Saturday, 17 January 2015

8 Things You Don't Know That I Don't Know

Laugh at me if you must, but here's a list of 8 things I don't know, but I wish I had known :)

8. I don't know how to use Uber. 
Okay maybe because I drive to everywhere I need to go (heh that's why I bought a car in the first place), to the point that it's either I ask people to pick me or I don't go at all.. I am not a fan of public transport in KL if I can help it, mainly because of the inconvenience, and the safety.. Or that I don't feel it's worth to pay for things I can otherwise do myself..

7. I don't know how to bake.
I've never baked anything before in my life. Maybe I've never had an oven before. But recently I just gotten a small toaster oven, and I wonder what I can do with it.. Please don't suggest anything that's not food! =D

6. I don't know how to fix a leaking tap. 
I'll leave it to my dad to take care of the leaks.. I never know how to fix them.. Maybe that I don't care enough since the water bill is paid for by the government WITH my taxes..

5. I don't know how to use Android phones.
I've always been a Nokia person up till I bought my iPhone 3GS, and now iPhone4S.. Hand me a Samsung phone and I'll go like, "what the hell is this?" - although on 29 Dec 2014, I have considered buying a Samsung phone when my iPhone refused to start the whole day..

4. I don't know how to read and write Mandarin. 
Maybe simple words I still can, but if you start texting me in Mandarin, I'll go bonkers..

3. I don't know how to fake it.
I really don't know how to fake especially compliments.. I don't go like "wah you look so handsome (if you're not - bitch you need a mirror?)" or "wah you are so smart (if you're not)"... but I can fake a smile.. and that will usually follow with a sarcastic remark..

2. I don't know if I really want to be in a relationship or I just yearn for company and someone who can "manja" me. 
No doubt I am much happier now compared to when I was attached, but at times, I wish to have someone to hold me in his arms and tell me it's going to be all right.. because no one will push a hug away.. no one..

1. I don't know when I'll be able to afford a second house. 
I wanted to buy another house - a studio apartment to be exact and call it the bachelor/retirement pad.. But looking at the property prices and my pocket, it's almost impossible :(
Mom said she will loan me the 10% but even with that, I don't think I can afford! I need to sell my current house for the money, but then, that will make me still not have a second property.. I need a million dollars now.. NOW!!


  1. Well, maybe I can help you with some of your 'don't-knows'...LOL

    1. LOL sounds like a trade off for me!

  2. yeahhh eric.. i read your blog previously when you still attached.. i hope you'll have a better life then.. :)


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