Thursday, 29 January 2015

Mini Syok Sendiri Getaway

Spending two nights in a mountainous resort by myself because I got the room for free for my birthday.. I brought a long my new soft toy, his name is Turtur.. He was born in Cairns, Australia so he is an Australian.. 

Immediately after this, I'll be flying off to my next Getaway to spend time with my BFF and explore Jakarta for the only one time.. 

So this one week holiday will be my birthday break.. Cos the next holiday, can be possibly during Christmas!! 


  1. hey. alone? you should be there w somebody, at least not too silent..hehe..
    next holiday is during Christmas? you really have to spend your time till max bro..

    HB again !!

    1. I'm okay with being alone cos I like to travel alone.. No drama..

  2. Good day (in Aussie accent) Turtur. Come join me for a short weekend getaway if you are available..hehe


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