Thursday, 24 December 2015

What will my birthday trip costs me?

I usually go away for my birthday either before or after..

In 2015, I went to Jakarta and bunked with my friend who's expat there, had a driver and spent the weekend there without a single fuck given... and being driven around like a boss... Shopped a bit, went for a clean massage and spent the rest of the time eating.. Was good to finally been to a new city..

Next year, I am repeating my stint.. I've decided to go to Phnom Penh.. Why? Because it's cheaper than Siem Reap by half.. and I am not interested in ancient ruins, so I don't see any reason to go to Siem Reap, yet..

I just wanna step foot onto Cambodian soil and smell the dirty air, the laid back 4th world country and just chill in the pool.. After all, I can haz some me-time, right?

So how much exactly am I incurring for my trip?

Let's see.. for 2 nights in Arthur and Paul, the only clothing-optional (gay) men-only hotel in Phnom Penh - that's about US$100 a night which I shamelessly asked and received a room upgrade thanks to the boss as a birthday present, and then another night in Rambutan Resort deluxe pool room, that sets me back US$80, which comes to total of about US$280 for 3 nights.. My Malaysia Airlines ticket costs me about RM457, adding it all up, I should be looking to spend around RM1,700 for my holiday, not including expenses.. And I am going to use my Enrich miles to upgrade to business class, cos I have tens of thousands of miles unused and kept expiring..

Arthur And Paul

Arthur and Paul is actually my first choice for it's appeal, with complimentary access to the simple sauna for hotel guests.. I've always wanted to stay in a clothing-optional men-only hotel where I don't need to worry about bringing many clothes.. Tanning in the nude is also lovely but I want my tan lines! I don't know what to expect but I think I will greatly enjoy my stay, even though it's just for 2 nights..

Arthur And Paul
That will also save me some money into actually being in a sauna yet not going/paying for one.. Since it is also a public access sauna for the public in Arthur and Paul..

I foresee that I'll be spending a lot of time out of the room and lounge at the pool with drinks and all, naked if I will, hehe.. So it's time that I need to look good in the buff haha...

As for Rambutan Resort, I am having the Deluxe Pool room with private balcony overlooking the pool.. and oh did I mention about the outdoor bathtub? I am happy with that.. The staff have scored brownie points accommodating my requests.. Probably just lazing in the bathtub on the balcony is good enough for me.. I guess..

Sadly it's not clothing-optional, nor is it men-only.. but I sure hope to see hotties..

I think I am rather okay with this.. Since if I were to go Bangkok, I'll spend half this amount but expenses will surely be higher.. and I won't have a room with an outdoor bath or walk around the hotel sans clothes if I want to.. right?

A little of this cost is offset by the US Dollars balance that I have in my Paypal, which is income from Rainbow Designs.. I've been really too busy to do much work for Rainbow Designs, only to keep it afloat so that I still have some small passive income..

What else should I do/see in Phnom Penh? Don't ask me to eat tarantulas and spiders, I'll smack you!

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