Saturday, 10 January 2015

First Trip of 2015

All you suckers who have travelled extensively in December.. now it's my turn to travel this month!

4 trips over the next 3 weeks :p

Now let's get down and get dirty! LOL.. First trip of the year and I decided to go on a roadtrip with my mom - just the two of us.. Mother and son bonding time..

I've never really travelled much with my parents (other than the annual CNY balik kampung when we were kids but that doesn't count) except to Europe.. so I guess this is actually the first time I'm going somewhere with just my mom :)

See? I'm a good boy right?

[UPDATE 17 JAN: I've added another trip, that makes it 5 trips altogether!! Woohooo!!]


  1. Safely flight...
    Enjoy your trip...
    Sometimes is good to become孝顺仔,give you a big big like!
    (P/s:so jealous lo,everybody working,only you go to play play...
    So good!)

  2. Hey, i think i know where are you going...Have fun in your trip with mum.. :)

    1. Haha.. yup.. that's my first trip!


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