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[REPOST]: Shower Encounter

The original was posted exactly 3 years ago today, 11 Dec 2011. 
I stumbled upon it as I was searching for some old juicy post to reshare.



Shower Encounter

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Remember I wrote about the hungry old men in the shower/changing room of the Ipoh DBI swimming complex?
The swimming complex is (still) one of the largest in the country consisting of about 6 swimming pools and a diving pool, situated within the sports complex… It is a pretty large complex if you ask me.. Still proud to be Ipoh boy, and proud to say that Ipoh public pool is still very cruisy..
Well, today, I lived to tell another story about the shower encounters..
You see, I reached Ipoh yesterday afternoon but unfortunately it was raining very, very heavily.. like so ever heavily! So I told myself today afternoon, I will go to the pool, no matter what!
So I woke up about 11am.. had a quick breakfast then started studying Bodycombat for tomorrow’s class… I slipped in a nap very quickly… by the time I woke up it’s already 2.30pm!
The pool opening hours are from 2-5 pm in the afternoon.
Gobbled down lunch that my mom cooked.. then hurriedly I packed up and leave the house at 3.30pm… I went straight to the swimming pool.. Weather was okay.. just cloudy…
Instantly spotted a guy early 30s in red trunks.. red alert.. Which straight guy wear red trunks? VS mine blue-red SPY by HENRY LAU..
So I swam a couple laps.. and at the corner of my eyes I can see that he’s eyeing me from the side of the pool…
The bloody whistle blew at 4.30pm signalling everyone to get out.. He went into the toilet and I followed.. This toilet is a seperate one than the changing room..
He pee-ed while I was rinsing my goggles and trunks.. and then he also did the same.. there are mirrors all around and we each can clearly see what the other was doing.. well, after I’m done rinsing, I walked in side more to the cubicles and he followed suit.. all through the afternoon I knew he was hoping for some action.. and he has a huge cock sealed underneath those red trunks!!!
We had a good time in here… away from the crowd (the other people all went to the changing area which was at the other corner of the complex) and then while we were stroking each other with our trunks in our hands, this indian guy walked in on us, got us startled… he stared and signalled he wanted to join in, but we pushed him away, so he just stood there watching and wanking himself.. fucker betul..after a while, realising they are gonna close the pool at 5pm, we just left, without completing the “mission”..
Then we went over to the showers area and showered while the indian guy was standing near the sinks still wanking himself watching us getting dressed.. all other people have left… He did not know we have other plans…
So we moved out of the swimming complex and into the toilet next door in the badminton court – thinking hardly ever anyone uses the toilet because it’s not meant to be a shower, only changing area.. but upon reaching there, found the place under renovation and it was too risky to do anything there.. all the doors were taken apart and there’s no room for any hanky panky…
So, I told him I am in a rush already as it’s almost 6pm as I need to get back to KL before dark… Thinking back, since it’s almost 6, I could have just waited out for 6 and then go back into the swimming complex and continue? HAHHAHAHAHA…..
20kph on highway.. 
Yes, the moment I reached Tapah, traffic was a complete standstill on the highway.. Reason: super duper downpour.. once a in while move 20kph but that’s about that much.. Visibility was reduced to only seeing the car in front of you…
I got back to KL within 2.5 hours regardless, and being left “hanging” from the evening encounter, I head straight to Studio 89 to get it fixed… Luck was on my side.. Very quickly got hooked by someone I cannot make out clearly but was versatile top… so okay la.. la la la la la la la….
By the time we’re done, it’s probably an hour later… washed up, rushed off to grab some food and then went home and continue studying my choreography..
Ok that’s all for the weekend.. Hmm actually was back to Ipoh to get my mom’s signatures on tonnes of forms cos the Wira is in her name.. need to release the car to the dealer this week liao… and mom gave me more money than she said she would, so I just need to come out with lesser money to top it up for the balance still owing the dealer.. Bank loan shouldn’t be a problem already, I expect to collect my car this week…
Goodnite everyone!

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