Monday, 29 December 2014

My second box of donation

As soon as I saw the updated list that ask for soaps and other hygiene supplies, I immediately ransacked my cabinets because I knew I am a "klepto" and a hoarder.. Whenever I stay in hotels worldwide, I will always swipe the toiletries that I don't use, and when there are good deals on toiletries from warehouse sales, I bought in bulk and keep..

Because I knew one day I will be moved to give them away.. Accoding to the list, they have included soaps and medicine (apart from food, clothes and blankets) that are usually associated with flood crisis..

I was once with the Malaysian Red Crescent Society and I was involved before in flood rescue operations and I knew how these supplies are in dire need.. Things that we take for granted on a daily basis have now become bare necessity to survive (food and hygiene supplies)..

Packing my second box of donation items for the east coast flood victims to be brought to office tomorrow for drop-off..

I urge all of you to do your part as well..

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