Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Snow-y Adventures

Because it's Christmas, so I am going to write something about Christmas feel! And I am privileged enough to have travelled to places with snow and ice but the best is still Switzerland as it was still snowing in summer (late May 2013) up in Wengen in the Swiss Alps..

Take my word for it - go to Switzerland at least once in your lifetime.. I am not much of a mountain person but it still captivated my heart and the experience of playing with snow/ice..

May-June 2013

Real icicles!

Selfie with the Glacier 3000 snowmobile

It's a white, white summer...

As you can see, ski lifts and the luge coaster is closed thanks to the heavy snow!

On top of Glacier 3000

Descending Glacier 3000

Snow on top, green green grass below..

At the base..

Hotel Regina in Wengen

Hotel Regina, Wengen

Hotel Regina, Wengen

I always like to write my "PLUBOY" call sign in the snow (or sand)

I can wake up to this everyday... Hotel Regina, Wengen.

Look at this.. in summer!!
Hotel Regina, Wengen

Let's take a train, shall we?

The Jungfraubahn train in the distance..

Is ice clean to eat?

Oh who cares, it's Switzerland anyway.
Evian water comes from this country, so I assumed the ice is also clean to eat :)

Jan 2011-Dec 2012

I looked cuckoo.. cos the temperature is -10 deg Celcius!!
AND my first time in such dry horrid cold temperature!

Proof :P

But nobody says no to skiing! 

Preparing to go ski!

Say what? Hello Snow!

Caption this picture! I actually love this pic a lot..
Taking a shelter from the snow outside..
Taken in Innostel the hostel I stayed in with my friends in Seoul


  1. ice tu kalau letak syrup.. jagung.. red bean.. mesti lg sedap hehe shin x tahan sejuk.. kata org kalo kita x tahan sejuk pergi travel kat tempat salji.. kulit jd kering and boleh jd sensitive..

    1. Hehe yes, cos our kulit is not meant for the dry cold weather, so it's too dry for us cos we don't sweat at all.. And lips can crack.. So I keep active by jogging in the bitter cold mountains in the mornings to sweat....

  2. Ooo..
    See it your picture,really make me feel,must go to try Switzerland snow..
    Haha...don't know it is delicious or not...

    1. It's sweet and taste like shaved ice, melts right away


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