did not want him to touch anything more.. I have enough of him..

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Dawning of the dirtiest general election ever

It's inevitable.. Soon Malaysia is going to the polls again, the 14th general election.. come what may, we all know it will go down in history as the dirtiest election ever..

Each one of you has a vote, but not each vote has the same weightage.. Your vote can worth as little as 1/7 of someone's vote.. In other words, it takes SEVEN of you to equal ONE vote of someone..

Hence, it is ever more so much more urgent and important that no one boycotts this election and no one spoil his/her vote..

If I ever hear you saying you are not voting or spoiling your vote, I'm sorry - we cannot be friends and I mean it when I say I will unfriend you.. 

If I can fly back to KL to vote despite the expensive flight tickets even if it's just a day trip, I will fly back and cast my vote (my voting area is here in Petaling Jaya), so why can't you do the same?

Are you happy that you, your children, your grandchildren, your greatgrandchildren, your greatgreatgrandchildren are going to pay for the debts the chao ahpek created? Think, that's if if the country still exist or still sovereign by then..

Monday, 26 March 2018

The Gay Guide 101

Over the years I am glad this blog (and the older version) has been the hobby of many of you, reading and what not... That makes me really happy..

I know my blog has many part of your growing-up years way before the age of Facebook, Twitter and the rest.. I am glad my blog kept you company.. I am glad my blog did help you open up and accept yourself as a gay person..

There's really no shame in being gay, you just need to learn to accept yourself.. and then everything else become easier..

In fact, I started writing when I moved to Singapore, that was in 2003 just out of boredom and to keep myself busy.. Looking back , that's 15 years of writing on blogger..

But as technology takes over and people don't blog anymore, I am still writing, albeit much lesser nowadays.. And I also don't really post up hot guys photos like I used to to avoid risking being flagged by Google once again.. but maybe once in a while, I might just post one or two hehehe...

These days, it's either about my life, ranting and bitching about people like I've always used to.. or just writing about my travels..

Can I get a shoutout from whoever is still reading? Leave a comment, I will respond to each individually!

I promise :)

Sunday, 25 March 2018

The "big" move

Well, some of you may have heard (by some, I mean close friends), that I'll be relocating temporary up north.. I won't call it relocation but that's what it is, moving across cities..

I will be heading north this week and will be based there for 7 weeks or until further notice.. that's part 1...for a total of 47 days.. and later in July, it's part 2 which consists of 2-3 weeks up until my mid-year holidays..

First part of the stint is the brought-forward MITM fair which will be held in SPICE Arena, and then Monday onwards I will be working from the Penang office..

Being away from KL for this long, I've got to do some planning.. first up was to freeze my gym membership, but they only allow freeze by month.. and need to pay a freeze fee! So I decided to just freeze for April only, because freezing half month in May means have to pay half month membership pro-rata PLUS freeze free! Might as well, don't, cos it doesn't make much sense seeing I won't be able to save that much anyway..

Next up is to plan my stay, like finding a gym there.. Luckily I found a coupon for Orient Fitness in Gurney Paragon for one-month access, that should cover for April, but for May I will need to find something.. like a shophouse gym for pay per entry kinda thing..

Anyone of you have any suggestions?

I could go swimming but I can only do that on weekends and not on daily basis..

But perhaps the best part is, I am close to the beach! I mean I could just take a drive up to Batu Feringghi after work or on weekends and just chill, so who's keen to join me?

Friday, 23 February 2018

Fitness Level Up

My fitness journey has taken yet another level up.. this time around, I upgraded my gym membership of Fitness First to the dual membership which allows all access into all Fitness First Malaysia and Celebrity Fitness Malaysia clubs..

The dual membership also allows unlimited entry (because I am passport platinum level in FF) into all Fitness First Asia and Australia clubs..

All for just RM15 more each month, which I felt was worth paying for, considering that I moved about KL and travel quite a bit..

