Thursday, 7 August 2014

A year ago

A year ago, I was admitted to hospital for some unexplained illness, which later turned out (proven, if you may) that I was "possessed" by spirits while holidaying in Bali.. 

According to the priest who performed the exorcism, I have angered some spirits  and clearly they weren't pleased.. I didn't say anything but she was able to tell me what I did, where I went, and what happened.. And I didn't ask her how she knew.. I didn't want to know.. 

My diagnosis was good to the extent that the specialists doctors (yes, the hospital assigned specialists for me) whom attended to me, told me they didn't know what's wrong with me..

They even put me on nebulization.. Seriously that thing was very cold and I didn't know what I was inhaling.. 

I went though various scans including CT X-rays, liver and ECG.. I used a total of about 16 packs of saline via IV drips, and antibiotics and other medications were also pumped into my veins through IV.. 

Through the 7 days I was in the hospital, I was not allowed to leave the ward, I didn't have any fresh air.. When I was finally allowed to go out to walk to another block for the CT scan, I was literally in tears of joy to be able to smell the grass and hear the fountain roar.. I was in no hurry and took a good slow walk.. 

It was at that moment at that made me appreciate life more.. 

I also vomited twice beside the bed when I couldn't tolerate the medications they gave me.. It was that bad..

Seriously, it was the most painful and saddest week of my life.. My ex took care of me and that made me think about our future seriously, but sadly only to break up couple months ago this year..

Upon discharge, I spent the entire one month on medical leave and recuperating at home and slowly pick up my life.. I gave up smoking, I gave up hard liquor and begin really taking good care and paying attention to myself.. 

I just have one advice for everyone of you - life is really short, take good care of your one and only body.. And if you do travel to Bali, being a very spiritual place, please do not disturb any spirits..

I leave this thought with you tonight.. Think about what you are doing to your body.. Love yourself.. 


  1. Wasai!!
    I don't know you have happened like this kind series things.
    But really glad you still here.

    1. yea so i can tell you those things are real....

    2. O...but I always believe :井水不犯河水。
      If I respect,I don't think they will kacau la.
      But whatever how really good to see now you are back to normal already.
      Cause I didn't see you real bogel body,so you muat keep healthy o.hehehe…(Damn! I think now i become "ham Siam"GUI already …)

    3. hahah thats true... dont disturb... then will be ok..

      but now if i wan go bali, i need to go temple first..

    4. Ooo...minta bo pi First.
      Have pai have bo pi.
      But at that time maybe just because you luck is"shui",so just have something kacau you?
      Or have other reason cause you too handsome or sexy the people can't hook you,so the people jealous etc...

    5. dunno... hahahahahah!!!!


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