Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Genting Birthday Retreat

So I was up in Genting Highlands as a birthday retreat as I have 2 nights of complimentary stay from Uncle Lim..

It was surprisingly quite cold, far from what I remembered, temperatures averaging 15-17 degrees Celcius.. At one point, it was as warm as 25!

I brought along Turtur and a bottle of wine, which did not get opened lol.. but I had lots of coffee and cakes and just spend the time sleeping, and in the casino.. and my BFFs came up to join me for dinner.. And after dinner we were freezing ourselves out in the cold wind!!

Nothing fancy but right after Genting, I flew to Jakarta for the next part of my birthday trip..

Driving up the mountains.. 

Turtur is such a selfie-whore.. 


Cake - on the house

Turtur said let's get some cake. I said why not. 

Had a full Chinese meal with my BFFs who treated me to dinner

After dinner, freezing in the cold!

Friends forever..
it's lovely to have you guys.. 

And when it's time to leave... 15 degrees!! OMG!!


  1. Oyeah...
    Look so nice ah..
    This week I think is a good timing go to find uncle Lim..:)
    Bawah sini very panas ah..

    1. hahahaha go up lor.. it's CNY! :P


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