Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Disneysea Dismayland

Maybe I really have grown up..

But frankly speaking, the only Disneysea in the world in Tokyo, failed to live up to its name as the happiest place on earth.. Somehow, I felt (strongly) that Universal Studios Japan beats Disneysea anytime..

I used to like Disneyland, even Disneyland Hong Kong can excite me, but I guess when I went to Tokyo Disneysea, I had an expectation so high that I disappoint myself..

The day started ok.. by time finish the first ride, it began to turn cloudy rather quickly and soon it was pouring..

Waiting for your text...
Why don't you call me....

I kinda like this ride.. quite short but it has all the thrills elements

And the iconic Mickey ice-cream...

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Sushi sushi and more sushi

When in Japan, one must have sushi.. and have good sushi..

This is Uobei Genki Sushi in Shibuya.. every plate is 100yen, or 108 yen with tax.. The portion is good and the queue is long, but we were seated within 45 minutes..

All the ordering is made through the screen and your sushi will fly through one of the three rail lines and stop in front of you..

When you are done, click "checkout" bill and go to the counter to pay..

As we arrived, the queue line begins from outside..

Once inside, it is one line standing and 2 lines sitting down..

Each time you order it is 3 types per order.. 

... as the train can only carry 3 plates at one time...

What's amazing is.. only 3 rail lines but the trains will never crash into one another..
despite many trains going out and coming in on the same line

Squid sushi

Can you guess what sushi is this???

Hint: it's green and slimy...

It's delicious!

That's for the cheap sushi...

Then we also tried the more expensive sushi ones, at this 24 hours shop in Shinjuku.. each piece costing about 300-500 yen average and the order is by the pieces or in pairs if I remember correctly.. our bill came to about 5,000 yen just on that few pieces...

The shop is not huge, it has only about 20 seats//

There's a sushi chef for every few patrons and he makes the sushi on his own sweet time

Large pieces of sushi ready to be eaten

The chawanmushi costs about 600 yen.. that's RM20.. quite premium..  in it has huge scallops...

Yes, all you see here costs about 5,000 yen

Hot right now!