Thursday, 30 April 2015

If you ask me out for coffee and saying you just want to see me, thanks but no thanks..

Nobody these days will simply ask someone out for a drink.. You need to have intentions.. Be it that you miss me, or to share with me "something interesting".. Any intention is an intention..

I bet you it sure is interesting, seeing how you can trade our friendship for money.. Stop.. If you start opening your laptop/tablet/file while we sip coffee and talk, I will throw money on the table for MY drink and walk away.. As simple as that, and that pays for the friendship as well..

Like it or not, you've probably been involved in one MLM or another.. Or that you advocate for one, or trying to recruit people to lessen your loss, or whatever.. or you can be also making big bucks and sipping coffee as you laughed at me.. I am not saying any MLM is a scam, you have to work, yes, you need to work for the money, SOMEONE'S MONEY.. you don't want to lose YOUR money, do you? Take someone's else's money then, and you so that's what MAKE yours..

And then there are those who know well enough to just stop whatever they set out to see me for, and ask me to forget about it.. With that, he/she earned brownie points for respect and for valuing our friendship..

But let me tell you this.. Cash rich and free will as a young boy back then without ANY financial commitments and spent like there was no tomorrow (you wouldn't believe me I work my ass off to pay my college education in cold hard cash of my own), I've gone into a few, follow what was needed and gone on to burn many a bridge too, dumping thousands and thousands of ringgit..

Am I rich now?

Yes - experience and knowledge..

Did I reap any rewards?

Yes - for being able to see the world with two eyes open.. Four, if you count my glasses..

Did I recruit enough people?

Yes - only that the money never came.. The companies I dumped my thousands into have all since wound up and long gone, after all, that's the 90s and early 2000s as we speak..

But like mushroom after the rain, one closed and ten more opened..

But where was my conscience? Whatever happened to the people I recruited? Were they not friends whom I used to know? Sadly, no.. these people aren't in the "business" anymore so to speak..

I have a house now.. I have a car now.. I have my own business now.. and I have a job that pays for my holidays.. Most important of all, I have the love of my family and friends.. I have the respect.. I have the admiration..

Clearly the "trainings" I brought home with me taught me how to be a better person - not how to make back money from someone's else's money..

You know yourself better - whether you are actually making any money or not.. If yes, good for you, if not, think for yourself why not.. At the end of the day, like gambling, the house always wins, but once in a while, it will let someone else win some of the time to keep the hopes alive..

After all, hope keeps people hungry for more..

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

When was the last time you truly lived?

No, I am not talking about past lives or reincarnations, but have you wonder, the life you're living now.. is it truly you living it?

Or has it been so mundane that it's the same robotic daily routine that you're so predictable? Have anyone told you to "go get a life"? Are you that uptight?

I've been addicted to Avicii's The Nights, both the lyrics and the meaning behind the song.. In the MTV, those guys are truly living it.. That's what I meant..

Enjoy your life, because it's so short that it'll be over before you know it..

Life a life you will remember..

Monday, 27 April 2015

Voice Dubbing: Dubsmash

deo for the dubbing part..

Some are hilarious, some are downright witty, but there also some people just don't know how to use the app.. I've probably browsed through thousands of #dubsmash videos in Instagram over the weekend and there's some videos I go like, "huh, do this guy/girl even know what is dubbing?!" - goes to show how stupid they are..

But then again, Asian boys are soooooo limited and few, most of the videos are girls and whatever ethnicity they are..

I've done two videos.. that's all the time I have.. will keep fiddling with it some more to see what's new..

A video posted by ERIC (@ericlimkj83) on

A video posted by ERIC (@ericlimkj83) on

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Club Med Cherating - My personal review

I have written a review of Club Med Cherating, which I posted in Holiday Tours' website - also double up as a soft sell approach LOL..

It is a much more professional writing compared to the one I wrote here last week hehe.. can't blame me lah.. Have to write properly so no revealing pictures! haha..

Club Med has promotions pretty much most of the time so the next time they have sales again, you might want to check it out and try it once, and trust me, once won't be enough..

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

St Anne's Feast - Aug 1

It's been a few years since I last went to St Anne's Feast.. I am not a Catholic but I am compelled and "obligated" to return to give thanks annually (actually) for a prayer for me answered when I was very young.. I did not ask what, why, when, how because those are not important..

St Anne's Church is a Roman Catholic Church in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.. Built in 1888, it has since expanded and a new building was erected some 10 years back, and the hill behind the church has become off-limits to the public.. Those days you can climb the hill and light candles and offer prayers all the way up.. Perhaps it was too dangerous that it's not possible anymore..

The last time I came was in 2012.. I would normally be very quick in doing what I have come to do and leave soon after.. In 2012 I sat through the morning mass though..

Unlike the other, donations made to churches are not tax-deductible.. But it's made in good faith because it's more blessed to give than receive (??). I always believed so and my visits always accompanied by an undisclosed amount.. I won't call it a tithe or an offering either, just simple donation.

This year the official Feast date is 1 August and I am already planning my roadtrip up north.. Alone if I have to..

Just to fulfil my obligation..

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

It's all around you...

One day you are hurt...

But first did you receive?

A quick solution...

But chances are you could be...

Confirmed fucked.. Many years later, your kids start with...


Then the teacher marks in their exercise books...

