Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Why PLUBOY.. why!?

Seriously, I could've chosen a better name right?


But why PLUBOY, if you may ask? Like so cliche, right?

Actually there's a very simple reasoning as to why I chose to use PLUBOY... It's because "I am who I am".

There.. Both should be read in conjunction with each other. Like "I am who I am, PLU boy".. Haha actually it's because back in those days my vocabulary was quite limited, go figure, how young I was then.. So I just picked the first things that came to my mind,..

Started writing blogs and such sometime early 2000s and particularly got really actively writing when I was studying in Singapore, it provided an avenue for me to vent my frustrations mostly over work and school and the discriminatory of nationality practices of the company I was working for at that time..

Thereby writing became more and more of a job because I was making big bucks through Nuffnang (in the early days of Nuffnang, ads were bringing in a lot of moolah for me, and working with Advertlets big time)..

I don't have the header banners of my blogs earlier as they were all in the hard disk of my old laptop that died.. too bad I can't google any also! :(

Just some of the blog header banners that I managed to find..

Did you remember any of them?

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