Thursday, 27 October 2016

Day 6: Center of the World Time & The Book of Mormons

17 Sept 2016 - Saturday

This morning, I went to Borough Market for breakfast and walked around the hyped-up market, which in my opinion, it's really no big deal, so you can skip this..

Entrance to Borough Market

Colourful fresh produce and free tasting

Fresh tomatoes!

Bomba paella

Brunch in so-so F!SH
That lump of eggs cost m£10

I asked for a souvenir and it's the lemon's condom!
But I can't find it already when I got back to KL.. dont know where I put it..

After brunch, left my friend's place and checked into Best Western Delmere Hotel in Hyde Park just 5 mins walk away from Paddington Station.. In fact the majority of Sussex Gardens are lined up with hotels, in a residential neighbourhood.. 

I had booked myself a single room without breakfast.. Can't reveal the amount I paid but all I can say is, it was heavily discounted for me, as I was using my agent discounts.. 

After settling in, I thought of taking a quick nap.. The bed was heavenly and so comfortable that my quick nap turned into 3 hours of sleep.. Woke up at 2pm and decided I have to skipped lunch if I were to make it to Greenwich which is on the other side of London before the museum close! 

Entrance to the hotel on Sussex Gardens

One side of the room

The other side of the room



Looking out of the window

So I hurried off to Paddington Station, but I was delayed as I was snapping pictures of the station.. and then only make my way to Herons Quay station which is nearer to Canary Wharf Metropolitan line actually, where I change onto the Docklands Light Rail..

Entrance to Paddington Station

Canary Wharf station sign

Heron Quays signboard.. it's already pretty cold!

Now this DLR is a bit unfamiliar for me.. I was looking around for the ticket machine to tap in, but after looking around for a while, I gave up - I decided to follow what other people do.. Just walked up the escalator to the platform while kept thinking to myself, "is it free"?

It was my lucky day.. There was a staff inside the train, but she wasn't checking on the tickets.. she was just riding the train like everyone else.. So I act innocent and cool and held out my Oyster card..

A short ride away, I reached Cutty Sark where I got off, then I noticed something that looks all like a ticket machine!! From here its a long walk to the Royal Observatory, it's about 1km, and uphill.. By the time I reach the top, I was already sweating even though it's quite cold and windy up there..

This is where the Prime Meridian Line is.. at Zero Longitude.. Greenwich Meridian Time has long been used as the base of time calculations around the world, only to be superceded by a more accurate Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) but that's beside the point..

A street in Greenwich

On top of the hill overlooking London

Central London is on the background

The British Standard

Can you spot my city?

The Prime Meridian line as marked in red

Selfie in front of the line

Must take a pic with my city

Royal Observatory Museum

Local time in Kuala Lumpur 

That's the laser that measures the PM line

I was there till it closed at 5pm, and made my way back to Piccadilly Circus where I walked to the Prince of Wales Theater for my Saturday night show of The Book of Mormons..

As I still have time and pretty hungry, I went to find dinner.. I didn't know what to eat but I thought I wanted something Japanese.. so I head over to one of the restaurants somewhere behind Ripleys which has a long queue outside.. The outlet name is Shoryu Ramen..

Michelin-recommended restaurant

The famous ramen, it's quite huge..


Finally, the bill

I thought to myself, this is London, if there's a long queue, the food must be good, so I joined in the queue and half an hour later, I was seated..

I sat down and saw this on the wall near the entrance.. so I thought, well, this is as close to dining in a Michelin star Japanese restaurant in central London, so I just ordered the famous ramen and it would cost me £12, which is really worth it..

It was really good..

After dinner, I head back to Prince of Wales theater and went in to take my seat as it was fast approaching 7pm.. 

Selfie with my ticket!

At the lounge waiting for entry

Seated... Sorry no photography allowed, I was warned.. 

I managed to snap a photo of the stage before the staff came and ask me to switch off my phone

Elder Price

Elder Cunningham

I was reluctant to go for this show initially but friends have been recommending and I've read the reviews and awards it has won, and so I bought my ticket at £80 for a front row seat on the Circle upstairs..

I didn't regret it..

The musical was hilarious and the songs kept ringing in my head for days.. Hasa diga eebowai!!

Full of vulgarities and F* words, the musical was rated 18SX for its sexual, vulgar and religious contents, and appropriately so..

The Book of Mormon follows two Mormon missionaries as they attempt to share their scriptures with the inhabitants of a remote Ugandan village.. The earnest young men are challenged by the lack of interest of the locals, who are preoccupied with more pressing troubles such as AIDS, famine, and oppression from a warlord..

If you are in London, you should really watch it..

After the show ended, I hanged around M&M World again and slowly walked through SOHO on the gay Saturday nightlife.. I thought of hopping into G-A-Y but it was freaking long queue round the block and full house.. I gave up after a while of standing in line.. So no clubbing no drinking that night, and made my way back to my hotel..

Harry Potter is showing at another theater


Les Miserables showing at another theater

Next up.. Sunday: my public nude gym experience.. 
I actually went to a nude gym in Gunnersbury (no it's not in a sauna kind of gym).. it's an actual gym but only open for men on Sunday, and it's clothing optional, why of course, everyone is naked.. 

Hot right now!