Saturday, 29 August 2015


Malaysians everywhere around the world, showed support for BERSIH in many of their own ways. 

This one caught my attention. 

Never expected to see this! Haha... Pic courtesy of The Malay Mail. 

And oh, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir and wife made an appearance at Dataran Merdeka at 7.20pm earlier..

Earlier, he swiped a sarcastic remark at that piece of shit "kalau bangsat itu pergi, kita tak bangsat" (if that asshole/son of a bitch/etc goes, we won't be screwed like this).

Salam BERSIH and Selamat Hari KEMERDEKAAN! 

Thursday, 27 August 2015


Of late, we hear this word being uttered here and there, by people from the streets to the prime minister himself..

Bangsat - a derogatory Malay word for mother-fucker, asshole, son of a bitch and the likes, are used to label someone who is a disgrace to society.. 

Apparently, the prime minister himself used the word to say that if the ruling party falls, everyone falls.. Quite true actually but if the people are bangsat, it's because the leader who caused it puts us there, won't the leader then become a bigger bangsat than all of us combined? But for a person of high office to use such foul language is really unbecoming, and it shows on the personality and calibre..

Fact: Malaysia can still survive without him, without the ruling party.. Perhaps we'll fare and go even further.. I wish for a better Malaysia..

We have had too many bangsat trying to outdo one another with their stupidity that waking up everyday is akin to going to the circus to see clowns perform - and rightly so..

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

To all Gorgeous Fitness members, here's my take on your gym..

2 weeks ago, 1Shamelin mall management shut down the power to Gorgeous Fitness.. Plenty of angry members and Facebook keyboard warriors took to social media to pen their frustrations.. I can only feel them and agreed..

The gym defaulted over RM700K in rental and over RM70K in utilities bill.. where is the money they collected upfront from the members? People have been complaining they are paying thousand and thousands over a contracted period of time.. Do your own math..

On the part of the mall management, they have been very lenient and by not sealing up the outlet, it shows that they are still open to negotiations, which GF repeatedly ignored.. I used to work in IKANO (now IPC Shopping Centre) and when a tenant defaults rent or utilities, we sealed the outlet for good and serve eviction notice and haul them to court.. Easier said than done, right? Shutting power supply is only the very first step..

On part of Gorgeous Fitness, LesMills have terminated their licenses recently over complaints of non-payment to instructors.. I used to teach BODYCOMBAT in GF in Brem Mall in the early days when they took over WOW Fitness, and then I took on more classes in Puchong and Southgate branches, but as payments have been really slow even back then, I even have to call the accountant myself to chase for my cheques payments myself as the group exercise managers were lousy and incompetent to look after their instructors, I decided to decline teaching there.. I also agreed that facilities are not well maintained..

This is not the first gym that suffered this fate.. We have had Synargym in Sooka Sentral (MRCB shut them down, defaulted on rent), TM Fitness (Majlis Perbandaran Klang shut them down, illegally operating without license and even had the cheek to say renovation, power cut and a whole lot of bullshits), and the latest was E-Fitness in Subang Jaya which d
id not pay its instructors yet the gym is still operating, recruiting and selling memberships and group coupons online..

My advise to gym members and those who is looking for a gym.. Go with the big brothers.. Fitness First, Celebrity Fitness, True Fitness.. no doubt these gyms cost more, but have a piece of mind, knowing that nothing much can go so wrong.. Only once in a while you get some stupid policy or some staff or some members doing stupid things and kaboom...

I have introduced a lot of people into Fitness First ever since I switched from Celebrity Fitness, and I did not regret my decision to dump Celeb and move over to FF..

As for Anytime Fitness, yes - the gym is 24 hours and backed by a global name BUT each outlet is individually owned and franchised, as with ANY franchised business, the common rules apply..

There is nothing gorgeous about Gorgeous Fitness.. except the fact that I take pity on Calvin Hee..

Terminate your membership and move to other gyms..

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Business Class Upgrade

Being in the travel industry, people often have the misconception that I travel in business and on business.. 

However, let me get the record straight.. I've only been upgraded ONCE while the other time, it was GIVEN to me.. 

On the upgrade instance, I was flying Lufthansa on a now-cancelled Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok route in June 2011, dressed casual smart and I was feeling exceptionally friendly and nice that day to the check-in counter staff - and I was given the upgrade right away.. Something that doesn't happen because I am a sucker for cheap economy flights.. I only buy tickets when it's at its cheapest, which don't permit upgrades.. 

