Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Money Changer Tug of War

I am torn between Midvalley money changer and Jalinan Duta in KL Sentral... and Amp Walk..

Reason? Many people (myself included) believe that the money changers in Midvalley LG floor has the best rates.. until I found out Jalinan Duta's rates, which is proven to be better in the currencies I wanted.. sure, there is only a minute difference of about nought five sen but as I need to change thousands of ringgit and urgently before my trip, it makes a lot of difference..

Of course, evening parkings in KL Sentral is RM4/entry (I always park in Sooka area - plentiful of parking and got people jaga) while Midvalley is RM2/first 3 hours.. Plus side is I can go gym in The Gardens.. which is like kill 2 birds with 1 stone..

I used to change inside Amp Walk along Jalan Ampang (the ugly hideous green building near Petronas), there's this one little money changer on the G floor all the way to the end which apparently has very good rates many years ago.. haven't been there for dinosaur ages.. Not sure if they still there or not after the mall renovated..

Given all due considerations and all things being equal, I think I'll still stick to Midvalley.. can shop, can gym, can eat, can wash eyes..

All that despite the fact that I dislike FF Gardens..

Anyone has any opinions other than these places? I don't want to go into Bkt Bintang due to the traffic.. it's horrendous!


  1. Ooo...Note down first...
    Midvally side...
    Ampang walk o,long time already I leave the place already...
    Many year lo...

    1. Haha change more and donate to me thank you very much!

    2. Ooo,You wait ah,if that time our money valve up I will...

  2. not many experience like you but usually changed in sg wang. negotiate with one of them and manage to get lower rate haha

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unelss he knows how to shoot

  3. 'Wash eyes' at Mid Valley/Gardens, hahaha..Ya, I always go to the money changer at Mid Valley. Don't really know about the rest, so can't help much..


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