Thursday, 17 August 2017

Sushi sushi and more sushi

When in Japan, one must have sushi.. and have good sushi..

This is Uobei Genki Sushi in Shibuya.. every plate is 100yen, or 108 yen with tax.. The portion is good and the queue is long, but we were seated within 45 minutes..

All the ordering is made through the screen and your sushi will fly through one of the three rail lines and stop in front of you..

When you are done, click "checkout" bill and go to the counter to pay..

As we arrived, the queue line begins from outside..

Once inside, it is one line standing and 2 lines sitting down..

Finally got to our table.. each person has own screen..

Each time you order it is 3 types per order.. 

... as the train can only carry 3 plates at one time...

What's amazing is.. only 3 rail lines but the trains will never crash into one another..
despite many trains going out and coming in on the same line

Squid sushi

Can you guess what sushi is this???

Hint: it's green and slimy...

It's delicious!

That's for the cheap sushi...

Then we also tried the more expensive sushi ones, at this 24 hours shop in Shinjuku.. each piece costing about 300-500 yen average and the order is by the pieces or in pairs if I remember correctly.. our bill came to about 5,000 yen just on that few pieces...

The shop is not huge, it has only about 20 seats//

There's a sushi chef for every few patrons and he makes the sushi on his own sweet time

Large pieces of sushi ready to be eaten

The chawanmushi costs about 600 yen.. that's RM20.. quite premium..  in it has huge scallops...

Yes, all you see here costs about 5,000 yen

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest & Kyoto Surrounds

Started our full day exploring Kyoto by visiting, all with JR Pass:
  • Arashiyama Bamboo Forest
  • Fushimi Inari Shrine
  • Nara Deer Park

View from Kyoto Station 

We decided to do the journey in reverse direction, first taking the JR train from Kyoto station to JR Umahori station (which is covered with JR Rail Pass), and from there a short 5 minutes walk to Kameoka Torokko station..

The monkeys statues at Torokko Kameoka Station

Just a photo.. don't need to get too excited ya!
FYI - that's my hands on his shoulder..

"Romantic Train".. how is it romantic?

Finally reach the Bamboo Forest

Moving on to Fushimi Inari with JR train to JR Inari station, again, it's covered with JR Rail Pass.. Back here after 2 years..

This is called pattern duo duo - act one kind

If you have hiked up far enough, the view gets bizarrely amazing.

In after that, we continue on with JR train to Nara, settled down for some dessert to cool the hot day off.

This deer aiming for my Coke!

Back n Kyoto city.. went and explore some secluded temples...

It is said that you tie your bad luck predictions on the strings and don't take it with you

Who's up for some fortune telling?

Just another Kyoto street

The main street

Issen Yoshuku - Kyoto Pancake

Issen Yoshuku - Kyoto Pancake

Issen Yoshoku - Kyoto Pancake
My dining date


Outside a mochi shop in Gion

Different kinds of mochi

Lots of 18SX obscene pics in this shop

Next, we head to Gion Tsujiri for the green tea dessert..

Half and Half

Our last day in Kyoto is spend exploring Nishiki Market.. I ate the Big Cup Nissin Noodle.. The ingredients are filled to the brim and so full.. and it cost like 210 yen..

Temple before Nishiki Market

Shopped too much buying Yuzu honey that we scored ourselves a member's card

Bought leaf sushi from Isetan Kyoto Station for our lunch back to Tokyo on the Shinkansen..

The sushi are all individually wrapped in leaf

The toilet of the Hikari Shinkansen

Toilet in the Hikari Shinkansen

And when we pass by Mount Fuji on the Shinkansen, it was a sight to behold... a fantastic unobstructed view of Mount Fuji!

Hot right now!