Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Year That Was

This year has rather been a gloomy year - but it's also one of the best years ever!

Why gloomy? Cos I broke-up. But was it a blessing in disguise? I think so. We're still in contact and still talk to each other, but surely things isn't the same as even before we got together.. As a matter of fact, in all the 5 relationships I've had, 3 of those were jerks and I never want to hear or see them ever again, but my 3rd ex I'm still friends with although we rarely talk these days, and the 5th most recent one, though can't be boyfriends, who says you can't be friends? Although I prefer to just let bygones be bygones..

Gloomy because it has been a tough year especially in the travel industry with so many unfortunate incidents that shook the world - I'd be lying if I say it didn't affect us.. It did.. But we stood strong together and emerged stronger, surpassing targets even..

Gloomy because I was careless in my work which resulted in me learning lessons the hard way.. But it taught me one thing that in the face of that, there are friends who cared.. And I owed these people big time..

On the other hand, it's one of the best years!

From my travels to the things I did!

On top of Sydney Harbour Bridge
I get to visit Australia, my first trip there after postponing for more than 7 years since the idea was first mooted.. finally I decided to go without a second thought.. I bought my ticket in a jiffy when I was still depressed over the break-up, and said "fuck it, you know what, I'm going to travel".. 10,000 miles of it..

That's how I got out of my depression cos travelling makes me a happy boy..

I've done amazing things such as climbing to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge, experienced Mosman Bay Obelisk nudity-permitted beach where I stripped naked and tanned under the afternoon sun, went to Sydney 357 City Steam where I probably had one of the best sex this year that I can remember, oh it was willldddddd....

You really can't fault me for going all the way in such awesome sun
at Obelisk Beach
Tasted some great seafood from Morgan's Seafood and the Moreton Bay bugs and the special Tasmanian scallop pie, spent time selfie-ing with kangaroos and koala bears in legend Steve Irvin's backyard Australia Zoo, hopped on the helicopter over Twelve Apostles.. swam in the open seas and marvelled the astonishing blue waters of Surfers' Paradise Gold Coast.. Also for the first time in my life seen some dinosaur bones..

Awww.. don't we look alike?

Smelly koala.. 

Dino bones in Brisbane Science Museum

Having the meal of my life at Reef in downtown Brisbane
I'm biting into a Moreton Bay bug..

Sydney Opera House

That.. is the Twelve Apostles viewing platform below...

In the chopper over Twelve Apostles

Surfers' Paradise Gold Coast

I chatted with many locals including the neighbour at my friend's apartment in Melbourne, but why didn't he invite me into his apartment even though we walked and talked from the train station all the way home?

Hmm... maybe he's not into Asian :)

The one time Glico Woman
I also get to visit Japan, again, my first time.. and had the thrill of travelling alone in a foreign country which I do not speak or read the language at all, apart from "konichiwa" and "arigatou gozaimasu".. Of course I know "iku iku" but I've no one to iku with so it's not useful :)

It's a sort of a trip I never expected to make.. Well, I did pay my fair share despite it being partially work, but once work is done, I went all out and enjoyed myself..

The freshest and most delicious sushi and sashimi in Daikisuisan, not to mention it's cheap! Pity I didn't get to eat more!

From Japan, I bought my parents gifts as well.. I bought a very beautiful hand-painted porcelain tea set for my dad (I guess my penchant for tea is picked up from him, I have two tea sets at home hahaha..) and a traditional Japanese woven silk purse for my mom which she started using it right away when I gave it to her earlier this month..

2015 - What's in store?

I am contemplating to go Europe again.. either western or eastern part.. or maybe just London.. not too sure.. or maybe not at all, or maybe I could go Phnom Penh.. or Siem Reap.. or Manila.. or Boracay..

I've also eventually qualified to be in the running of winning a spot of an all-expenses paid trip to New Zealand.. I have completed, get recertified and attended trainings to put my name into the pool so it's fucking praying hard I get it!! And NZ isn't exactly a cheap place to travel to, and I'd love to extend my own stay and like a pilgrimage for every LESMILLS instructor, visit the LESMILLS gym!

These will form part of my plans to visit countries that I have not been before.. and I'm going to Jakarta for once in my life while I still have a place to stay for free.. Or I could visit Cairns to Gold Coast (again!) - I love the sea too much!!

January is always a much loved month for me, as I turn yet another year older, comes various freebies and discount vouchers.. I have already redeemed 2 nights free stay in Genting Highlands, and 1 night of stay in Melia Hotel Kuala Lumpur, a few movie tickets with GSC and TGV and restaurant cash voucher for dining..

But it's rather enough for me to just celebrate low-key with some closest friends.. I am done with all the big lavish parties, gatherings and all where drama rules.. I just cannot tolerate dramas.. Trust me, I've heard so many backstabbings from each gathering my friends attended to the point some even drove them depressed from all the hurtful words..

Other than that, well, I am also very indecisive about climbing Taipei 101 Towerthon in May but I could use that as an excuse to get away, and revisit the massage place hopefully the hot masseur is still working there.. I wonder if he will remember me and the sex we had :)


Cheers to a great 2014 and welcoming 2015.. 
Happy New Year!!!


  1. Happy New Year, Eric. All the best for the coming year 2015

  2. oh yes...Japan...oh yessss

    1. Hehe :)

      More exciting trips (and gay places) this year!


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