Sunday, 28 December 2014

Together we can make a difference

The floods in Peninsular Malaysia may have displaced more than 150,000 people with water levels higher than the towns.. I have many friends who are affected, many of them have gone back to offer support.. It will be a bleak New Year for them..

Those that are not affected, have either left the country to await countdown, and keyboard warriors took to the internet.. And the number one most hated man in the country, can't even proffer an apology for having flown the nation's official private jet on his personal golfing holiday..

My company has mobilised CSR efforts and I can't sit still without doing my part, so tonight I went out and bought some supplies that were required and requested and hopefully a little here a little there can provide some relief and assistance..

Please help.. a little here a little there, together we can make a difference.. Those people need immediate food and supplies (blankets, clothes, medicine, baby essentials)..

Find out where you can contribute.. chances are each supermarket, each mall would have set up some sort of collection centre..

Today it may not be you, but one day, who's to say you'll be desperately needing to survive..

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