Monday, 26 October 2015

2 tooths in 10 days

In the space of 10 days, I have had 2 tooth extractions.. Both upper wisdom tooth..

You can imagine the pain/stress/anxiety/nervousness or whatever you call it.. And I also have 3 fillings and tooth reconstruction from a partially broken tooth..

Dr Cheah..
Cute dentist to your rescue..
And I get it all done at my friend's clinic in Tmn Megah (nearby MingTian food court).. Feel free to Hauz of Smile Dental Care, just look for Dr Cheah, and you can mention my name.. All I can tell you it's not expensive, and so much more cheaper than a lot other dentists..
drop by his clinic -

The last time I had a dental job done was when in school, back then there was no (or that they didn't bother to use any) anaesthesia.. I remembered the pain when they fill the holes and the hell cement smell and the sandy grain feel and some even came off after a while, but I'm really lucky my baby teeth all fell out by themselves without ever needing any extraction..

But in the hands of Dr Cheah, it was all good, anaesthesia was absolutely necessary for the comfort and he reconstructed my chipped tooth back into a real tooth shape.. Of course, no amount of anaesthesia can take away the pain of the extraction of the wisdom tooth, more so because there was no wall left, half of it was broken.. I still can feel the stinging pain but it had to be done..

After 2 and a half hours of continuous stress, the ordeal was over.. and after resting for a while, I was free to leave..

So if anyone of you is having problems with your teeth whatsoever, feel free to drop by Hauz of Smile Dental Care and look for Dr Cheah.

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