On the given instance, I was flying Qatar Airways on a now-also-cancelled Kuala Lumpur-Phuket route in March 2013 but that was already pre-arranged.. And being the only passenger in the business cabin was superbly awesome.. with all the crew who's assigned to the cabin tending to only me.. 

All other times that I flew on business, were all on paid-tickets on Malaysia Airlines.. 

So - question - how do you actually land yourself and upgrade? 

Well, there's a few common factors but the list isn't conclusive.. So what gives? 

1. Single traveller
Chances of giving ONE person an upgrade is always easier than having to give TWO or more, so if you're travelling alone, there's a chance, however minute it is. 

2. Peak Times
Travel on peak routes on peak times, when flights can be overbooked and oversold, if there's seats in the premium cabin, chances are you can move up, otherwise, you can also be bumped off the flight onto another flight. 

3. Be extra nice and friendly
Somehow, this works too - and in almost any situation.. It pays to be nice and friendly to everyone you meet.. 

4. Ask but don't demand
If you are rude and demand an upgrade, you're certainly not get it.. 'nuff said.. But it never hurts to ask, and ask nicely.. forget about cooking up uncanny reasons.. the staff have heard it a million times before so it won't work.. Be genuine.. 

5. Frequent flyer status
The higher up in the tier, the more likely you can get bumped up.. So, travel more :) 

Have you scored an upgrade before? Share it, when, how and what happened that gives you the perk.. I'll want to hear from you! 

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Random Act of Kindness

Sometimes I feel that when you do something nice for others in a random act of kindness, you don't have to tell the whole world what you did.. Just find it in your heart that you help because you want to, and not because you want to garner "likes"..

It's different than when others tell your story..

Just because you don't tell the world doesn't mean you didn't help.. because after all, God only need to know.. and He knows..

Don't stop being kind and nice, the world can use more of it..

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Shame on Malaysia

Curious about what Malaysia is up to with foreign vehicles, particularly Singapore-registered vehicles, I read up the FAQ on the Malaysian Road Transport Department website to learn a little bit more on the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP).. The website is aimed at foreigners, particularly Singaporeans, who seemed to master the English language pretty well..

Effective 1 October 2015, the VEP is applicable on all foreign vehicles (except motorcycles and diplomatic vehicles) entering Malaysia.. It is fixed at RM10 renewable every 5 years while at the same time, there is the Road Charge of RM20 per entry regardless of the duration of stay in Malaysia..

But as I read through the website, I cringed..

The glaring spelling, grammar and sentence construction mistakes cannot be ignored.. I may not be perfect in command of the language, but anyone reading the FAQ can spot them as easy as I did..

That's what you get when you don't prioritise English enough and keep on harping on making that one other language the "supreme" one, if you may say that, so much so that foreigners and Singaporeans reading this will have a good laugh at the poor state of English contained therein..

Can't said it any better, learning and improving English will not cause anyone to question you on your patriotism and the respect for the national language..

(In comparison, Malaysian vehicles get 10 free VEP days into Singapore, and ERP is capped at S$5 per day, regardless of the number of gantries passed. We are still subjected to the VEP after the 10 free days, and we still have to top up our Autopass for payment of toll on the Singapore side.. Every year upon the renewal of the road tax, we only need to update our Autopass at the Customs office.. As simple as that)..

If you are unsure about driving into Singapore, you can ask me - I drive to Singapore quite regularly..

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Pray for Bangkok

I just came back from Bangkok 3 weeks ago, and while I was there, I do make it a point to pay a visit to the Erawan Shrine..

Seeing pictures of the blast literally shook me - together with my buddy,we were waiting for other friends outside the entrance of the shrine in the evening hours probably about 6pm or so, with our BigC groceries.. at the very spot where the bomb was said to be placed at..


Anything could've happened, really.. it was just a collective decision to make the Bangkok trip in July and not anytime later.. We have make contingencies to postpone the trip to August, to October, but lastly we settled for July..

Given a random week and a random day, anything could've happened.. and as pictures started streaming in, I couldn't help but was very disturbed at the magnitude of the blast, especially at where the "entrance" used to be.. where if I were to be in Bangkok, it would be where I may have been......