So I have been visiting back clubs like Midvalley, 1 Utama and Bangsar Village where I used to go before I switched to Fitness First in 2012..

And I find I train a lot harder in Celebrity... hmm maybe it's because I don't know anyone there hence less chance of chit-chat and more focus on serious workout.. .

In FF I am bound to start talking and you know.. half the time is spent chit chat hahahaha... over the years I've made friends with people who gym alone..

Monday, 12 February 2018

The Intern

2 days after I had Intern 3, I just had enough of him and his nonsense.. I let him off my team.. I did not want to mentor someone with that kind of attitude.. I gave him to another team, yeah and his new supervisor was fuming mad at him day in day out..

I wish him well, but I have serious doubts where he'll go, if data entry is where he's comfortable at, being a college graduate-to-be, so be it..

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The day my intern pisses me off

So now I have a team of my own.. a staff and 3 interns.. one of them said something today that I felt shouldn't be said by any employee, not just interns.. Sometimes I wonder what these kids learn in school/college..

Intern 1:
Fast and eager learner, able to grasp what was taught easily and able to repeat it back to me without difficulty, and do them fast and almost correct.. Only thing is likes to play phone and relies too much on google translate, we all know how wonderful google translate can be sometimes..

I can live with this - as long as work gets done, I'm really ok.. dependency on google translate is something that can be worked on..

Intern 2:
Did not turn up on second day and half the day on third day, without informing anyone, I gave him the benefit of the doubt of his reasons two days in a row, I did not question him further because I honestly think he doesn't understand my question (on why he didn't turn up/late).. Takes forever to complete his assignments..

Again, as long as he does what is asked of him, however slow, I'm ok, although I would probably make some remarks in his report about his missing-in-action-days, as I believe it won't be the last..

Saving the best for last... Intern 3:
So Intern 3 learns things quite ok as well, but slow in execution and full of spelling,                   spacing                          and cApiTaLiSatiOn errors.. I am kinda OCD on this: uppper case where it should, and lower case other times.. He has a weird fascination of random capitalisation, or not where it should, and an inconsistent use of spaces..

I decided today I would teach him something new so he can move forward and help me down the weeks as I was planning the workload for them all..

Barely a minute sitting down with him, he asked me something which left me stunned, "Do I really need to learn this? We don't learn this in college. I don't think I need to know."

Ok - I admit it's a tough one, but if one is to work in a travel industry, one has to know this even the basics..

I was stunned..

I crafted a seemingly innocent sarcastic reply, "If you think you don't want to learn this, it's ok".

And I just walked away..

And for the rest of the day, I basically just ignored him, gave him some tiny updating work to do and leave him be.. and he also did not ask if there's anything else he can do instead, all he did was sit there and play with his phone and took his own sweet time to complete the simple task in an hour or two (which I could do it under 10 minutes myself)..

They all learn at different pace so I have to teach them separately, which is fine, I am more than happy to sit down and guide them, and then I do my work and double checking their work at night.. and as interns, they are paid too, not to photostat and do filing like many other companies out there, but to actually learn and do the work as a full time staff would..

So it's that kind of attitude that really puts me off..

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Birthday Trip: 5D4N Chiangmai-Chiangrai (part 4/4)

Day 4: Exploring the city

The last day before we return the car, we went around exploring the city.. First we went up to Doi Suthep temple perched atop the mountain 15km away from Chiangmai city, however, it takes about 1 hour drive as the drive isn't an easy one.. 

On our way, we witnessed a fatal accident, the victims' bodies were twisted from broken backbone and there was a lot of debris on the road, we dare not look and just drove on.. Luckily I wasn't driving.. 

At the bottom of the stairs up to Doi Suthep

Looking back down from the top

Fortune telling sticks

A section of the temple

Fresh orchids

A Hmong girl resting after a hard work "performing" 

So spiritual that this tourist was chanting at the tree

From the entrance to Doi Suthep

On returning to the city, we stopped by Chiangmai Premium Outlet where each of us bought a shoe and some clothes.. it's not your usual premium outlet, the big brands were missing, only the mid-range and some unheard of brands..

