Friday, 16 January 2015

My Baby

4 years ago, I had a dream, that is to own a business - a graphic designs company.. I even converted one spare room into a complete home office.. Well, I got it up and running, registered the company and incorporated it in Malaysia on 21 April 2011..

Over the course of the years, I've had some really good clients, and well, my fair-share of not so good clients too.. My biggest client was with me for more than a year before they decide to hire a in-house designer and that was one of the largest banks in Malaysia.. I've also had clients from Singapore and Vietnam - which was an amazing year nevertheless..

I've worked tirelessly over the years but it did pay my bills and my holidays in the beginning.. It's just getting too competitive now as everyone claim themselves to be designers anyhow, that, I find it's very ridiculous without understanding the fundamentals of designs, the principles of colours and what nots..

I am still running the business, although now I am more or less doing it on my own mostly - terminated agreements with some team members..

Do give me a buzz if you do know of anyone who's looking..
You can email me at and the URL is


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