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Feeding online shopping addiction

With thousands and thousands of online shopping sites, you would definitely have bought something online.. There are things where you can only buy online, there are things that are cheaper online, and there are also things that you WISH you had bought online for whatever reasons..

Some credit cards give you rebates for your spendings, but that's about it, and at very pitiful sums.. Until one day I signed up for Shopback, which provides cashback for online shopping..

Works very simple - get an account and login to your Shopback account and from there, go to those online shopping sites, Groupon, Zalora, Lazada, Rakuten, Agoda, whatever it is, you name it (there's so many shopping sites with Shopback now!).. You can also enter your BCard and it will automatically track your purchases and gives you BCard points..

While the amount of cashback isn't that great, single digit % mostly, sometimes there's huge promos that gives cashback of up to 30% of whatever you spent on the shopping sites..

Over time, all these little little money adds up, and well, what do you do with them?

Cash it out of course!

Like. Fucking. Real. Cash :)

If you have not heard of Shopback, now's the time to explore and make your money work for you!! Especially when our economy now is so shitty, every bit of money is better than none!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Online Arrival Card for visitors into Taiwan

Non Citizens Invited to Use Taiwanese Online Arrival Card System

Starting from 1 July 2015, passengers arriving in Taiwan at any airport/port will have the option to physically fill out a “Paper Arrival Card” or electronically via the “Online Arrival Card” website for immigration inspection..foreign travellers are invited to complete their arrival cards online before travel by accessing the National
Immigration Agency official website at

This should be done right after ticket is issued.
1) Click on apply arrival card after login.
2) Fill in the blank, indicated optional item can be left empty.
3) Click submit.
4) After submission of online arrival form, should passenger change to another flight, he should
complete a fresh arrival form.

Printout is NOT required. If the information is found incomplete, you will be required to fill in a paper Arrival Card for immigration inspection.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Bangkok's DJ Station

Video screengrab courtesy of a friend
Have you been to Bangkok's DJ Station?

Definitely not like Marketplace, in fact I don't think MP can ever come as close to DJ Station..

Entrance fee was THB300 with 2 drinks, as compared to MP (last was RM50 with 1 drink or free entry with MP card, now I don't know how much is it as it has been more than 3 years since I last stepped into MP)..

Passport or ID check is a mandatory, so don't forget to bring some form of photo ID that list your date of birth, as they check for underage.

Once inside, you can wander around, that's if if you can even walk around that is, all the 3 floors and on the 3rd level cross over to the other side..

On the Saturday we went, after Babylon, it was packed to the brim.. I went with my buddy, and we managed to get a spot on the dancefloor just at the stage area, when we got there we already missed the earlier drag show..

We had to squeeze our way to the bar to get our drinks, and then proceeded to level 3 where it is only slightly less crowded so that we could drink in peace without anyone knocking into our drinks.. Once we're done, we head back into the dance floor and that's where the alcohol does the talking, moving.. Go bottoms up, I'd say! Haha...

This guy (pic) was dancing on the stage right beside us, with his crotch at our face level.. hmm.. he's not hard (obviously) and probably the best body on the stage.. so at the only chance when he was on his knees, you can guess all hands were on him of course, wanting to feel a piece of those solid abs and chest, only to find a small cock underneath the short shorts..

After about 2 hours of dancing, we called it a night and walked back to the hotel, just 10 minutes down Silom Road..

How to get to DJ Station.
1. BTS Sala daeng/MRT Silom. It is nearer to the BTS than the MRT.
2. You can't miss it. Loud music blaring down the alley.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Questions that has no answers

Sometimes people ask me questions that make me blink my eyes twice and then I go like., huh? Have you ever been asked questions so silly that you stopped being alive for awhile?

- How do you know they are gay? (usually common in places like gym or where it is known gays to go).
- (obviously during working hours) Finish work?
- Which one is the top/bottom (when referring to a couple, not necessary yourself)? Like excuse me, unless I've slept with one of them, I wouldn't know, and I wouldn't care, would I?
- What are you doing here (when bumped into one another in the gym/supermarket/cafes/bank.. etc)?

To me, if you ask me a silly/stupid question, I will answer you with a stupid answer.. can be outright dumb leaving you speechless or sarcastic, bitchy to insulting.

Hot right now!