Thursday, 18 December 2014

The many faces of friends

I would have put up a good compendium of the faces of all the friends I've known in the past and in the present (and in the future?) but then I realised there will be thousands and thousands of faces!

So I'll just cut short and write something to dedicate to everyone! :)

Among my friends there's a multitude of occupation that if you can name them, chances are I know someone who's in the line..

There's the doctors, nurses, teachers, priests, policemen, army, firemen, travel industry partners (from airlines, hoteliers, agents, tourism boards etc), pilots, air crews, airline ground staff, lawyers, barristers, chefs, bakers, journalists, writers, reporters, PR, fitness professionals..

Then there's also the tax consultants, insurance and financial brokers, advisers, negotiators, auditors, remisers, entrepreneurs and business owners, architects, designers, engineers, IT professionals, O&G engineers, biochemical engineers, beauticians, baristas, dermatologist, management and consultancies..

And then there friends in the front-line service - retail, restaurant, customer servicing.. to the most uncanny of foremen, those in the security and safety, safety and health officers, and of course students (if that's even an occupation! LOL)..

I salute each one of you for your chosen line because whenever I needed some advise from things outside of my line (I'm in the travel line now), I know I have people to ask..

I have worked in the entertainment sector, financial, shopping centre management, retail, advertising, manufacturing and now travel line, so it's really no wonder I came across lots of people who have become what we all known today as - friends -.

Thank you for your friendship...

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