Friday, 5 December 2014

A Kidnapping Solved

Mystery of a kidnapping..

Found myself entangled into a kidnapping drama.. Long story short, the kidnappers called me up to demand for an X amount of ransom to secure for the safe release of my friend.. I immediately went into action and raised the amount in various currencies..

Together with an unknown little girl, we dropped the money off in a rubbish bin (that's so cliche!) and then told to go to this dodgy abandoned parking lot to pick up my friend..

Thankfully, he was released unharmed.. and all was well..

It was just a dream.. and I woke up feeling very uneasy.. but I did not tell my friend who was in the dream.. Neither did I know who the little girl was..

Been losing my sleep over the past few nights.. I so need a good night rest..

1 comment:

  1. Hugs.
    Some time maybe you worry some one,so just will show in your's dream.
    This is what Chinese say:
    So just try to tell the people you worry,say it out,the dream at the bad things will disappear.
    Don't think to much,give you a warm bear hugs. :)


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