Wednesday, 3 December 2014

10 Old-Fashion Dating Habits That We Should Bring Back

I saw this list somewhere on the net the other day, which I think it's a good one.. Something that we should bring back and practise, because I believe chivalry is not dead..

Come on guys.. sweep your date off the floor.. If you can ask someone out for a date, surely you can be more gentlemanly? LOL...

1. Coming to the door to pick someone up. 
In today's world, we text.
"Reaching in 5 mins."
"Here already. Come out."

It will be a very sweet thing to do to actually appear at the door and pick your date up. In today's society, there may be several obstructions like security, access bla bla bla that's in the way, so maybe it's understandable why nobody takes the effort to actually come up to the door.. I have a friend who (when he has too much time) will somehow passed 2 security gates to get to my door - I have no idea how he did it..

If only my date will...
Then again, if only there's a date to begin with..

2. Dressing up.
In today's world, we wear whatever we wear at home, tees and shorts.. and flip-flops? guess we're too influenced by the culture down south?
I still take the effort to at least wear jeans+tee, jeans+shirt with shoes..

3. Bringing flowers or tokens of affection on first date.
No comment.
But I guess it can apply to a gay pair on a first date.. Who's to deny?

4. Going dancing that's not grinding on a grimy club floor. 
Dance clubs are the worst places for a date.. 'nuff said.

5. Straightforwardly asking someone out and not calling it "hanging out".
"Yo dude you wanna hang out"
I'll hang you.

Hanging out is for friends.. definitely not for dates..
I will still prefer at least something along the like of "go out", "for a dinner and movie", "date"...

Or... "let's go to the beach" (someone actually used this line on me before - can be even friends, not necessary a date)..

6. Additionally, being clear about when "you're going steady".
Like suddenly, whammm.. "we're together now."
I'll surely give that //since when// look on my face..
Being clear is not about like having a specific calendar date, but more like, out of respect and courtesy to move things one level up..

7. Romantic gestures like writing poems..
Erm - I feel this is too much..
I'll greatly appreciate romantic gestures, maybe cooking.. or going on a short break together once in a while (not necessary every trip)..

8. Turning electronics off and just being with one another.
I can't state this enough.. once he's always on the phone - alarm bells should be ringing, as I have discovered.. At the dinner table especially - it's alright to just check or take a call, but it's not alright to constantly be texting away and smiling at the phone.. 

9. The general concept of asking permission for things..
Unless your date says, "make yourself at home", have the courtesy to ask before you start venturing around the house and making his house your house.. Even if he says that, ask when you want to get anything from the fridge.. At least I do.. If you stay together, then perhaps you can overlook this rule..

It's called manners.. And my parents did a pretty good job bringing me up to show respect..

It includes asking permission for general things, but in a sensible and reasonable way.. Don't text me and ask if you can go to the toilet at work, I'll roll my eyes..

10. Not assuming sex is to be had at any point of time..
Hmm.. Sex on dates? If it happens, then it happens, who's to say.. but NOT as the main reason... how should I say this.. if you're going out with me just to get into my pants - forget it, I can smell the intention..

I'll like to add on somemore...

11. Paying 
Come on.. we're both working adults, we both have incomes and thus money.. do not expect one to pay for the other - it doesn't matter who's asking who out, always be ready to offer to pay for your own meals or at least chip in a reasonable amount even though it doesn't fully cover the bill.. It shows that you respect the other person.. It's not to say being calculative or what, but just so that it can often be misunderstood as taking advantage (bottom taking advantage of top, lesser earner taking advantage of higher earner etc)..

Unless of course you insist beyond all humankind existence.. I won't be like the generations before us where it's ugly to shove money to and fro across the table in full public eyes.. It's embarrassing! Don't the date dare to do that LOL...

12. Holding the door
Just hold the god damn door for anyone - not just your date.. It says a lot about you as a person..

I am a very observant person and I trust my instincts and gut feel more than my heart..


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