Tuesday, 30 December 2014

If you have had these toys...

These toys were popular in the United States/Canada and Taiwan and many spin-off versions were available by many other names (Lowe, Marvel etc) but it's original name is actually Lasy..

I have a set of these that comes in a briefcase and the arrangements inside is exactly like this.. Of course there were other sets, difference is the number of parts.. According to my mom, it was very expensive even back then..

It allowed free flow creativity as you can build and assemble almost anything from as simple as a see-saw to a life-size tricycle, of course, you'll need a huge ass lot of bricks to go.. I owe my creativity part to my parents for having bought it for me all the way from Canada when she went there..

I agreed it's much better than Lego blocks.. I have had plenty of Lego sets too but nothing beats Lasy..

When my sister brought it up cos she wanted to buy for my nephew, only then we remembered about it.. it's been over 20 years already since we grew up playing it..

So if you have such set like I do, we have had an awesome childhood :)


  1. although i am a "86" baby, i honestly don't know what this Lasy is, but of course i grew up with Lego, and not to forget Power Rangers toys,lol...thunder megazord, dragonzord, ultra zord...endless list of zords..hahaha

    1. LOL i dont know any zoids.. they are past my age :)
      I know baja hitam.

  2. long time ago i play this when i was young, my brother and me love lasy so much, when lego come out we we never interest lego..one day my brothers get competition in his Kindergarten school his got 2nd place .....


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