Thursday, 31 March 2016

Suddenly Langkawi

Last weekend, I made an impromptu decision to just getaway.. I have no destination in mind, so I just anyhow picked a place which has a beach, and then fly away..

I picked Langkawi of course.. and booked a room whose resort is located beachfront on Pantai Cenang, in the middle of all the bustling activities yet quiet enough and secluded.. It is Sunset Beach Resort.. small but cosy enough..

As I am selling Firefly, I booked a return flight from Subang to Langkawi on the super cheap fares and off I went.. I also pre-reserved the rental car from Andaman World Holidays and I got a new Almera car..

Arriving in Langkawi

I gotten the Preferred Seat among the last few rows..  

Initially it was meant to be a solo trip, but when Alvin heard I was going, he asked if he could crash.. well, since I am already going anyway and have paid all the bookings, I said okay and asked him to come, on the premise that he be the photographer and "butler" HAHAHA..

First up.. my own photos.. and in the next post, the photos that he took of me.. I must say, they are gorgeous.. If you have seen my instagram, the photos are up..

My room



The reeption
Dinner was at Kapal Layar Seafood Restaurant.. 

Dinner was at Kapal Layar Seafood Restaurant. From the photo is where our table is.. Facing the sunset, it was really a peaceful romantic place to have dinner.. The seafood is fresh.. We ordered a fish, prawn, a huge plate of sotong, satay, vegetables, and drinks and rice for both of us, and the bill is only about RM200.. which is reasonable considering that we over-ordered..

From the beach you can see how secluded and private the beach is.. totally void of people in the morning.. and that's where I spent the 2 mornings sitting around doing nothing at the beach..

to be continued...

Sunday, 27 March 2016

A Christian who happened to be gay

It's Easter Sunday, have a good one..

I am called to try to find and list down churches in Malaysia who are "welcoming" and "all inclusive" to people who are gay.. I know many of my friends are active members of their churches but most prefer to keep their sexual orientation silent..

There is one and only one openly gay church in which I attend, the Good Samaritan Metropolitan Community Church pastored by Ps Joe and Ps Travis, occasionally we will have visiting Pastors during our Sunday service..

GSKL is on the expanding mission and will be moving to a new premises three times larger from its current location now, still in Viva Mall, come May.. No exact date has been given yet as the new place is currently under renovation..

Back to the topic of this post, I am looking to list down all other churches denominations which gay Christians can feel safe and warmly welcomed to worship God..

There is no need to reveal who you are, but if you do go to one or know of one, feel free to anonymously leave a comment and I will update this post as we go along, or you can choose to drop me an email/Facebook message or whatever..  I just want to merely list down all the churches as a resource for those who are lost to find a church which they can go to and at the same time, be welcomed..

Help me out.


Monday, 21 March 2016

Back at writing with lots of things bottled up

My apologies for the 3 weeks hiatus.. I was lost for things to write.. There were many things happening in and around my life..

To sum it all up, ex-date been mass-messaging me in the early days and he kinda kept talking how he's not ready bla bla bla yet he doesn't want to let me go and can't let me go, and I was like, "why are we still on this topic?".. you know, I've been trying hard to get over the fact that we can't be together and then there he goes saying all those things that contradict his actions and words..

He's all a nice guy but I cannot be sitting around doing nothing with my life - I wanted a partner, not a no-commitment-guy whom I can't even call the boyfriend! Yet at the same time, out and away from public eyes, he acts like the hubby, or should I say, the perfect hubby material! You see how contradicting that is? My feelings is all way more confused than my sexual identity..

At least I am clear about that..

So I distanced myself to give us time and room to have a clear mind that I am not crossing the friend boundary, never..

Recently, he invited me to have dinner at his new house.. I went, but I did not allow him to treat me like the boyfriend that he never had.. You see, I thought I have a place in his future, but it turned out that no, there was no "us"..

Then at work, my colleague has resigned and left me in a quandary.. I am to take over his portfolio, temporary or not I don't know.. Yet, he just want to leave and not taking much of an initiative in wanting to do a proper handover, and I am left to figure it out.. Until I asked him last week to prepare his list so that I can dedicate my one week this week to understand what he does.. both of us have very different portfolios, he is more on the development and behind the scene, while I am more on the front scene and operational stuffs..

Then there's my team.. Love hate between one another, when I am not around, they fight till tears.. I don't want to separate them but at the rate this is going, I will have no choice but to agree to split them up.. my partner-in-crime at work and I both single handedly built this team from nothing a couple months back to a team that even other departments sing praises of, and we've learned to rely on one another.. And it's on the verge of breaking down, and now I have to redo and rethink how the whole team functions..

One thing I was really not happy about was when I delegated some task to one of my team member, and I was surprised by a strongly worded reply, "why can't you do it yourself?"

I know the difference between delegating and ordering, and I wasn't even ordering for things to be done.. Sure, I can do it myself, but if I were to do everything myself, why do I even need people? It made me question myself that evening.. I give them work so that they can be better and faster at what they do, practise makes one better after all.. I believe in them and at all opportunities where I can delegate, I will, because that's how one learns.. Things where I can't delegate, I do it myself, I don't even ask them to do my things.. 

I know everyone is busy with post-MATTA paperwork and all, but this is not an excuse, everyone is busy and I too have my own things to worry about.  Never in my working life have I ever said something like that to my supervisor/team leader/boss.. Whatever my boss ask of me, I say yes and get down to doing it, if I can I do it right away, if not, I do it later but I still get it done and tell my boss when I will do it, whether or not I am busy or have my hands full with other things or even on weekends, I was still doing work stuffs and making calls and all.. but that's work, if you don't like doing it, then leave, there is no need to be negative about it..

And in all of that, I have my own problems to deal with, my own clients' tantrums, my own customers' bookings, things to follow up, meetings to go to, packages to work on, monitor and lead my team and bla bla bla.. because that's work and that's what I am paid to do..

I am so tired.. so much that I just booked a weekend getaway next week to just rest my mind and rejuvenate at a beachside little chalet.. I don't even bother to ask anyone along, I just want to get away and reflect on myself on what I need to do..

If I have not mentioned it before, I am now put in charge of the Firefly Holiday team, the ground arm of Fireflyz..

And that's where the bulk of my sanity goes to..

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Bangkok hotel rooms on sale!

Who's going for Songkran? 
Or.. Amazing Thailand Grand Sale?
I've got some rooms on hand..

HOLIDAY INN SILOM BANGKOKDeluxe room with breakfast for 2
- March-April RM360 per room per night
- May RM330 per room per night
- June-Sept RM299 per room per night

Hot right now!