Saturday, 31 January 2015

Tailfins of Airlines I've Flown!

About a year ago, I put together a compendium of tailfins of all the airlines I've flown in in the last 15 years..

I still remember my first flight - on AirAsia to Bangkok.. Back then the fare was about RM200 return, which was quite a lot for a student.. I remember saving up so hard and then staying in a cheap 400bht/night 2 star lodge.. That was then..

It's different now as I can afford better and certainly have travelled well beyond just Bangkok..

So let's recap on the post again :)

They are in no particular order of when I flew with them.. can you name them?

1. Tigerair - to Singapore, Melbourne (from Sydney)
2. Jetstar - to Singapore, Sydney (from Brisbane)
3. AirAsia - to Bali, Bangkok, Taipei, Hong Kong, Penang, JB, Singapore, Krabi
4. Cathay Pacific - to Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei (from Seoul)
5. Emirates - to Dubai, Milan and from Amsterdam
6. Lufthansa - to Bangkok
7. Singapore Airlines - to Singapore, Hong Kong
8. Thai Airways - to Bangkok
9. Qatar Airways - to Phuket
10. Malaysia Airlines - to JB, Kuching, Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali, Taipei, Brisbane, Osaka
11. Fireflyz - to Penang
12. Vietnam Airlines - to Ho Chi Minh City
13. KLM - to Jakarta
14. Silkair - to Singapore

Of all airlines, I've only flown business in Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines (both short and long hauls) and Qatar Airways before so I can't say for the rest..

In terms of aircraft types, I've flown in A380, A330, A320/A319, B777, B737, ATR-72 among those I can remember.. the best is still A330 - sorry but I don't find A380 any comfortable other than that it's steady (maybe because I was flying Emirates A380 to/from Europe, long flights, lousy service and a myriad of nationalities that I dislike)..

Last but not least, a world map of all the airports I've been to...


  1. jauh perjalanan luas pemandangan kaya pengalaman #hebat

    1. Travel while young. See the world before it's too late :)


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