Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Having a room mate be like...

I used to have room mates up to the time I was working in Singapore and sharing a room with a colleague.. We each have our own corners of the room and because we were working in the retail industry, we don't get to meet or talk much other than sleeping time as we had to work retail hours, sometimes extended hours during the festives..

Before that, I used to also share rooms when in Melaka and Cyberjaya MMU respectively.. In Melaka, I stayed in the private student residence across the road from MMU Melaka.. In the residence there were 12 of us, 3 to a room.. From the experience and time of sharing the sleeping abode with people, I have come to appreciate what little privacy there is.. Having said that, I have no qualms whatsoever going about my business, like stripping to changing, or sleeping naked if I want to.. I also could watch porn in the room if I want to, because well, nobody gives a shit about one another especially during student days, either them be busy with their books or busy playing Counter Strike, Starcraft etc.. Also, the fact that we all guys walk around the apartment in our underwear mostly.. That in itself is a clear good sign that nobody give a fucking damn thing about covering up.. Boys will be boys..

(no, there was never an occasion of public wanking or masturbating in the room... we all knew to use the toilets...)

While in Cyberjaya, we rented condominiums beside the university.. for much of my time in Cyberjaya, I didn't have room mates and paid the rental for the whole room myself..

It was also during student days that I was robbed of my wallet by the room mate.. As there was no concrete proof (nobody saw, nobody was caught and there was no break-in), the police came and conducted investigation but couldn't arrest anyone.. and advised me to just report as "lost".. Because ironically, I have just collected the month's rental from everyone that very night to be banked-in to the landlord the next day, but I was wise enough not to put the cash in my wallet.. Went to bed, and the next morning, my wallet was gone, along with everything in it.. I suspected the "thief" knew I had with me lots of cash that night, only that he didn't know where it was..

Once I have my own place - people often ask me why don't I rent out the extra rooms I have.. The reason is simple - I AM DONE WITH SHARING MY LIVING SPACE WITH OTHERS! All the more my place is fully furnished and fully equipped with the things I want at home..  It's cosy enough that I usually just doze off on the couch, easier to fall asleep too!

(if you have stayed overnight with me, you will know how cosy it is my couch! Confirm can fall asleep one!)

I appreciate and look forward to each long day in peace and quiet times and slowly easing into lazy mode to bedtime.. Watching tv, snacking healthy snacks and drinking good stuffs.. that's all I need..


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    1. Haha because when 1 gay boy is among all straight boys, thats when there's no juicy stories about room mates..


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