Beside the premium outlet is a Starbucks outlet.. it's unique and it's pretty..

The side entrance

Front facade of Starbucks

Inside Starbucks
 After enjoying a drink inside Starbucks, we proceed to return our car near the airport.. The office of Budget Car Rental is located opposite Centralplaza, however not many Uber drivers know this place. there's a famous Korean grill restaurant beside it, and it's easier to find rides using that as the pickup point..

Office counter

Found a perfect parking spot just right at the door

After that, we just grabbed a ride to the Night market.. it's so huge that from 5pm to 12am we were there, we only managed to cover 1 street.. there's like 3 or more stretch of the night market that we didn't even cover..

And yes, it is super super crowded and packed, people jostling for space.. I would say it's 10x worse then Connaught night market, famous in Kuala Lumpur..

Near Tha Phae gate

This trip was made possible sponsored by my friends for my birthday and they also bought me dinner to celebrate..

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Birthday Trip: 5D4N Chiangmai-Chiangrai (part 3/4)

Day 3: Watching sunrise on the summit of Doi Inthanon

4am.. Woke up to the freezing temperatures of around 4 degrees Celcius, the water was too cold to shower so all we did was just to wash up and freshen up, had a quick bite, and then drove off to the summit at 5.30am..

When we reached around 6am, there was already a long queue of cars and scores of people scrambling for the best spot to catch the first Thai sunlight..

6am - Still dark but in the horizon, the ray of the first sunlight

Slowly  but surely

The crowd, when it was bright enough for photo

Just before the first sunlight

And the sun

Here's the timelapse videos:

Once the sun is up and bright, we make our way down to Phra Maha Dhatu, the twin pagodas built to commemorate the 60th birthday of the Thai King and Queen.. 

Shhhh I am meditating

The twin pagodas facing each other, taken from the parking lot

It's windy and freezing still, overlooking the mountain range

Another shot of the mountain range, the Himalayans end here

After this, we left the national park for Chiangrai, from here it's a 4.5 hours drive, mostly along mountainous terrains, except for the flat 20 mins bypassing Chiangmai city.. 

Half way to Chiangrai, I gave up driving as it was too tiring and too sleepy for me to drive the entire way, so I pulled over and had a friend take over the wheel for the rest of the day in Chiangrai, while I catch up on some rest and sleep in the backseat.. 

We reached Chiangrai around 2.30pm and for a quick lunch before visiting the White Temple and Blue Temple..

The front of the White Temple, before the entrance booth

I guess it looks good on pictures only but nothing great in real life

Legends has it that one must never backtrack or reverse as they cross the bridge

Pretty right?

Entrance of Blue Temple

The pagoda behind the main hall

After visiting the temples, we adjourned for dinner in Chivit Thamma Da (or as I pronounced it, Chivit tamada).. It is a huge complex in a series of bungalows that depict different areas..

It need a signboard!

At the courtyard of the main dining hall.. It's a very Victorian style kinda building..

Part of the dining hall

The verandah where we were seated, overlooking the river

And this is where my friends celebrated my birthday dinner here.. 

I chose a chocolate mousse cake, cos I love chocolate cake, served on a Victorian styled plate

After dinner, we drove back to Chiangmai, a distance of 200km and takes 3 hours across the mountain range, often a single lane highway which is Highway 118, notoriously dangerous and all those deaths and accidents that happened between Chiangmai-Chiangrai that we read in the papers, all happened on this highway.. 

Highway 118 is so bending and winding that you need 200% concentration and full alert when driving this road.. You cannot see much ahead of you due to the darkness and sharp bends every corner, definitely not for someone who's not used to driving Genting or the old Cameron route, and multiply that difficulty by 10. 

Hot right now!