Thursday, 15 January 2015

I'm back! And it's the weekend again!

I was in Singapore last weekend.. the exchange rate was 2.66 when I bought some dollars to pay back friends.. I don't like to owe people money so as soon as I have the money, first thing first I pay back people.. Now I am back to square one..

Also spent time meeting up and catching up with new and old friends.. and shopped a bit in Aeropostles, funny how I can only fit into their XS and S sizes depending on the cut.. I bought 3 tops for $50! That will go towards my CNY new clothes bounty.. No more shopping.. or I think..

But I was back in KL the whole week - was down with a bad stomach upset starting on Monday night and gradually worsen up till yesterday.. Possibly from food poisoning..

Now that I'm up and running, it's the final 2 weeks of January! How time flies, and that means my remaining 3 getaway destinations are here!! YAY!!

I may continue to shop when I fly, and I'll be flying KLM Royal Dutch! My first time taking KLM! All things being equal despite the fact that KLM flies a lousy 777-300ER with a touchscreen IFE, it is still better than MAS 737-800 (without IFE) despite being new aircrafts..

Gonna add one more tailfin
to a list of airlines I've flown :)


  1. dont forget to snap some "snacks" while flying ~~~

    1. Hehe I always snap pics..
      And they serve only snack outbound and nasi lemak inbound on this segment..

  2. I'm so jealous. I wanna fly also..Haven't decide where to go either..

    1. LOL.. Please be, I'll be travelling the next 3 weekends :p


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