Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Why I will never get a tattoo

When I was still in school, my friends and I vowed to one another never to smoke..

Look at us, all of us were/is/am smoking by the time we left school, some still are, some quitting (like me)..

We also vowed never to get inked - well, at least none of us are inked, yet!
I have always thought tattoos were cool.. like I wanted a tribal design on my shoulder or down at my back just right at the butt.. but after returning from a trip to Japan, I decided NOT to do any tattoo forever..

LOL.. I think I'm good enough with one-sided earring.. and my favourite ear stud always have some kind of stone in it (either clear or black stone, but I prefer black one more), small enough to be presentable yet not big enough like ah beng.. I have a few other ear studs that I don't really wear though haha...


  1. you decide NOT to do tattoo right after you went back from Japan.. hurmmm.. wandering if there's something happened at Japan.. ;)

    1. Yea.. most public onsen banned tattoos :P

    2. oh really?? thought they are ok with tattoos..

  2. Ya, i just know about that too..in Japan if uou have tattoo, you will be mistakenly taken as a part of the mob or gangster


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