Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Bad road conditions

Kuala Lumpur City Hall today ordered some good samaritans volunteers who took it to themselves to patch up poor roads and potholes to stop doing it's job..

When I read about it, I was very angry, because it brought back memories.. Which.... yes, I was riding pillion one fine night in July 2001 when I was involved in a nasty motorcycle crash on the busy stretch of Jalan Besar in Serdang.. but I lived to tell the tale..

I obtained my bike license when I was 16, the legal age of one getting a bike license in Malaysia.. I got it because my parents thought as a male/boy/man, I could use some knowledge and ride a bike if I need to in the future.. Well thought, well thought parents.. 

When I got it, my parents then forbade me to ride a bike.. nor did they buy any bike for me to use when I turn 17 or went off to study.. Reason was simple, they were scared I would become a roadkill judging from the high number of fatalities of motorcyclist in the country.. Of course - it's a perfect fear of any parents..

My ex was "piloting" the bike with me riding pillion, as we approached a corner, we somehow hit or skidded or crashed, never knew what happened actually, all I knew is, my life flashed before me as I thought that's it..

My right leg was pinned under the exhaust pipe and I was dragged along with the bike for quite some distance till it hit the kerb and came to a stop by the drain.. The crash could've tore off my my right leg but thankfully it's still intact despite getting my flesh burnt and badly torn on both sides.. Till today I thanked my lucky stars that there was no other vehicles behind us at that time..

I kinda passed out as I have no recollection of what happened after that.. we did manage to get home and our housemates sent us to Putrajaya Hospital accident and emergency department and from there it was a long, agony hell of a wait, behind those who seek treatment for petty sickness..

Few hours later, I was wheeled into the surgery area and my wounds were cleaned and bandaged up.. I must have lost consciousness due to the shock and all - I don't remember a thing here..

The next morning I woke up at home, bedridden, plastered and can't move my leg, and for the next 2-3 weeks I lay like that in bed.. My ex has lesser injuries as he managed to let go of the bike before we went down..

Months later, we revisited the crash site with our housemates to see what actually happened and noted how badly the road was.. It was only in recent years that it was retarred and widened due to the road widening and flyover projects which took place some years back..

After that accident, I never really rode a bike much and I have always developed a very strong fear of riding pillion.. It's okay if I am handling the bike on my own despite getting that very phobia when cornering especially because that's exactly what happened..

Ironically, my car dealer from whom I bought my car from, is also situated at that corner..

I am just thankful to have fully recovered, even the burnt and scarred tissues and flesh are healed properly now, not much showing on my leg now..

So when DBKL snapped at this group of good people for doing good things for the public, I was very angry.. If DBKL can't do their job properly, why are they stopping and forbidding people who can do a better job, and done a better job and presumably cheaper too?

This is the so-called government that cares..

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