Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Travel Personality

I fiddled around with the Travel Personality quiz and the majority of the people are, well, The All-Rounder.. so much so for playing...


If you don't have your next trip planned, you feel a little restless and panicky. You travel every chance you get and are the most diverse of all the travel types. You have been on an organised tour, have travelled on your own, have been bitten by bed bugs in a dodgy hostel and have enjoyed a massage in a 5-star hotel.

YOU RESEARCH YOUR TRAVEL PLANS: By reading travel blogs and forums
YOU WOULD NEVER: Say no to a travel opportunity
YOU WOLD MOST ENJOY: An extended travel break where you can spend time travelling independently on your own, meet new friends on an organised tour, mix with locals by staying in campsites and treat yourself to the comfort of a 5-star hotel before you fly back home.

The “All Rounder” is born to travel.  Being outside their comfort zone actually becomes their comfort zone.  Being away from home makes them feel more alive, they love to learn about other cultures, and are inspired by different people and lifestyles.

They often have hobbies such as photography and hiking, keep in touch with local friends they meet along the way and are the travel type most likely to have their own blog.

They are always planning the next trip and have found ways to make travel a regular part of their lives by balancing longer term adventures (such as career breaks) with weekend city escapes.  The “All Rounder” can usually adapt to all travel styles and has often travelled as an independent back-packer, been on organised tours, and stayed in both hostels and 5* hotels.

The “All Rounder” lives to travel and is always looking for ways to make it a bigger part of their life.

The “All Rounder” is often a great source of travel information.  They have usually visited a diverse range of locations from developing countries to modern cities, have experience with independent travel as well as organised tours and are pros at finding ways to interact with the locals and get off the beaten track whilst still seeing the highligh
ts of a destination.

The “All Rounder” views all trips away from home as a travel adventure and as such, they do not always make the best holiday companions.  If your ideal holiday is lying on a beach (hey, I would!), sleeping late, and not venturing outside an all-inclusive resort, the All Rounder is probably not your ideal holiday companion.

MOST LIKELY TO SAY: I have just planned my next travel adventure
MOST LIKELY TO PACK:  An iPad to update their travel journal or blog whilst on the road
MOST LIKELY SEEN:  Taking a career break
MOST LIKELY TO BE FRIENDS WITH:  The “Backpacker” (whilst on the road) and the “Armchair Traveller” (once they return home and want to keep talking about their adventures to anyone who will listen)
MOST LIKELY TO BE IRRITATED BY:  The “Armchair Traveller”, as they can’t understand why someone doesn’t want to explore the world as much as they do
AM I AN “ALL-ROUNDER”?  Yes.  Travel is in my blood, it energises me, it inspires me and it’s a big part of my life.  I backpack (rarely though!!), I join organised tours, I travel on my own, I stay in hostels, I stay in 5-stars hotels, I explore cities, I hike in the great outdoors, I travel for work, I travel for pleasure, and I am always thinking about my next adventure.  

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