You bought your kid a computer.. and it's running on...

Did he copy his homework off somewhere?

Arghhhh so stress!!!!
Maybe all you need is just a holiday to...

Of course, you'll need to depart from...

To get there, there's only one way which is... this...

You don't own a Proton, but you own a...

Leaving your house on the way, then uh-oh....

 You forgot to change money, but don't worry! You're in good hands!

Leaving on a jetplane, you suddenly remembered you haven't called the plumber to fix the broken pipe connector. and you're fucked because your water bill will be so fucking high.. 

Friday, 17 April 2015

Annual Leave Redefined

Just received an update for my annual leave entitlement..

Yahoo!! It's been updated to 16 days this year as this is my third year.. And top it up with birthday leave, that makes it 17 days!

But then again, how is it enough! Hahaha..

(back when I was in IKANO, I have 14 days annually plus a day for each of the day I was duty manager and mind you, I have more leaves than I can take month on month! Cos it was so short of duty managers that we were practically working every weekend without break!)

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Beauty Bags

I've recently begun to start looking at backpacks because I don't really like to lug the trolley luggage bag around, especially in a foreign place where I need to walk/use public transport a lot.. It's quite inconvenient also to lug the bag around crowded places through train stations etc..

The current backpack I have is about 30l which is good for about a week's worth without laundry, but come my next mega trip, I'm expecting to be away at least 16 days but I'll need to do some laundry halfway, and since I'll be on the move from city to city, town to town, station to station, I need something that I can conveniently tug and lug..

These babies are beautiful but they aren't that cheap.. at least I have a set budget of what I am prepared to spend for a backpack of this size.. I am looking to get a 45-50l backpack that can fit nicely as cabin baggage..

This is a nice 45l one.. Squarish and "clean"..
One thing I don't like is.. it doesn't have the back air-vent and no internal compartments.. 
Size-wise, it's perfect for me!

Explorer Giant 45l.. Don't really like the design much but it's compact for a 45l backpack!

I saw one that's currently on promotion in Sportsdirect but I don't really like the colour that they are having..

I also dislike those "typical" looking backpacks which makes a person (read: tourist) looks darn silly and targeted.. And neither would I like bright neon colours as I don't like the limelight (hahahahah!!!) or attention.. Still prefer a black or dark colour backpack but I'm using my white trolley luggage bag despite it almost time to replace..

Guess I'll just have to keep looking and keep shopping around..

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Beware of this gym

A fellow Bodycombat instructor and friend made the news headlines today.

The gym he was teaching at refused payment and threaten to sue for defamation instead when my friend posted his ordeal on Facebook.

I have my fair share of non-payments as well but the owners eventually paid up after all the instructors get together collectively and demanded payment.. Those gyms in questions are Synargym and TM Fitness Centre (both have since closed down) and E-Fitness Subang Jaya (still in operations) - last I heard this gym is having issues as well..

The modus operandi has always been the same: delay payment, postpone payment, give plenty of excuses (accountant on leave, no signatory, cheque not ready) till it dragged on for months.. Fortunately, I have recovered all the money owed to me while teaching in these gyms..

Lesson to self, never to accept or trust small gyms.. I am not going to teach in small gyms anymore after finding myself chasing for payments month after month..

Read it here at:

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Virginity lost at ClubMed

The way into Narnia
Last weekend I went to ClubMed Cherating.. It was my first ever ClubMed holiday, but I can tell you it's definitely not my last! Already the staff and me want to start planning to go to ClubMed Kabira in Japan for a trip together.

If you have been to a ClubMed resort, you would know how the concept of all-inclusive works and how the Gracious Organisers (GO) aka staff would come and make friends and all.

I made a lot of friends at ClubMed Cherating, and some of them are transferring to Kabira next month, so if we do go there, it's like a "reunion" for all!

It's a non-stop eating and drinking and networking around.. During lunch and dinner, the GOs will sit and eat together with the guests, and of course, having made friends, they'll stick to our table..

One of them even offered me a private sailing lesson, outside of the normal sailing time on his off day but since I can't make it, till next time then, I said.

View from room

Lounge bar

Amenities in the room

Deluxe Room

Main pool


Lounge Bar

Welcome Sign


This is what I call vitamin sea!

And... jump in!

Ding ding train that connects the Pantai Beach to the main resort area

Free flow unlimited inclusive cocktails, mocktails and juices at the Lounge Bar


Sunrise yoga by the beach..

That's a huge turtle!!

Adults only area - Zen Pool

Adults only area - Zen Pool

Vitamin Sea!

Lazing by the beach... how good can it get?

That is how birthdays are celebrated in Club Med.. staffs who are around will form a train and clapping and singing birthday song

Night show.. Elegant white.. 

And the night ended with fireworks display

One more selfie before leaving

My team mates with a few of Club Med staff

Adults only Zen Pool

Adults only Zen Pool

Walking to the beach

Me (in yellow tank) and the hot handsome staff

Selfie in the Zen Pool

But rest assured - there was definitely no "hanky panky" in Club Med.. hahaha.. After 3 years of selling Club Med packages during Matta Fairs and never once got to experience the product I am selling, this indeed proved to be an experience to be had!

I put on 3kg just from all the eating and drinking and lazing around doing nothing and roast myself till lobster red..

Hot right now!