Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Truth hurts.

The other day I was having an early birthday dinner with my didi in Sunway, catching up and all.. We've known each other for more than 9 years now.. we're talking about the years gone by and somehow, we arrived at the topic that we're not young anymore.. I'm turning 32 next week!

At the same time, our parents are also growing old..

Like it or not, its true..

I have been doing my level best to spend as much time with my parents as possible because I realised this..

That parents won't be around forever - they're not exactly young anymore..

Assuming I see them a day or two each month (sometimes 2 months only gone by before I see them once), it means I only see them accumulatively a some few days a year - including Chinese New Year.. How much more time do I have with them?

The hardest part of growing up is realising your parents are growing old.. Spend more time with them, while you can..

PS: Those whose parent(s) are no longer around - I'm sorry. 

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